OCTOBER 1, 2008

Word on the Street for October 1st, 2008

Hello Everyone.
Wow. The next two weeks are full of heavy hitting art shows. We are in the thick of it, so get out and enjoy "the Scene." Also as a reminder: I believe in the right and responsibility of Americans to vote. So please make sure that you are registered to vote BY October 6th which is Monday!

Tragic events have befallen a few members of the arts community. Last week, Josh, Cameron and Amy's house located at 407 Madison was consumed by fire and they lost almost everything they had. Cameron was going to open a one man show in less then a week and lost all of his work. Josh lost his turn tables and extensive record collection and Amy had just moved in. They all suffered substantial losses and the fire also left them homeless..... On Wednesday night the Meanwhile Bar will be donating 30%of sales to members of the home to help them get back on their feet. Get a beer, support individuals in your community. Location: Meanwhile bar Time 4pm to 2am

At 5 pm on Wednesday be sure to swing by the UICA to check out the Iron pour being put on by Grand Valley State University. If you have never seen molten hot liquid metal this is so totally worth it...

Avenue for the Arts Market Finale!!!! Only $6 bucks gets you in the door (every attendee receives a free Avenue for the Arts Sticker as a gift!) All night long you can belly up to the bar for a fabulous Founders brew! And their kitchen says open until 10pm! So help us usher in fall with some great music, rad art and a tasty seasonal brew. From 6pm till 2am at 235 Grandville Ave SW!

• From 6 until 9 pm there will be a select number of Market vendors set up both inside and on the porch. Vendors include: Angie Acuna, Kathryn Robertson, Camille Metzger, Renee Pietila, Nicole MacPherson, Erwin Erkfitz, Marie Essenberg, Amanda DeChamplain, Kaysie Bags, Sarah Martin, Jill Baylis and Aaron Rossell!
• Beginning at 6 (till close!) we will have live entertainment including; Animals in Bed, Batucata, Jared Wekenman, Heather McGartland, The Laura Armenta Belly Dancers, Mantra, The Fainting Generals, The Total Blam Blams, Winnie Cooper and finally The Concussions (count them 10 exciting forms of entertainment!)
• You can purchase raffle tickets for great prizes to local hotspots including: Grand Rapids Griffins, West Michigan Whitecaps, UICA, the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, Grand Rapids Art Museum, Frederick Meijer Gardens the Grand Rapids Ballet or Vertigo Music!

Also on Thursday! Political Junkies, now you can meet more of your kind and group together in a big bonding moment. This Thursday the Wealthy Theater is bravely simulcast the Vice Presidential Debate beginning at 9pm on Thursday night....

Having recently went to a Polish hall I am seriously considering how to become a member but luckily this weekend you don't need to be a member (or polish) to enjoy the wild debauchery and solemn observance of polish culture. Pulaski Days! Seriously, the dinners are about 7$ kielbasa, peroiges and kraut (I love kraut) cheap beers, lots of people. So head to the hall nearest you! Diamond Hall - 435 Diamond, Little Hall - 823 Michigan, Northeast Post 459 - 658 Michigan, Sons & Daughters - 1057 Hamilton, Vytautus - 1300 Hamilton, St. George's Hall - 1513 Quarry, K of C Hall - 1140 Muskegon, Sixth Street Hall - 649 Sixth St, Fifth Street Hall - 701 Fifth St, Jackson Street Hall - 921 Jackson, Lexicon Club - 209 Lexington, Polish Falcons - 957 West Fulton, Laddies Hall - 58 Lane or Koscuiszko Hall - 935 Park.

This weekend the Sculpture conference is invading Grand Rapids. On Friday night Galleries around the city will be open hosting new work by local and national artists. Here are a few hot spots to hit.

From 6 until 9 pm you can visit Open Concept Gallery and view models and drawings of the Dennis Oppenheim's public art work. (who has a one or two particularly controversial pieces of public art) Location 50 Louis Street NW.

