OCTOBER 29, 2008

Hi Everyone.
Many of you already know that on October 26th Ben Schafsma passed away after being stuck by a car earlier in the week. The first time I met Ben he and a friend (literally) stumbled into my house thinking there was a party going on. It turned out that it was just myself and a friend sacked out on the couch watching movies, not much of a party. His friend was a bit drunk and pretty funny, Ben was awkward and obviously uncomfortable. About a week later we saw him at a REAL party and said "Hi," Ben avoided us like the plague and it was HILARIOUS... years passed, I worked with Ben at the DAAC and I wouldn't be the first to admit that I didn't get along with Ben very often, he could be challenging to get along with, he had the ability to get under my skin and irritate the shit out of me (a pretty unique talent). But he was always asking rough intense questions and there is no denying the impact that Ben had on the Grand Rapids Arts Community. So I wanted to say "Thanks Ben for your contributions, thanks for challenging us to become better then we already are." There are a variety of ways that people are celebrating Ben's life and accomplishments. To find out more please visit the memorial site created by George. http://www.g-rad.org/benner/memorial/

On Wednesday night at the DAAC after 7pm quite a few of us will be gathering to honoring Ben's contributions to the GR community and the creative mark he left on other communities by holding a Sunday Soup night Please bring your own bowls and the suggested donation is $10.
All proceeds will go towards supporting his family in their time of need again for more information about Ben check out http://www.g-rad.org/benner/memorial/

The very talented Alynn is holding Printmaking classes in her studio on Thursday November 4th and the 11th from 6:30 until 9pm. Learn some Basic techniques for printing on paper and they will be looking at how to make a simple press out of a Tortilla machine.... Awesome the cost is $100 but all materials are included and there is a maximum of 10 students so you are sure to get lots of One on One Attention. To sign up drop Alynn a call at 808 0092

The walking undead will be roaming the streets of GR this weekend but on Thursday night they will be out in force. The Zombie Walk beings on Thursday night at Rosa Parks Circle beginning at 9pm ! So slap on some white paint and ghoulish dreams and hit the streets!

From 5 until 7pm the Brick Rd Pizza (new to Wealthy Street, just a few doors down form Meanwhile) will be holding a pre opening event featuring all of their yummy vegan food choices.... There will be a rotating host of tastes to choose from and tickets to get in are only $10 per person (there is a limit so get one now!) you can stop in and pick one up or call 719-2409.

Thursday night at the UICA Visiting Artist William Pope L will be lecturing about his work. The piece that I remember most distinctly from College art history classes was The black Factory which has been one of his most significant and longest lasting projects (http://www.theblackfactory.com/) His work revolves around themes of race consumerism etc. Time 7:30 Location 41 Sheldon

FRIDAY IS HALLOWEEN!- Get out and have some FUN!
Friday night at the DAAC- all ages music show! Featuring the bands; Crocodiles, Charlie Slick and Creepy Crawl! Doors at 7:30! Cost $6 Location 115 South Division

So much art! Bradley Studios will be open on Saturday afternoon from 2 until 8pm featuring paintings, furniture printmaking and Jewelry. Artists include Abigail Bradley, Troy Bosworth, Todd Freeman and Juan Dominguez. There will be snacks and beverages and of course a lovely setting. Questions? 458-2826 Cost: FREE! Location: 430 Paris Ave SE (49503)

Melissa R Selmon will be holding an opening "the Next Chapter" from 7 until 10pm at The Crossings Clubhouse located at 1414 Eastport Drive SE (49508) which is located behind Celebration Cinema South.

At the Wealthy Theater you can enjoy a 49 hour film competition, you know write produce shoot edit a short film in 49 hours. Starts at 8pm doors at 7pm tickets are $8 and Location 1130 Wealthy St.

You made it! I made it! The weekend is almost here! Next weekend is a holiday so I am not sure how Word is gonna shake out... but don't get negligent on sending in those events.... email wordonthestreetgr@gmail.com also check out or you can go to G-rad.org and then access word though through projects....

Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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