FEBRUARY 12, 2009

Word on the street February 11th 2009

This weekend is soon upon us and I think with the slight burst of warm weather this week we are all anxious to get out of the house. What do they call that, cabin fever???? And there is that "holiday" this weekend....yeah, it is commercial and yeah it is sort of dumb but never-the-less you sort of look like a chump if you don't get "something" for the person (or people) you love. So beat off that cabin fever with a big pink heart dripping chocolate and flowers, grab the person you like a whole lot and get out to enjoy the cold and frosty weather because..... contrary to common myth, it won't last forever.

Check it out!
So I was poking around on the downtowngr.org website and I found this form where you can nominate downtown shop merchants, I have a few favorite downtown merchants that I want to put up as a nomination so the question is........ Who will you nominate http://downtowngr.org/people-nominate.php

This Thursday there is an artist around.... Dennis Oppenheim will be speaking at the UICA, at 7:30. I am a super sucker for his big oversized object sculptures but he has had a huge long career of a whole bunch of bodies of work and the guy is freaking totally famous so I am sure he will have lots of interesting stuff to talk about. Location 41 Sheldon Cost: FREE!

38 Commerce launches tonight at the old EQ3 building. Free Food, drinks, art, a movie about Heartside. Schmoozing... the works you know you want to come cause you have seen the trailer and heard the buzz... (search for celebrate Heartside on youtube!) event 5 until 8pm. Location corner of Cherry and Ionia

I am really excited to see new work by Cat Campbell. I lived with Cat for a few months years ago and I don't know if she has ever forgiven me (turns out I am a totally rotten roommate, which has been confirmed by various other roommates) BUT I really enjoyed living will all of Cat's stuff.... She has these great collections of bugs, bones and natural wonder cabinet type thing-a-ma-jiggs. Which along with the natural environments they came from help to inspire her work... so the Gallery is NOIR located on Ionia next to the coffee shop that is next to Bar Divani (roughly 15 Ionia) and the opening is from 7 until 10pm... and it is FREE and ALL AGES, See you there!

The Calvin College faculty exhibition opens this weekend out at Calvin College in the Center Art gallery. The opening is Friday from 7 until 9pm and the profs getting props are mandy Burrow, Anna Greidanus, Jennifer Hoag Adam Wolpa and two professors I am not familiar with "Van Reeuwyk and Speyers" Location 3201 Burton Cost FREE!

Friday night at the DAAC there is a theme show "no Gods No Masters, Benefit show" but I am not sure who it benefits so if you are interested you will have to check it out in person... the bands include Religious SS Disorder, Kenard, Heavier then Air Flying Machines and Harreson.

Friday at Mixed Tape there are BANDS! " the Judgment of Paris", "come find the lion", "behold the man" and "Look left Swing Right" Show starts at 6:30, $5 gets you in Location 133 South Division All ages welcome....

Crashes' Landing is a no kill cat shelter and in need of donations to keep supporting their great and noble cause.... So this weekend there is a "Valentine Cat Benefit" at the Clique (possibly one of the coolest places in GR) So 8$ donation gets you in and then.... Bowl till your fingers fall off and there will be a bunch of bands including "the veloras", "the Concussions" (I love these guys) "the Bitters", "Telemission" and "the Innuendos". Oh! the show is ALL AGES! Doors at 7pm! Location; 533 Stocking NW.

Along with Valentines day comes the Vagina Monologues... the GVSU Women's Center rocks this performance out! I love the fact that they have raised over $70,000 dollars and donated all proceeds to organizations that help to stop violence against women
And I also am really glad that they brought the performance downtown to the Wealthy theater....Tickets are $20 for non-students and $10 for students. The performance begins at 7pm. This event may have some age appropriate content. Location 1130 Wealthy Street

"They" say if you want to bond with your mate that experiences that are new for both of you bring you closer together.... So maybe this weekend you could go to the Grand Rapids Opera's performance of the Elixir of love. I think it is Italian (maybe you could get an Italian dinner and have a theme) Essentially there is a guy, a girl, a love potion and lots of lusty singing. Tickets start at $20 Location Devos Center 303 Monroe Ave, Starts at 7:30.

Saturday at Mixed tape there are a ton of bands.... "start today", "the blessed hope", "Here's to luck", "CBJ", "Holy Hounds", "Beyond Avalon", "Shot Gun Sally", "The Delivery Boys", "The Hydrants", "The Plurals"and "Stereo Addiction". The show starts at 5:30 pm, it is $6 and of course the show is ALL Ages!

And a side note. Mixed tape café has food ( I hear the pizzas are great) and coffee and they are staring to pull together their interior, so it is worth the time to stop in and check out.

Call for entries: the 50th annual Communication Arts Photography Competition, there are rules, I won't list them all here but I will say that they have a variety of catagories and I know we have a ton of photographers in Grand Rapids so make some submissions and represent the greatness of GR! commarts.com/competitions/photography

Life online!
Teamwork bags has launched their new website! It is a bit more user friendly then the last (less flash) the images are clean and simple and the whole look is pretty cool (the front page is full of Grand Rapids Hipsters) so check them out www.Teamworkbags.com

All weekend long
I thought this movie at the UICA looked pretty interesting it is called "Moving Midway" and it covers a family who decides to move their plantation home and then somewhere in the process they find out more about the African American portion of the family... and of course they are moving this big old house and there is all of this History stuff... anyhow it is running Friday and Saturday on the even hours 2,4,6 and at 8pm and Sunday even hours 2,4 and 6pm. (check out the trailer at www.uica.org)

I'm Late I'm Late for a very important date said the rabbit! email me at wordonthestreetgr@gmail.com . If you want to check out the Blog got to http://www.g-rad.org/projects/wordonthestreet/

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