At Lafontsee Galleries they are hosting Dietrich Klinge's work called "coming to a New Beginning" Dietrich's work has sort of a cubist constructed feel. Location LaFontsee Galleries 820 Monroe Avenue NW Time 5-9pm

Byreneboehm gallery is hosting two local artists Kurt Kaiser and Judy Maggini. Kurt's work is described as Kinetic assemblages, (which look right up my alley)while Judy carves alabaster. Location 959 Lake Drive Time 5-9pm

Calvin College's (106) Gallery will be hosting "Mars Attacks Fragonard" an installation by artist Vanessa Vobis and will be open from 6 until 9pm on Friday night! Location 106 South Division.

Gallery Noir is re-opening with a whole new flavor. Their fist show features the work of local artist AJ Paschka. His abstract watercolors are an exploration of paint and the elements. Location 15 Ionia Time 7-11pm

Nathan Mabie has recently finished a sculpture commission and will have his finished piece on display Friday evening from 6 until 11pm 120 South Division second floor, the entrance is located beneath the blue awning.

Activesite is a showcase of local sculptors and students. Over the last few years they have had shows in various locations around the city including a show this late summer at the old Kindel furniture warehouse on the west side. On Friday until 11pm Activesite will be rocking out at the Federal building (aka the old GRAM) and featuring work from all over the region. Location 155 N. Division Ave.

Friday night at Skelletones check out: After Prior day Pandora Come Find the Lion and Frontside. Location 133 South Division (downtown, downstairs) Cost at least $6

If you are craving a bit of seasonal activity the Blanford Nature Center's Fall Harvest is $5 for adults $3 for kids and features pumpkins, hayrides, crafts, food and of course fun. You can stop out on Saturday any time between 10am and 5pm to enjoy the crisp fall air! Location 1715 Hillburn NW.

The GRAM opens the new Richard Avedon photography show this weekend. If you are wracking your brain trying to think of what work he has created let me just say this one epic word....... "Vogue." (that word and all of its various meanings sends chills of delight up my spine) Location: 101 Monroe Center Cost: regular tickets cost $8 seniors, college students cost $6.

If you are headed out to Lowell this weekend check out the Rock Art Paint in on Saturday. You can bring a few rocks and paint 'em up as part of their Rock Art Exhibit. The show features work about rocks and rock art, the activity is geared towards education about rock art from Australia Africa, France, Ireland, Scotland, Hawaii and the Americas. (Tradition!) Location 219 West Main Street in Lowell Time 2-4 pm

Saturday night at Skelletones; Sullivan Skye, The Blessed Hope and Father Time Bomb Location 133 South Division (subterranean style) Cost at least $6

Sunday night Fundraiser for Fire Victims at Founders: Chance Jones, Paucity, Ultraviolet Hippopotamus and the Blam Blams. Suggested Donation of $10!

The meanwhile film series is only $3.50 and they just keep rolling out the hits. This week on the 7th you can catch everyone's child hood nightmare... "the Gremlins"

Artworks is a great program at the UICA it pairs artists with students ages 14-21 in various work related situations thought the year. This winter the UICA's mentor program begins in December and runs though March. As an artist you would spend about 3 hours a week with a high school student talking and walking art. (show them your studio, help shape their views on art, visit art shows and local museums and be thought of as their super cool mentor person.) in return your karmic points blast though the roof and you feel like a super star. If you are interested in participating please contact Becca at 454-7000 X 17

Heather at Imagination Creations is looking to eliminate some of your trash and turn it into art! She is looking for: Brunt out light bulbs (any kind) Silver wine bladders, six pack rings (the plastic ones) from soda cans, damages 45's records, Guitar Strings, broken glass, twister games made before the 80's, and pop pull tabs from the can! Instead of throwing out some of this stuff drop it off at Heather's storefront and then keep an eye on her window display to see what happens!

Sarah Neal, rescuer and lover of animals, has two cats up for adoption, both seem quite small, and both have gone through extensive examinations by a veterinarians office including all of the basic cat care needs and have been tested for a variety of kitty diseases. If you are interested in saving the lives of a cat or two please give her a call at 616 318 5185 or email her at sara.neal@gmail.com

I know that you know of something cool coming up.... So email me already! jschaub@dwellingplacegr.org or post a comment on the blog on G-rad.... If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at http://www.g-rad.org/projects/wordonthestreet/
or you can go to G-rad http://www.g-rad.org/ and then access it through projects....

Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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