Word on the Street for September 3, 2008

Yo' Boys and Girls!
I am feeling it today. Hump day. There are two days behind us and the two before the weekend look incredibly long......But thinking about all of the great things I am going to do this weekend is totally keeping me on track.... Here are just a few of the things I am putting on my calendar.

Here is word on the street for September 3, 2008

Thursday September 4th Billy's in Eastown is hosting "Deals Gone Bad", "The Veloras" and "Dj Colin Clive" and here is the part that grabbed my attention "Deal's Gone bad's" description compares it to Jamaican Soul and 1960's ska (which has totally been our summer soundtrack, Jimmy Cliff is AWESOME) I am so in! This show is totally 21 and up. Dave Kirchgessner gives this show two thumbs up.

Have you ever met someone who was really, really interesting and then you met their family and then they are also really interesting? That is what the Beerhost Family is like, each and every one of them is fascinating (and there are like 5-8 of them) and this weekend you are invited to come over to their house to check out art. From 10am to 8pm. (Which means it is a great stop on the way back from the farmers market 'cause they are located at 106 Fuller, just two blocks up) But you can visit Friday., Saturday or Sunday.

The love of all food Latin, Central and South American makes me look forward to the Hispanic festival with great anticipation. I also love the clothing and most of the music (I am not so sure about the stuff that sounds sort of like a Latin polka) So you can sure bet that this weekend I will head down to the Calder Plaza for some beer, ballads and tacos.12-12 Friday Saturday and I think Sunday...

And of course this weekend is Celebration on the Grand. Head down to the river front for music, food and Fireworks on Friday night, Chance Jones will be taking the stage at 5:30 on Saturday at Ah-Nab-Awen Park. There is food tasting in Rosa Parks Circle including tasty treats from Tre Cugini, San Chez, Bar Divani, XO Asian Cuisine, Cottage Bar and Z's Bar & Restaurant.

The DAAC has a free show on Friday (giving something back to people who support the DAAC), September 5th beginning at 5pm bands include "State," "Positive Noise," "Aura," "Dead Fun," "S/m," and "Final Word" Also featured are 30 years of Michigan punk posters. All Ages Bud-dy! Music at 6pm!

I love the idea of taking a free class to try something out before you commit. This Saturday at 10:30 am at the yoga studio on cherry you can check out a Ti Chi class with Kyle Plagen and see if it is right for you (for those of use who are totally indecisive) location 955 Cherry SE call 776 0836 for more info.

Saturday you can get art and craft all over you at the 35th Annual Garfield Park Art and crafts Fair. The show gets started at 9am and you can stroll and art it up until 4pm, there is some kiddie entertainment food booths and I bet you will never guess where this extravaganza takes place? Garfield Park!

Tonight at the Wealthy you can SSSUUUUUPPPPOOORTT a great cause. Jakes Music festival is a fundraiser to support research for finding a cure for juvenile diabetes. The tix are 10$ and the bands include Midlife Crisis, Truckstop Cobras, the Waxies, end of Times Orchestra and Five Leaf Clover. They will be joined by Karisa Wilson, Todd Herring and Andy Holdgrieve (of Domestic Problems fame) Doors at 5:30 gig at 6pm.

Or head to the DAAC for an entirely different type of fundraiser. Remember that comic store owner who got shot a while ago? They are doing an all day benefit for him at the DAAC on Saturday and wait until you get a load of these bands. For only $10 you can see....."The Mighty Narwhale" "White Hot Skeleton" "Minnesota" "Lazy Genius" "Moto" "Support" "Nixon" "Rick Chyme" "Pear Snap" "Western Brown" "EPUS" "Apostles" "Cain Marko" "Tall Ships" "North Lincoln" and "Ozenza!" Wow!

After Celebration on the Grand you can keep the party rolling at Founders for a totally "Officially Unofficial Celebration After Party" with Eno Diamond and the End of Times Orchestra. 5$ to get in, music at 10pm totally 21 and up. 235 Grandville Avenue SW

Sunday night at the DAAC "Rodeo Ruby Love" and "Frontier Ruckus" will be performing, the show of course is 6$, the venue is all ages all the time! Sounds like a buck wild great throw down. Show starts at 8pm!

September 9th at the Wealthy Theater catch 1979's "the Warriors" as part of the meanwhile film series. Gangs, NYC brawling and duking it out. One of the descriptions names all of the gangs in the movie including, The Furies, The Boppers, The Hi-Hats, The Lizzies, The Turnbull AC's, The Gramercy Riffs and of course The Warriors. That sounds like an awesome good pre-80's interpretation of feudal gang wars!

We are beginning to venture in to the gallery season. The season where there is more then one gallery doing more then one opening in a month, those cold months during the year when people seem to appreciate art just a little more.....On September 9the check out Erick Pichardo's opening at the Forest Hills Fine arts center from 6-7:30 pm. Art Caribbean style. (which by the way is very bright)

If you are looking to get involved with a great organization the Forest Hills Fine Arts Center is holding a volunteer training on Saturday from 9am to 12 pm. You can find out how to throw in a helping hand. One of the best things about volunteering at the center is you get to check out some rad shows for free. Like the band "Styx". For real. Call 493 8965 for more info.

Or if you are looking to forge some great new relationships get involved with Heartside Gallery by volunteering in their art room or clay studio. For more info check out

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