SEPTEMBER 17, 2008

Word on the Street for September 17th

Hello Ladies and Gents!
This September is flying by! The weekend weather report is supposed to be a good one so enjoy it now! I plan on getting out and about AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Sweater weather is on the way and I don't want to miss a minute of jeans and t-shirt weather.

Here is Word on the Street for September 17th.

Over the next year or so the corner of Fulton and South Division is going to be all torn up. There will be cranes and digging machines and eventually when the construction dust settled "The Gallery" will be open for business along with a new and improved UICA. We are super excited to have them relocating onto the Avenue for the Arts and this Wednesday you can celebrate their ground breaking from 4 to 5pm onsite. It is also a great opportunity to check out the murals created by local artworks students that will be adorning the site during the first part of construction. (these pieces are pretty cool I have already spotted a few random people out taking pictures).

I totally dig the Who's Tommy. Most great musicals have some sort of weird plot accompanied by great lyrics and melodies. As a rock opera the Who's Tommy has that whole pinball thing going on.... ( I got a shirt at the show and wore it for YEARS until it literally fell apart) So beginning this weekend you can check out the musical insanity at Aquinas's Performing Arts Center. Location 1607 Robinson Rd. Cost 25 buck-a-rros! To order tickets and check for show times call 456 6656

Park(ing) Day, having begun as a California based protest was then spread nationwide as an activist "parks vs. cars" statement. Park(ing) day has been co-opted by the city of GR to promote its Green Grand Rapids campaign. On Friday, across the city, local businesses and individuals will be setting up "green" space in parking lots and parking spots in support of parks instead of pavement. So grab a lawn chair. Head to the streets, strike up a pro-parks conversation, and chill where you usually park your SUV or mo-ped.

The Walkies are this Friday (Wealthy's promotion to walk, eat and hang out along wealthy Street) they are sponsoring "Wet Hot American Summer" at the Wealthy Theater (taking place inside the slightly smaller Dirk Koning Miro Cinema. The cost is CHEAP, $3 for the movie (early 80's camp classic) and the show starts at 8pm with doors at 7:30!

Q. Where can you find 3 floors of art, live music (jazzy), cash bar, and local lectures each and every week?
A. Friday nights at the GRAM! this week guest speakers Jay Constantine and Patti Hendricks will be presenting new work (I love Patti's drawings) the talk starts at 7pm. and of course members get in for FREE! For non-members there is a $5 cover, (I am excited about the show that opens in a few weeks)

Friday means that the end of the week is here! And you can celebrate by rocking out hardcore to 4 bands at the DAAC. "Victor Fix the Sun" "Native (they always play together what is up with that?) "Reinventing Yesterday" and "Decoy Octopus" location 115 South Division Cost 6$ Ages- ALL

With quite a bit of debate and heavy hearts and TONS of rain the Avenue for the Arts Market was canceled last Friday. BUT it doesn't mean that you can't check out local artists and pick up great stuff from other locations. On Saturday swing by the Sparrows Coffee Shop on Wealthy for an artist market that begins at 10am and ends around 3. While you are there I totally suggest indulging in a crepe and a cup of tea. (their "cinful", Cinnamon tea is Freaking AMAZING. I love it!) anyhow art vendors inside and out! Location 1035 Wealthy Street! Free! All Ages

Helpful hint! If you are looking to do the rounds (Farmers Market Marie Cartibes, Fulton street Shopping district, Eastown) The Trolley will be running from 10 until 3 on Saturday! FREE!

I love the Eastown Street Fair, I always have. This Saturday's band line up is looking great and here are the highlights I am looking forward to. Deliah De Wylde and the Lost Boys begin at 1, at 240 the mighty Narwhale is playing simultaneously the Karisa Wilson band and Rick Chyme and the South Paw Players will be on stage at 4:50. Around 5:55 another local band getting lots of stage time, Nathan Kalish and the Wildfire, start up. Totally one of my local faves, Chance Jones rounds out the night at 8:30! There are quite a few other bands playing all day long. Of course there are a bunch of great art vendors and local restaurants and FOOD! ( I can't wait)

After the festivities on the street have ended head into Billy's for a beer and LaFamilgia! They will be taking the stage at 9:30 and "dropping beats" till close!

Lots of people I know think if Sunday as a day for religious reflection, so here is an event that has reflection and religion all over it. On Sunday at 11am you can visit Ahavas Israel (synagogue) which is also home to the All Souls Community Church (universalists) to hear speaker Dr. Ali Metwalli from the Islamic Center and Religious Institute. I know confusing isn't it! Essentially we are all invited to check out a little interfaith dialog with representatives from the three major abrahamic religious traditions. Location 2727 Michigan NE! ALL AGES! Free!

One more suggestion about buying local art, on Sunday (every Sunday) the Fulton Street Artisans market is the place to be. Beginning at 10 and usually lasting until about 2pm the artisans' market has definitely been gaining popularity. The booth space is fairly inexpensive for vendors and there are a variety of goods. Corner of Fuller and Fulton, Free! All Ages

Looking for live music on Sunday night? The DAAC is the place: "Stars like Fleas," "Ribbons of Songs," and "Potions." $7 gets you in! (PS according to the site you should try to be prompt cause they are going to start on time!

Monday night movie? The DAAC is showing "Catching Out" Eco-activists, nomads and tramps ride trains and swim up stream against society. Cost $3, location 115 South Division, totally all ages. If you prefer chairs to the floor you might want to bring one along.

Last night Mr. Man and I went out for a late bite. He was looking get dinner and I was interested in co-chillin. We ended up at Rockwells just in time for their late night sushi menu to hit the table. The prices were reasonable and the sushi was a late night treat. I would suggest the veggie roll but he warned against the spicy tuna, (Sauce was a bit to chili paste, not very subtle) Also there were some decent drink specials and if you like cheap beer they always have tall boys of PBR for a few dollars!

Ok so I didn't have time to cover Skelletones this week so check them out online.

This week I was honored to serve on a committee working to select the finalists for the 2008 Governors' awards for arts and culture. It was super cool to see what the crème-de-la-Crème-cream-of-the-crop-rise-to-the-top-best-of Michigan are up to.. I think there are some really cool crazy artists and groups across the state making amazing art and culture happen.

You know the deal, if your event didn't make it into word then maybe next time you should drop me an email at If you are still kicking yourself for missing last week or if you have a burning deire to comment on this week's edition check it out Word online at or you can go to G-rad and then access it through projects....
Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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