DECEMBER 17, 2008

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Things are just crazy, and great, and crazy. It seems like everything is booming and amazing. I am starting to look forward to seeing old friends in town along with hanging out with all of my in-town friends and of course my family. I hope that this weekend you grab some friends and Family and check out a great event or do some last minute shopping. A special thanks to everyone who came out for Urban Lights last week. We had a great event and it was so nice to see all of your faces! So here we go!

Word on the street for December 17th, 2008.

All Weekend Long.
So last night I got to see the Civic productions "A Wonderful Life." We sat in the third row (I love sitting up close, you can see the makeup and mics and little foibles) the best parts of the performance were the female lead, who has a great voice and then much like the movie there was a great performance from the youngest child who is famous for the line "each time a bell rings an angel gets their wings..." which was downright adorable. Other highlights include the angel swinging though vast amounts of fog daydreaming about his wings and the amazing set.... So if you are looking for a great way to spend some time with the family this holiday season the Civic gets my vote.... Check them out online at

Give the Gift of DANCE! The Laura Armenta Dance studio is taking winter registration for the new year! On Thursday night you can attend their Winter Party and shake your groove thing from 6 until 9pm. There is a $10 cover at the door but I would guess the dancing will be amazing and there is food and Drink. They are located at 955 wealthy and for more details you can call the studio at 616 235-YOGA 955

Ok So Thursday night at the UICA they are shaking it up a bit. There will be a n interesting program called "Collaboration in Contemporary Art" it all kicks off with a panel discussion featuring Buzz Spector ( ) from 6pm to 7:30 and then from 7:45 to 9:00 guests are invited to participate in a presenting their work via a slid presentation or participating in Small discussion groups abut collaboration. Iti s FREE for members and all non member have to pay is $3 ALL AGES!

The DAAC this weekend has a few interesting shows. On Friday there is an art and music show that features artwork from some Eastown folks including Jon Clay, Maureen McKenzie, Alison Bruesma, Aaron Adams and Goldie Stilson. There will also be a whole lot of music featuring Kyle Colter, Rei Robinson, Nick Alexander, and Jake Stilson. There will be some fresh brewed coffee and cookies! The cover is $5 and the show starts at 5pm and runs until about 7....Location 115 South Division All Ages!

OHHH new shows at the UICA on Friday... I am pretty excited... the opening starts at 6pm.... the featured artists include Buzz Spector, Jessica Serran, R. Justing Stewart and Janel Scultz. FREE! Location 41 Sheldon! ALL AGES! See you there!

The DAAC is hosting the Really Really Free Market from 12 until 2. I think the gig is that you can make holiday themed gifts out of found and used objects... so if you have some stuff to make things with (paint glue ect... or if you have some stuff that would make a good gift... head on down and make some stuff.

Saturday at the GRAM you could spend an entire day! The Art studio has two classes one at 10 and one at 1 where you can join up to make Holiday prints! And then there are the movies! At 1pm catch "the Year without a Santa Claus" At 3 pm you can get holiday Nostalgic with The Muppet Christmas Carol at the GRAM. Animal is my favorite muppet...and to tell you the truth I know I have seen this movie but I just can't remember WHEN or what is it is about..... If you are a member it is free, adults get in for 8$ seniors, college students and kids get in for 5$- 6$ check it out!

SHOP LOCAL..... you knew this was coming.... Every year we do a little shop local reminder along with where to get the coolest of cool. So here are a few of my favorite places to shop during the holiday season.

Downtown: Little Bohemia, Great cloths for guys as well and all sorts of great gift ideas, (check out the books by the front door, there is always something kitchey cool. They are located on Monroe downtown next to the new Bloom. (close to the corner of Monroe and S. Division.)

Avenue for the Arts South Division: All City Kicks, more then just a shoe store they have hip hop apparel for the aficionado, along with a great selection of limited release shoes. More for guys then girls! Located on the corner of Cherry and South Division

Also on Avenue for the Arts at 115 S. Division is Scavenger Hunt, the best of the best vintage used clothing, it is all great, this is the store that makes an outfit a statement.

