AUGUST 28, 2008

Word on the Street for August 27, 2008

Hello Grand Rapids!
Did you miss me???? Ok. So. I went on vacation, but didn't tell you. I know that just now it is dawning on you... "OH YYYEEEAAAHHH last week I didn't get WORD? HUH! I knew I was missing SOMETHING." Yeah. I went to Boston, it was GREAT! Super-mega-bueno! But I am back in the saddle (ok computer chair) and ready to get ON it!

Here we go! Word on the Street for August 27, 2008

Skelletones is getting down all weekend before school starts again (for those of you who haven't picked up on it yet Skelletones really appeals to a lot of the under 20 crowd, which is great cause everybody needs a place to hang out) this weekend if you are interested in checking it out, "Of Choir & Chaos" "Behold the Man" "Darkened by Reason" and "the Crowned Virgin" then Skelletones is the place for you! Doors open at 7pm.

This Friday is the last Friday of the month. Which means Critical Mass will be convening at Veterans Park (Fulton) at 5:30 and crowding up the street in a show of bike love. So if you ride find others that ride and make some noise!

Friday night at Schuler's Books downtown you can check out their final Friday music Series presenting Jeff Bouldin the show begins at 6:30 and of course Schulers is a great place to get coffee and pick up some new reads. I just got "the New Kings of Fiction" Ira Glass is the editor and I am pretty excited!

Friday is Skelletones' Back to School Sucks Party (I love school by the way and miss it, not high school just college) Doors at 5 because there are like 9 bands including:
"The Amnesiacs" "Rise into Ruin" "Fight This War" "City Train" "Young Guns" "Decompose My Darling Daughter" "Article 15" "Time Of Plague" "First Strike"

On Saturday night at 7pm the DAAC is hosting Reprobates and Religious SS Disorder.
$6 gets you in!

If you missed the Back to School Sucks Party on Friday there is still time to catch up on Saturday with part 2 think about all of the glorious bands.... "Death Or Glory" "Forty Lashes" "Ras Tyger" "Landshark" "Kaline" "Hopeless Heroes" "Selectively Anti-Social " But where is skelletones? you must be wondering by now! 133ish South Division.

If you are looking for a reason to get out and about on Sunday the GRAM is a great place to go. They are showing "King Man of Peace in a Time of War" a TV interview with Dr Martin Luther King Jr. it begins at 1pm and looks to be pretty interesting.

Sunday night head to the DAAC for a three bands including Luke Winslow, Chris Bathgate and Head and Toe all described as solid folk bands The door is 8$ the show is at 8, and all ages as always.

So I really really love the idea of the Really Really Free Market but haven't been able to check it out yet! This weekend I am going to miss another opportunity. Sunday from 2 until 6 pm you can go and pick stuff up or get rid of some stuff by heading to that parking lot on Wealthy and Fuller and everyone is invited to participate. Bring what you got (but you gotta give it away for FREE), haul away what you want..... Get it? Got it? Good.

Monday is labor day. Don't pretend you don't know what that means! This weekend you have to stop wearing white and dig out all of your sweaters because next week is ssssseeeeeppppttttteeeemmmmbbbbeeeerrrr..... Ok, so, suck up the sun while it lasts, get out the grill and get ready for a whole month that celebrates the end of summer!

Next Tuesday September 2nd the Meanwhile Film Series kicks off at the Wealthy Theater with "Repo Man" think early eighties Emilio Estavez in Los Angeles repossessing cars etc.... The movie starts at 8pm you can buy tickets at the Meanwhile. I am pretty excited about the Meanwhile movie series because I think I saw "The Dark Crystal" in the line up and I haven't seen it on the big screen before.....

Tuesday nights at Rosa Parks Circle you can join up for some swing dancing! From 8 until 10 pm there will be swing lessons, lots of folks out and getting swingy and it all happens because of a simple and small suggested $2 donation! No RSVP required and ALL ages!

I am plum tuckered out from all of that traveling so we will leave it at that for a week. Drop me an email, tell me what is going on with you, Check out G-rad.... If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at
or you can go to G-rad and then access it through projects....

Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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