OCTOBER 22, 2008

Word on the Street for October 22nd 2008

Welcome to Wednesday!!!
This weekend I had a great surprise. I won tickets to the Grand Rapids Ballet! How you ask? Well I logged on to revuewm.com (Revue Magazine's website) and clicked on the FREE link at the top of the page, then I followed the links to their blog and register to win tickets... and low and behold I DID win tickets... and the seats were FABULOUS. Third row center! For Aladdin. It was SO KILLER! I loved it! So I can't register for another month which means that you could be the next winner ('cause I don't think that many people know about it yet!) so check it out.... www.revuewm.com

Onward to this week's events!
Here is Word on the Street for October 22nd 2008!

THE DAAC Thursday night at 7pm Check out "Paleo", "Alex James Karpicke" and Grand Rapids own "Hi, I'm Sam" $6 gets you in the door! Location 115 South Division Just a door down from Scavenger Hunt.

This weekend is Thriller Chiller at The Wealthy Theater. Starting Thursday, each night there are creepy crawler movies... So at 5pm check out Night of the Living Dead! And then at 7pm check out Art of Pain Location:1130 Wealthy Street Cost: weekend Passes are only $20 and there are great creepy movies all weekend long.... Individual movies are only $5 each (So Cheap! So good!)

Thursday night at Mixed Tape café check out Patrick Millard's Generative music performance. Ambient enough to be enjoyed by the casual listener or stopper-inner, and Patrick will be on hand to talk music shop with you. Time: 10pm. Location: 133 South Division Cost: Free but we encourage you to support local business by buying a cup of hot steamy sweetness (coffee)

Thursday night at Founders things are getting dicey, and racy and Super Happy Funtime. As the after party for the Thriller Chiller, Super Happy Funtime will be tingling your spine with a selection of zombies and scantily clad women.... Start time 10Pm! Location 235 Grandville! Cost About: $5!

If you are looking for some art on Friday night head over to Grandville Avenue to the Aroma Café. From 5 until 11pm artists Randall Gronowich, Eva Mertienez and Roli Mancera will have a whole slew of new work on display. There will be live music and of course you can purchase some great drinks and snacks! Location 880 Grandville Ave.

If you are looking for some Thriller Chiller Movies on Friday check out the Wealthy Theater. At 6pm you can catch The Assesment (movie) or Sound Effects for Movies (a seminar). At 8pm check out two other movies Ho Sakta hai! Or Raiders of the Lost Ark and then at 10:30 choose between Conjurer or Vlog. Location 1130 Wealthy Street! For more info log onto their website http://thrillerchiller.bside.com individual movies are just $5!

Thriller Chiller is all weekend long and Saturday (all Day) is a great day to catch great movies...
Here is the schedule:
At 11am Movie: No Through Road Seminar Filmmakers & Michigan
At 1 pm Movies Hell Drivers, America's Original Crash Test Dummies and Monsters' Inc.
At 3pm Movie: Target Practice Seminar: Makeup & FX for Movies
At 5Pm Movies Alone and Double and a series of shorts (like an hour of shorts)
At 7:30 there will be an awards ceremony
At 8:30 check out Alien Raiders and the Tower
And Finally at 10:30 check out Evilution and The Shining. WHEW!

October 25th at the Division Avenue Arts Collective bands hit the stage at 8:00 pm and include the Menthols, Corrosive kinds and the Astro Bats. Location 115 South Division Cost $6!

If you are looking to get hardcore on Saturday Skelletones is the place to be. Bands include Tall Ships, Under Anchor, Rise into Ruin, Dragtown, Terrifyer and the Scraps. Doors open at 6pm and tickets are $7! Soon, Skelletones will be under new management. But before Mirf and Annette leave they are throwing an all out weekend bash in November. Tickets are $25 for the whole weekend and there are like 10 bands per night. If you are interested in buying tickets (which they are predicting will sell out) check out their website www.skelletones.com

Sunday the Thriller Chiller film series wraps up with the Award winners screening at both 12 and 2pm and then a movie called Who is KK Downey at 2:30 pm. That is a whole lot of movies for one weekend my friends.

On Sunday maybe you are looking for yet another movie to check out... This time why not head to the Other alternative film venue in town... the UICA. "what we do is secret" get this opening description "1970s Los Angeles. Nihilist Philosophy. Glam Rock. Drugs. Booze. Closeted Homosexuality. Dianetics. A Yen for Rock and Roll Immortality." 'nough said. Times 1 and 5pm. location 41 Sheldon Blvd.

If you are looking for a great family event on Sunday head to the Planetarium at the Van Andel Museum for "Spooky Music" Family friendly, lights and sounds! At 1pm! Tickets to the museum are 3$ for kids and $8 for adults, passes to the planetarium are just $3! Location: 272 Pearl Street NW

If you are a part of a creative nonprofit this workshop might be for you... "Building the best board ever" has been organized by the Grand Rapid Area Arts Council and will provide tips and guidance to developing a great board of directors fro your organization. The date is October 30th from 3 until 7pm (that is 4 hours) the cost is $15 and the presenter is Bill Schmeidicke the cost is $15 for non-members but you need to RSVP to Angela like NOW her number is 459-2787.

The UICA is accepting proposals for new shows! Check out their website, www.uica.org for details. What fun is making work if no one ever sees it???

I had an amazing experience last night, I learned to make cheese, mozzarella to be exact.... and I think I am in love. Merely 13 hours later I am romanticizing the entire experience by forgetting that it was time consuming and messy. I am thinking romantically about shopping online for cheese supplies and dreaming of soft farmers/ ricotta cheeses (which seem easy to make) if anyone knows a local farm that might be interested in supplying me with the occasional gallon of raw milk that would be great...... I will keep you updated.. on the great cheese adventure.

This is just a short synopsis of upcoming events this weekend If you know about an upcoming event please email me! jschaub@dwellingplacegr.org or id an event slipped though the cracks and you wanted posted online, post a comment on the blog on G-rad.... If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at http://www.g-rad.org/projects/wordonthestreet/
or you can go to G-rad http://www.g-rad.org/ and then access it through projects....

Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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