SEPTEMBER 10, 2008

Word on the Street for September 10
This is a very special invitation word on the street. I would personally like to invite you to the GRAM on Friday night. I will be speaking from 7-7:45 about the Avenue for the Arts and I would love to be talking to a group (sure my mom and dad will be a great audience but it would be really nice to look out at a few new faces.) So if we haven't met face to face before, please come and heckle me. It would be totally rad to answer some questions, chat and I would love it if all of ya'll would make it down. ( I even enjoy random "why is the sky blue?" questions!) So with the invitation on the table, and a little shameless self promotion. Here we are, on to bigger and better things.

Here is Word on the Street for September 10, 2008

Last weekend was the Hispanic festival on Calder Plaza this weekend the Mexican Heritage Association is presenting the "Fiesta Mexicana" all weekend long Friday Saturday and Sunday from 12noon until 11:30 on Friday and Saturday and Sunday from 12 until 5pm. Foodstuffs include Fruta con Chile, Elotes, tacos, Tostadas, tamales, atole, paletas, Heladas and of course Cerveza! So gather round Calder Plaza for food, art and music celebrating Mexican Cultural Heritage!

Nathan Kalish and the Wildfire are burning it up at Founders Brewery. Show begins around 8pm usually it is about 5$ to get in the door.

If you are into Digital Photography it isn't to late to sign up for "Digital Phtography: Automatic to Manual" The class is taking place on two consecutive Friday nights and begins on the 12th. (second class on the 19th) Gram members only pay $30 and nonmembers pay $40, they will be reviewing the history of Photography including techniques, types of cameras currently on the market and finally there will be a walk about to check out the "magic hour of light" and an onsite discussion about using techniques and styles, totally sign up ahead of time online at

So I already mentioned it but..... on Friday night at the Grand Rapids Art Museum, as part of their Friday Night Art Forum Series "Jenn" (AKA the person who sends you this email every week) will be discussing the Avenue for the Arts and the impact this arts-centric development has had within the local community. Learn more about local artists, upcoming events and the arts as an economic catalyst in downtown Grand Rapids. Friday nights at the GRAM there is a reduced entry cost (only $5) as well as live music by Randy Marsh. SO join up! 7:00 - 7:45 pm!

The DAAC is hosting a show on Friday featuring the infamous "Marvin the Robot" Miles has been doing this gig for so long some people actually call him Marvin the Robot. Also playing "Burger Time" and "Sycamore Smith" 6 dolla' gets you in, all ages all the time.

This weekend the UICA is going all out, their new exhibitions open on Friday night from 6 until 9 pm and let me tell you what, I got a little sneak peak today and some of that ceramic work is STELLER, like some of the COOLEST ceramic work I have seen in a while. I am really excited to see the show as a whole. The show features over 30 artists and explores sculpture and clay. There are solo shows by Dietmar Krumrey and Donovan Widmere. Totally FREE! Location 41 Sheldon BLVD (totally within walking distance from the GRAM)

Skelletones is hosting a rave from 8-1pm, unlike the raves of yesteryear these are clean no drugs no alcohol just dancing yourself silly types of get togethers.... So pick up a red bull and head out! 135 South Division Down stairs!

During the afternoon on Sat. you can head down to Schulers Books downtown location and check out a book signing with BJ Holmes author of "Donnie and his Little Brown Shoes, Volume 2: Dana and Donnie" 12 til1 2! FREE!

It is so totally crazy that we are celebrating the end of summer already. Beginning at 4pm Saturday you can enjoy the sights and sounds of South Division at the final Avenue for the Arts Street Market. Performers include the Allie Merrick, Clive, Clear Days Always, Winnie Cooper, Animals in Bed, Heather and Jesse McGartland and Mantra and (my personal market fav) fire dancing to round out the night. (last month they were freaking spectacular) And if that isn't enough of course there will be like 50 local vendors! SO from 4-9pm Saturday night join us on South Division between Weston and Cherry pick up some local goods, enjoy the food and music and get down in the downtown!! For a total list of vendors who have participated check out the website

The Grand Raggidy Roller girls are taking on the Pikes Peak Derby Dames. Total Smash up at Rivertown Sports the Doors Open at 5pm the bashn' and Smashing starts at 6pm tickets are 12$ in advance and $15 at the door! Rivertown is located at 2605 Stanford Avenue Grandville -49418 (your gonna need to google that for directions)

If you are looking for some punk rock weekend time Skelletones is the place. "Reptilian", "Pearl Snap Western Brown", "ShotgunSally", "Blackberry Winter" and "Dead Fun" I like the wild west meets Mohawk theme of band names. Location 135 So. Division. All ages all the time.

So I have to concede that fall is on its way. So over the next month be sure to schedule a Hayride at Robinettes, horses, apples and cider! They give rides on Sundays from 1 until 5pm and it is a great thing to do with friends family or a sudo-romantic date. It costs about $5 less for the little ones!

For those of you allergic to hay there is a downtown alternative to the hayride, a bit more pricy but a bit more classy. The down town carriage rides take place on Friday and Saturday evenings. The cost is $40 per half hour or $70 for an hour, and they hold from 4 to 6 passengers.... (yes I find the idea of a carriage ride to be totally amazingly romantic, but I really can't figure out why.......)

Sunday night at 8pm for a mere 6 bucks catch Emily Lacy, CJ Boyd, Jess Kramer and Chris Sommerfeldt. LOCATION: 115 South Division (other wise known as the Division Avenue Arts Collective.) ALL AGES So bring your buddies!

At the Intersection...... the LSDUDES are finally releasing an album (as in record). I have been to quite a few GREAT LSDudes shows. They are so catchy and freaking hilarious that it was a pretty big bummer when they disbanded. So for all of us who have been missing their crackpot ways I think Tuesday will be a treat. They will be celebrating with special guests The Chance Jones Band, the gig is totally FREE! The intersection is at 133 Grandville Ave. SW Grand Rapids Michigan and totally check out their online video bit, 100% LSDUDES

Life online!
Local sewing entrepreneur Sally England of SEDesign was featured on Boing Boing a few weeks ago. She said ever since she has had orders come whizzing in so get your Screen saver now!

If you are looking to get your art out and about the second Annual Columbia Arts District Festival is slamming Holland on September 20th if you are interested email or check out their website

So much to do in so little time! I don't know about you but I am up to my elbows (literally) in produce, canning has become a part time job. But it is totally satisfying and I am looking forward to this weekend's festivities. drop me an email! Send me your favorite tomato canning recipes. Check out G-rad.... If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at
or you can go to G-rad and then access it through projects....

Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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