I am going to a Christmas get together for Mr. Man's family this weekend and plan on swinging by Art of the Table because it is perfect for great stylish home gifts, they have wine cute doodas, nice little whatchamacallits, and it all is really cool stuff, this is a you can't go wrong sort of a place and there is no better gift for a social event then a bottle of Wine. Located next to Wealthy Bakery,

Uptown Area, Union and Lyon: For those with culinary expertise I am heading to Martha's Vineyard. Martha's is so good I get all tingly when I walk in. They have a TON of wine, great staff, cigars, an amazing deli, exquisite selection of dried and canned goods. If you are running late and looking for a gift that says "I have taste" Martha's is the place.

Also I totally dig the Spice Merchant shop in East Grand Rapids. Good selection of potent spices. The smell is yummy.

Downtown: Schuler's, great to grab a cuppa' coffee and browse, wireless internet, decent selection and they will order anything you need. Great to unwind after a bit of intensive shopping or when looking for that hard to buy for person. Recently I was at Schuler's and a friend of mine picked up a Perfect present for her sister, she was so excited!

Wealthy: Stop by Literary Life book store. The are located in a great building on the corner of Wealthy and Eastern. The space is cozy, the shop is local, the books abound.

Avenue for the Arts S. Division: Vertigo, how many times must I tell you that this place is rad. The staff rocks, they will special order pretty much anything, the selection is awesome and what they don't have they will find.. Located in between Cherry and Oakes.

Eastown: Gallery 154 in Eastown is a great place to pick up ornaments, and Ron and his wife are so nice. I always try to swing by and find a great little Trinket.

Avenue for the Arts South Division Imagination Creations has a great selection of unique jewelry, and vintage pieces. I picked up some earrings for a friend and a bracelet for myself. Also you can pick up a gift Certificate for a haircut... located two doors down from Sanctuary.

South Division! Sanctuary Folk Art is a great place to stop in and find something funky, Chris S. has some earrings up next to the counter that are pretty nice, for a stocking stuffer check out Randall's crazy pin/magnets and there are so many cool smaller pieces at reasonable prices you are sure to find something. OR check out Heartside Gallery! Open 1 until 4pm the gallery features local intuitive folk artists from Grand Rapids. There are pretty great $5 bugs and some AMAZING wall hangings and woven blankets.

Fulton: Mercury Head Framing and Gallery with great trinkets, landscapes, and Irishy stuff. Good for a kind of conservative taste in art with a color twist. $

MAKE A MEMORY: Tickets to a show or other event are a great present. Something you can do with a loved one is a great gift so I would also suggest getting tickets or memberships from the following local organizations:

Theater: The Civic Theater, there is no bad seat in the house, and the Civic is the 5th largest volunteer theater in the country! They always have a great season of plays including "Raisin in the Sun" in February. Tickets are more then reasonable, anywhere from $10-25ish and available online at

Music: Opera Grand Rapids, with one of the best promo looks of the year the Opera has great shows. Tickets range form $20-90$ Online at or if you are not into opera check out the Grand Rapids Symphony which does a great job of mixing classical and more "approachable" tunes and shows any of their pops series are great for the whole family in January they are doing a Latin music and dance night at Devos that looks pretty cool!

Dance: The Grand Rapids Ballet, it is just so pretty! Gentlemen if your lady has a dance appreciation, tickets to any Grand Rapids Ballet Event are sure to please!

Visual Arts: Give a loved one the gift of Art, a membership to The UICA ranges from $20 for a student to $35 for an individual or $60 for a household. Or a membership to the Gram which begin at $50!!!! We got our parent's memberships to the GRAM last year so we will probably need to renew them soon....

The City of Grand Rapids is hiring for a whole bunch of positions. To find out more about them check out Those interested can go to, then click on "I Want To" and "Apply for a Job".

Audrey Chapman is starting up a new Hatha- Yoga class. Start the New Year right with a great group of people an intimate setting and I have heard though the grape vine that Audrey is very patient and supportive, one of the students said that they feel the environment is extremely pleasant and supportive. For more information and a schedule of classes check out

DUDE! REALLY! Have you tried to win something from revue yet? Seriously every time I check the site SOMEONE I know has won something... which is pretty awesome because it still means there is a chance that YOU could win something... I just signed up to possibly win tickets to a movie and a gift certificate to All City kicks..... Check it out already...

Have a GREAT holiday season. I'll be out of commission for a bit but back after the new year... email me at . If you want to check out the Blog got to

Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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