OCTOBER 9, 2008


Last weekend was so awesome. I totally got a chance to see Activesite , enjoyed a gallery opening and checked out the Avenue for the Arts studios and it was freaking great... There were a ton of people from the Sculpture Conference LOVING Grand Rapids. All night long I heard great feedback about how cool, art friendly and fun. IF you missed your chance last weekend there is so much going on this weekend that you can get right back into the swing of things. Be sure not to miss "Fall for the Arts" and enjoy the weather it looks like it is going to be fabulously fall......

Here is Word on the Street for October 8th 2008.

If you want to celebrate the life of John Lennon Thursday night at Foudners is going to be a great opportunity..... IMAGINE the following bands covering Lennon songs.... The fainting Generals, The Montana Boys, Chance Jones, Winnie Cooper, Nicholas James, The End of Times Orchestra, Lazy Genius, Julio Gomez and Oracle. It all starts at 8pm and the cost is $5 another bonus... also of the proceeds go towards Amnesty International.

P.S. Some of the "coolest" group of photos in the Avedon Show (at the GRAM) are the Beatles portraits.

The DAAC has two days of big shows. Starting Thursday night with "an Albatross, White Mice, Goodteeth/Gold Teethe and Victor Fix the Sun. Location 115 South Division Cost $10 at the Door.

Bethlehem Church is kicking off their Majic music series this weekend. Last year Majic raised over $5,000 for the Coalition to End Homelessness. This year they have increased the size of the bands and they are pairing bands with local artists. Beginning at 7pm you can checkout artwork by Mic Carlson (famous for his painting of the dishwasher at the Cottage) and then chill out listening to Organissimo. Location 250 Commerce (Commerce and Williams) Cost suggested donation of $10

Big ole' DAAC show on Friday night....
Stnning, La Dispute, Man at Arms and the Reptilian. 8:30 start up $6 at the door. Sure to be packed....cause la Dispute brings in a crew!

At the Wealthy Theater on Friday night " The Judy Show" will be taking over the stage.... Not only will Judy Garland, Bette Davis, Pearl Bailey, and Carol Channing take the stage but you can also catch a visit from Billie Holiday.... YYYEAAAAHHH... for those of us who haven't seen any of these original lovely ladies take the stage maybe we won't even notice the differences....... To get the inside scoop check out www.jubyshow.com or just check out the show Location: 1130 Wealthy Doors at 7:30 and admission is $20.

Saturday the Midwest Thrash bash is going on for any one who is feeling really hard core. The show starts in the afternoon at 2pm and there are a whole bunch of bands including Vitamin X, Wartorn, Deep Shit, Ultratumbados, No Slogan, East Action (Negative Approach), Bunny Skulls, S/M, Dead Lift, Final Word (Last Show), Think Fast and Positive Noise. I hear tell of vegan sandwiches and a great space to see a show, everyone who is into music that is a little "harder edged" seems stoked to tickets are $12 in advance (at Vertigo) and $15 at the Door. Location 504 Grand Street (the Latvian Hall)

Saturday night there is only one thing to do.... Fall for the Arts. So South Division between Weston and Williams, 6-11pm. most everything is free.... And the weather is going to be great....maps are avaiable at Sanctuary Folk art 140 South Division... and get a load of this line up....

• The UICA has a pretty cool sculpture and ceramics show up right now, I am especially into some of the ceramics pieces it is totally worth checking out. Location: 41 Sheldon Blvd

Gallery Noir is holding a silent benefit auction beginning at 7:00pm ending at 10:00pm. Kelli Allen is donating a portion of the proceeds of her sales to Amy, Josh and Cameron, local artists who lost everything in a recent house fire. For more information please email curator Alison Jones at alicat154@yahoo.com Location:15 Ionia Street

• I am excited about checking out "NEW WORK" one of the artist live/work spaces featuring furniture by artist Garrett Brooks Location: 44 S. Division

• There are two temporary gallery spaces located at 62 and 64 South Division called Parallel galleries. The students are GVSU instillation students exploring images and objects in similar spaces. 62 S. Division & 64 S. Division

(106) Calvin College Department of Art and Art History has so great new work up... form what I could see there is a series of very intricate drawings that have an oversized mini model/mars landscape feel. The show "Recurrences" features new artwork by artist Nathan Heuer Location: 106 S. Division Ground floor

Skelletones will be hosting a slew of bands including: Shotgun Sally, Man Against Society, Minor Adjustment and Venice Gas House Trolley - spoken word / beat poetry / jazz from Wisconsin Location:133 1/2 S. Division but please note there is a cover at Skelletones, $7 and the show begins at 7pm

• Up in the 106 Building you can visit Eric Deacon's place he is displaying -metal sculptures and paintings featuring various artists Location:106 S. Division Glass Elevator entrance Second Floor Unit # 213

• Also in the 106 building is artist Derrick Hollowell, if you have been into Hopcat on Ionia you are familiar with Derrick's work already but his studio and new work is always a great place to visit. He has a presence with paint and pen that is bold and somewhat wistful. His drawings seem to resolve themselves in the center of the page and dissipate along the edges. Location: 106 S Division Glass Elevator entrance Second Floor Unit # 217

