NOVEMBER 7, 2008

Word on the Street, November 7, 2008

AHHH the last days.... The last days of 70 degree weather are so amazing in Michigan. It seems like everyone is in a positive mood, that things are on the up and up. And of course they are predicting snow this weekend. So enjoy it while it lasts! This weekend there is a slew of interesting events to choose from, even though you might have to bundle up!

Here it is Word on the Street November 7, 2008

OOHhh they are starting! Senior shows! This Thursday night at the Padnos Gallery out at GVSU you can check out the work of Julia Greenway and Sarah Van Otterloo! Julia is a painting student last I knew she painted large scale sexual situations. Sarah I can't place but I am excited to see the work The show begins at 5 and runs until 7pm. I am going to try and make it out early! Congratulations ladies!

On Thursday night head out to Forest Hills Fine Arts Center for their first Artists in Residence retrospective exhibit. Over the last ( i think ) 5 years they have been hosting a slew of great local artists and this Thursday many of those artists will be represented in the FHFAC's first retrospective. Starts at 7:30pm!

Noir Gallery is back at it! New curator, new artists, new look for bar divani and Friday night is the official launch! Ex-Grand Rapidian Michael Glowacki is back in a major way. His show "No Where Now Here" opens on Friday from 7 to 11. Glowacki graduated, went to grad school at Cranbrook and then got one of those amazing high end design jobs. So now we all get to check out what he has been doing in his personal time. Noir is sort of an in the know gallery... it is located at 15 Ionia and the doors are the double doors next to Bar Divani and that little coffee house (same building as the Photography Room) once you get inside make a sharp right down the little hall.... Then you end up in Gallery Noir... I would say this is THE SHOW to see this weekend.

Friday night at Skelletones check out some heavy punk and ska, The Flatliners, The Amoebas, Exit 49, natural disasters, Selectively Anti Social and Shotgun Sally Tickets are 8$. just to let you know Skelletones is up for a major change. If you haven't heard about it yet check out they website and skip right to this page location 133 South Division Show starts at 6:30 pm.

On Friday night at Calvin College the band Anathallo is playing. Mostly I am mentioning it because I suspect that quite a few people will be checking it out but that tickets will be tight. It is $10 for all of us non Calvin students and $5 for students. The performance begins at 8pm in the Fine Arts Center and I know it is going to be packed just in case call: 616 526-6282

OOOHHH KAY! So! I have seen Three Dog Night in concert, like twice. This Friday they are going to be playing at the Forest Hills Fine Arts Center beginning at 7:30.... If you are thinking "who IS this band WHAT do they sing?" let me refresh you with a little "Joy to the world all the boys and girls joy to the fishes in the deep blue seas joy to you and meeee!" Sort of how I feel today... joy to the world.. the weather is lovely the election is over.... If you want to check on avaiable tickets give the box office a call at 493-8966. Also I have to mention that the FHFAC is way closer then you expect. It is across the Beltline but seriously like less then 10 minutes from down town.

Saturday they are predicting snow... I know surreal huh??? Anyhow for those of you who might be looking forward to finding a great movie to check out the GRAM is showing the 1951 version of Moulin Rouge at both 1 and 3 pm. having seen a movie there recently I have to warn you wear COMFORTABLE clothing the seats are a bit stiff. I was actually thinking about bringing a folding chair for my next GRAM movie!
Location Monroe Center cost FREE with door admission. Door admission is like free to members and $8 for everybody else.

The Grand Rapids Folk Art Society is going to be hosting the apparently muiti talented folk-blues-man-musician Michael P Smith./ I love the fact that GR has a Folk Art Society but I have never met a member so if you are one please let me know..... the concert begins at 8pm at the Wealthy Theater Location 1130 Wealthy Street Tickets $12 for non members $8 for members and $10 for students kids get in for $3!
On Saturday the Roller Derby Girls are On it! The Raggidy All Stars will be thrashing the Burning River Roller Girls while the G-Rap attack plan to take down Paper Valley! Tickets are only $10 presale can be picked up at the Meanwhile so get them early, get them cheap... anyone who waits for the door pays $15! The face off takes palce at 2605 Stanford St. SE in Grandville

We have all been to an art battle once or twice right? If you haven't I suggest you check one out... maybe even on Saturday... anyhow over the last few years the Intersection has been hosting a doozey of a battle. AND they are still looking for artists.... In the past our lovely Kelly Allen has won the art battle ( I think top prize is like $1000!) They are doing a call for artists this week and if you are interested you can meet up with organizers on Friday night at 7pm at the intersection all the details can be found here: or call the organizer Todd at 616 581 4531.
Saturday night the doors are at 7pm and cost is $10

Saturday at Skeletons there is a pretty familiar line up..... it is the La dispute Cd Release party with Victor Fix the sun, Native, Brothers, Charles the osprey and paucity. Location 133 South Division below Mixed Tape Café, Tickets are $8, doors at 6pm!

Monday Movie at the DAAC ! the flick "don't need you" features a look at the origins of Riot Grrrl music sceen bands include Bikini Kill, Heavens to Betsy, and Bratmobile with a whole bunch of interviews and of course music! I had heard tell that there was a new "GR Feminist" Group but this is the first conclusive proof that they exist somewhere other then facebook.... (cause they are sponsors) Movie is at 8pm. Location 115 South Division, cost a measly 3 dolla'!

Drop me an email, tell me what is going on with you, 'cause I know great things are happening and I want to know what they are! So email me! or the condensed new personal email Check out G-rad.... If you want to see or read word with pictures or post comments, check it out online at
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