JANUARY 14, 2009

Word on the street January 14, 2009

Hi guys..
I feel a little sheepish because I just haven't been able to get word together in a few weeks and I am late this week.... But I'm gonna give it a try cause there are some cool things going on this weekend and I don't want you to miss out....

The Forest Hills fine Arts center featuring Laura Hutten Goodrich, there is an artists reception on Thursday the 15th from 6 until 7:30pm. It looks like she creates some theater pieces... the mask in the pic is really cool.... Forest hills is way closer then you think.

All weekend long
Skelletones is saying goodbye. I know a lot of people are going to miss mirf and Annette. They have done amazing things and built one of the most widely recognized all-ages venues in the state. This weekend there are more bands playing then I can even count. For a total recap check out the website www.skelletones.com if you still want to say goodbye and you haven't had a chance to get tickets to the show there is also an open house on Sunday beginning at 2pm.

This week I went to see a movie at the UICA called Christmas on Mars. It was awful and I was totally disappointed.. BUT I did get to see the previews for Fears(s) of the Dark which is opening on Friday and it looks AMAZING! Its in French... and is animated it looks totally cool. There are show times listed at www.uica.org

Friday night at the GRAM is going to be awesome, Reb Roberts, Tom D and Sarah Scott are going to be speaking about intuitive artists beginning at 7pm. of course there is a cash bar, and some live music before and after... Admission is only $5 but it is free for members... so saddle up and head on down.

On Saturday the 17th you can head back to the museum (remember all of this stuff is free for members to catch the noon lecture, Impressionism and Post Impressionism a new way of seeing the museum director Celeste Adams is presenting....I think it is like 8$ if you aren't a member....

Recently I heard someone describe the band Clive by identifying the lead singer's intense waling sort of rants as an extension of his sort of self deprecating humor. Which I think is right on. Pair that with some intensive back beats and you have a band. This weekend on Saturday the 17th they are playing at Teasers on Ottawa. I think there is a 5$ cover but I'm not sure.....

Super happy Funtime Burlesque is swarming the Wealthy Theater on Saturday and using their superhuman qualities, supper suits, super talents to..... take over the world?... The "Whammo, Blammo" shoot them-up style super hero themed show takes the stage at 8pm on Saturday. Doors at 7:30 tickets are $10! ...these kids promise to make spandex look good... well sort of .....

On Saturday at 8pm the DAAC is hosting Steve Leaf, Lauren Murrell and Zach Burger... get in for $6 love up the all ages atmosphere and have a good time. Location 115 South Division.

The Chiaroscuro film series is playing at the UICA the movie is free and it is called the Golden Door the movie is about a guy how immigrates form Italy to the uinted sates with his brother, there seems to be a romantic subplot. Time 2:30 pm

On Monday the Heartside Downtown Neighborhood Association will be holding their annual election for board members. The HDNA has been operating without a board for a little over 6 months now and we are very excited about having a new board. The HDNA is a fantastic opportunity to make an impact on the Heartside neighborhood.
If you are interested in voting or running for a postion please attend the meeting on January 19th, 2009 at 5pm at Verne Barry Place in the community room, located at 60 South Division. Each nominee will have one to two minutes to introduce themselves and then we will complete the ballot forms. For more information or to see the current list of nominees please visit the HDNA blog: http://gr-hdna.blogspot.com/

The UICA is looking for artists for a possible commission you would be building and creating pieces for an upcoming exhibit at the Children's Museum, if you are interested in finding out more email Becca at rschaub@uica.org

Ok so it is short... but sweet... and I have to go buy a tire... so I am off... I will see you out and about this weekend. You might not recognize me because I will be wearing 15 layers of clothing including 1-2 hats... but I will be there.... See you soon! If you've got events for next weekend then send them on in ! email me at wordonthestreetgr@gmail.com . If you want to check out the Blog got to http://www.g-rad.org/projects/wordonthestreet/

Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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