• What was once spacecraft is re-opening as sed studio/ teamwork design. The space has been renovated into a studio space for Sally England Designs and will also be displaying the great bags created by Teamwork design. I just purchased a bag for Mr. Man's birthday and he LOVES it, has been using it nonstop since he got it! Location: 120 S. Division First Floor Unit #125

Plastic Son Productions is displaying 3 large scale sculptures by artist Nathan Mabie. Several of them have kinetic components while the newest pieces is part of an outdoor series. 120 S. Division Second Floor Unit # 221

• For those of you looking for the hidden gem Joel Berry's studio is the place to go. Tucked around the back of the 120 Building Joel's space is a little harder to find but totally worth it. Joel's work is intensive, persistent and sort of like a black and white sci-fi Seurat found object. Musical guests include Clive featuring Mike Guyette, Josh Knopp, and Brandon LaBelle. Location: 120 S. Division, Second Floor back Door entrance Unit #223

• Another favorite spicy hot spot is Mexicains Sans Frontieres- Hugo has been working on some new oil paintings so a sneak peak at those and then never one to be predictable he has invited a few surprise guest performances by local musicians! Location:120 S. Division Second Floor Unit #226

• Right now Heather at Imagination Creations has a necklace that I am in love with. Her collection of vintage clothing, jewelry and reclaimed goods continues to get better and better. Check out the new flying horses inside.. Location:120 S. Division, First Floor Unit #126

Capsule Modern Furniture and Art is featuring the incredibly nice artist Brent Jackson. His work is pretty process oriented and the final product is unique photograph and a three dimensional shadowbox effect Location: 136 S. Division

• You really cant come down to the Avenue without stopping in to visit Sanctuary Folk Art. Packed full of intuitive art sanctuary is bursting at the seams. Ask Reb to show you the gourd helicopters, they are made by a Jamaican artist and feature rotating blades and sometimes lights. They also happen to just look amazing. Location: 140 S. Division

• I was also really excited to see this artist finish his latest body of work... and what perfect timing.... Erwin will be showing his entire "We The People" Series which features some slick looking mixed-Media Experimental Prints, limited Edition Screen prints & clothing from Inde Ops. Location: Ratio 2:1, 14 Williams (Williams and S. Division) Unit #221

• And the Fall for the Arts is a great time to visit all of the local businesses along South Division, Mos Eisleys, Scavenger Hunt, Vertigo Music and All City Kicks. Keep warm and grab a snack at the new Mixed Tape Café and of course afterwards you can swing by Pub 43, Rockwells, Republic or Rumors- for a nightcap or some grub.

WHEEEEWWW.... I am excited already. Hopefully you saw something that you are interested in checking out. So a quick review of the facts.
6-11pm Saturday night...South Division between Weston and Williams, Maps avaiable at 140 South Division (Sanctuary Folk Art)..... Over 20 businesses, galleries and studio spaces open.... See you there!

Sunday is great day to catch a movie.... And there happen to be 2 great ones at the UICA. First at 12 and 5pm you can catch a movie about the life of the illustrious Hunter S. Thompson, narrator: John Depp insights into an amazing actor!

The Second movie could not be any different. The Bollywood adaptation of Othello called Omakara is playing at both 2pm and 7pm... Bollywood.... Shakespeare... wow....

The UICA has a whole mess of opportunities this week! I am totally thinking about applying for their Holiday Artists Market. This year there is no booth fee and instead a 30% commission is taken off the top of all sales... Which is... pretty good. There are over 750 people who attend the show and it seems like everyone normally does pretty well. The UICA handles sales and sales tax along with promotion...

Next up they are also doing their Annual Call for Proposals. I just want to mention that I feel like not enough local folk submit to the UICA. I would love to go and see more of YOUR work on the walls, spread across the floor or pasted across the windows...

and finally the UICA is also looking for artists interested in hooking up to duel it out art battle style. The battle will take place at the Intersection... and you have to submit examples of work at the Intersection. So details are at... www.myspace.com/artbattlemidwest

so I think that is a pretty good list of opportunities.... A little bit for everybody..

Audrey Chapman just announced that she is beginning a class teaching Hatha yoga... the class will be fairly small with a pretty intimate setting. So for those yoga beginners it is a good way to get some one on one with the instructor. Classes take place Monday's and Tuesdays from 9am to 10:15 and Friday evenings from 5:45 to 7pm. Get on it NOW because the six week session actually started this week. If you are interested call Audrey at 915 7061 Location: 14 Williams. Cost: Classes are a one time fee of only $45 for one time a week, 85 for two and 125 for all three times.

Pet is a noun and a verb. If you want a noun/verb in you life then Sara Neal has the hook up. This week it is a Brittany Spaniel Beagle Mix named Lucy... but here is the interesting part... Lucy is part dog, part machine. (is all fun too cheesy?) She has 2 legs and her blacklegs are in a wheelchair... According to Sara she is pretty rambunctious and cute so if you are looking for a little love, companionship and puppy dog love drop her an email sara.neal@gmail.com

" If music be the food of love
Then laughter is it's queen
And likewise if behind is in front
Then dirt in truth is clean"

Ya' should let me know if there is some thing cool going on, I would love to add it to the list....Drop me an email at jschaub@dwellingplacegr.org or post a comment on the blog on G-rad.... If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at http://www.g-rad.org/projects/wordonthestreet/
or you can go to G-rad http://www.g-rad.org/ and then access it through projects....

Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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