SEPTEMBER 25, 2008

Yo Peeps!!
I just have to start with a bit of an art rant.....You might remember last week how I did a little swooning over the new UICA mural on the corner of South Division and Fulton. Well apparently someone else loved it so much that they decided to take a chunk of it home with them.....

So lets hypothesize that this, maybe the person doesn't know that high school students invested their summer into making those pieces. Let's pretend that they might not recognize that public art is for the PUBLIC to enjoy (not just individuals). Let's assume that the person didn't realize that borrowing the mural piece is STEALING........

So what could a person do if they suddenly realized all of those things and began to feel shitty about STEALING ARTWORK (because they should feel shitty)? That person could drop said artwork off at the UICA or if they were worried about people knowing what a total slime bag they are (because they STOLE ART from KIDS!) they could email me ( and I would be pleased to find them an alternative drop off point (and would not judge them because returning the artwork is the RIGHT THING to do). SO if you know this art thief please let them know that they are greedy and should snap out of it.

Word on the Street September 24th, 2008!

So Destination 1111.... What do you say about destination 1111.... A whole bunch of artwork (paintings, sculptures, poetry, and bands) a rad labyrinth of a building and over all just a great art blow out..... So on Friday you can tour the spaces and check out bands including Mantra, Feeble and the Kinetic Stereo Kids.

This weekend where are you going for Sorgenbrecher, sausage beer and potato products? John Ball Park for Grand Rapids' OKTOBERFEST! The whole shindig begins Friday at 4 (til 7) and Saturday from noon til 11pm. get some grub check out some German bands, eat something alpen....

If you are headed out to the lakeshore on Friday swing by the Nines Gallery in Holland and say hi to Michael Pfleghaar. One of Grand Rapids "Notables" Michael paints and shows, paints and shows! His new show opens Friday from 5 until 8pm!

Saturday at Destination 1111 festivities kick off at 11am all day there are demos music and fashion. SO spoken word and performance kick of the day from 3-5 there is an aikido demo, at 5 Bolt Creek and at 7 Happy hour. And then....about dusk (which is right around 8ish) the show stopping Ideal collective Destination Fashion Show.... models strut their stuff at the loading dock in the north building of 1111. Last fall they had about 600 people jam in to see the fab fashion. Indie Opts is putting out some new thread look for both GR themes and the amendments series.
Location 1111 Godfrey

The Blue Bridge downtown doesn't see enough action. Saturday beginning at 12 it will see plenty as the Fes2val begins a celebration of 2-man bands. There is a beer tent and it is $10 to get in (all day) bands include "Man At Arms," "Tahquamenon Falls","Spouse Killer", "Blarmageddon", "Hot Garbage", "Beast in the Field", "13 Day Mission", "End Me", "The Midwestern", "Maribelle", " Bram N. Dexous", "To and Fro", "Oui" and "Jeff Hindenberg" Location: the Blue Bridge (for real)

Destination 1111 on Sunday features a totally eclectic mix of performances and artists. Mama DeDarge kicks it off at 1pm and from 2 until 4 you can check out the Living light dance company. The weekend of destination madness closes at 6pm on Sunday.

You have got to love this! Sunday at Rosa Parks Circle there is going to be a massive pillow fight. (AWESOME!) So here are the directions (loosely) If you want to participate BYOPillow, show up on and around Monroe center before 2pm wearing a solid color t shirt. Color= teams. So then you gotta find your team, at about 2pm "the Good the Bad and the Ugly" will play on the PA, at 2 the air horn will blast and everyone then rushes the circle and pummels each other with pillows! If you have questions call Rob, 265-4562!

Some times you can get some thing for nothing. The Really Really Free market is one of those places. You can bring "things" or "services" to share or give away from 3 until 7 on the corner of Fuller and Wealthy Street (you know the big empty lot?? That is where)

The UICA is looking for an intern or maybe it is a part time employee. You too can join the talented ranks who help the facilitation of showcasing contemporary artwork in Grand Rapids. What would you be doing? The position promises corresponding with artists, maintaining files, packing and unpacking work and of course installing. You know a light 10-20 hours a week. To get the gig you need to apply with a resume and a letter of interest sent to

If you are looking for some development experience (i.e. making money for the art museum, which is a very transferable skill) the GRAM is looking for a development intern. So exact responsibilities are membership drive (I am already a member so no you can't recruit me) organizing, administrating working on the Christmas Tree Lighting, doing preview events etc. and yeah it is un paid and yeah they want a resume, cover letter and one letter of recommendation. Email all that to

You know all of those great metal tins in mom and dad's basement that hold day's worth of home movies? Well now you can find out what is actually in those dusty old tins during Home Movie Day at the Wealthy Theater! It's like real proof that your family did have those hairdo's! They are specifically looking for 8mm, super 8mm or 16mm. The event takes place in the future (October 18th) but you can start the archeological digging now! Questions? Call Jennifer (this is not me) 331-8072.

This was the original intro, now it is the outgo! I can officially call it fall. There is no more hope that the leaves won't turn colors and then create big heaping piles. It is HERE! And honestly I like wearing layers so I am looking forward to the fall wardrobe (hoodies, knee socks, boots, no longer deciding between a skirt and jeans, instead I can wear both at once!!) This weekend is a great one so get out the transitional wardrobe and the cider (yum!) and go adventuring in our fair city! Drop me an email, tell me what is going on with you, Check out G-rad.... If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at
or you can go to G-rad and then access it through projects....

Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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Boo! Hi just wanted to say hi. The wife and I ate at OTP Friday night bought some Cds @ Vertigo and went to hear Cain Marco and Bridge & Tunnel at the DAAC. (always wanted to do that!) Oh the looks we gots :-) Yes, I am alive and well, first night out since then.

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