FEBRUARY 19, 2009

Word on the Street for February 19th, 2009!

Howdy folks.....
Today is a pretty chill, uber-chill sort of a day...the snow is even being a little lazy.... And maybe it is a good thing because there is a ton coming up this weekend... not to mention the events creeping into early next week (Mardi Gras!) So I plan on extending the weekend maybe until Tuesday or even Wednesday of next week...

Here is Word on the Street for February 19th, 2009!

Friday at Mixed tape: Music Line up include Josiah Gentry CD release part featuring Chris Dupont, Zach Vinson, John Sikma and Troy Oleck. Location 133 South Division. All Ages on the Avenue! 5$ Shows start at 6:30.

This weekend Ionia bars and restaurants are celebrating Mardi Gras. Keep your eyes open for motionless floats, beads, zydeco, Cajun food and topless women.... (JK about the women, it is WAY to cold for that... right?) I believe on Friday night they will have trolleys running between all of the bars, and the motionless parade is taking place on Saturday....

Saturday is Oh-La-La
Crepes, baguettes, scissors. The French have created some of my most favorite things. On Saturday form 1pm until 6pm the UICA and GVSU bring you a French Festival. All things French, 6 French artists, French food, a silent auction I am so totally looking forward to this and I don't want to miss it. There are also French films leading into the evening. 7:00pm at 9pm. Frankly I can't tell if there is a cost associated with the event. I assume the door is free but there will be food for sale. ALL AGES! Location 41 Sheldon.

Mixed tape Saturday night : Tearling, The soundtrack, Mat Musto, Sullican Skye, Camarie, $8 day of! Sounds like Pop Punk. Shows Start at 6:30! Location 133 South Division.

Saturday at the DAAC check out Men As trees, The Reptilian, and Good Teeth/Gold Tee. Show at 8pm. ALL AGES, gotta love it! 6$ gets you in the door.

Chiaroscuro Film Series hosts the occasional free film at the UICA, This weekend they are showing "Daughter of Keltoum" as part of their Finding Home Series. The movie si free there are snacks after the event and the movies they show usually look pretty interesting. Cost FREE! I would check out the movie trailer to see how age appropriate it is... Location 41 Sheldon

I like Free. In fact we all do... and it is true... you really can get something for nothing... at the Really Really Free Markey. Sunday from 2 until 6 you can pick up somethings or drop them off so other people can pick them up... they have been expanding the market to include music, art and make sure it includes services as well as objects.... Location 2843 Eastern Cost FREE! All Ages.

It seems like the Symphony is getting out quite a bit these days. This weekend they will Join the Enchanted theater performance group at the Forest hills Fine Arts Center for a performance of Cinderella. The show begins at 3pm and the tickets are totally cheep adults are just $15 and kids under 14 are $9! If you are interested in tickets call 483 8966 Location 600 Forrest Hills Young At Heart.

You know you are feeling down home when a whole bunch of the events catching your eye are Sunday bloody Mary bars... What I love about a Bloody Mary bar is that for some reason I think of the Bloody Mary as a more fru fru drink when in fact it is a fixer elixir. The thing you drink... to get over... drinking....

Kendall College is having an art opening on a Tuesday and it starts at 5 and runs until 6:30 and it sounds like it is gonna be pretty good... The work is Christy DeHoog Johnson and George Ferrandi and Mr. Schafer will be playing the accordion.... I assume there will be some munchies and it is conveniently scheduled for a stop on the way home!

Tuesday the 24th The End of Times Orchestra will be leading a jazz funeral march throughout the BOB as the Super happy Funtime Burlesque ladies will do a little tease and spin a bit of fire. I would say there will be quite the spectacle to say the least. The show starts at 7 and running until 10ish so get your Fat Tuesday best on and get out! Location 20 Monroe This one is for the A-dults!

Road Warrior is without a doubt Mel Gibson at his finest.... He wears leather he lives in an apocalyptic world. He battles evil but isn't so good himself. And on Tuesday you can enjoy Road Warrior in large screen splendor at the Wealthy theater. Tickets are on sale at the Meanwhile bar.

Dude, this time of year is perfect for taking a class or two, you have to keep your mind engaged otherwise the wait for spring will rot your soul..... WHOW that sounds dramatic... anyhow... here are a few suggestions....

The Byrneboehm Gallery is offering studio classes for Adults. Classes are going to be taught by artists represented by the gallery so it is sort of an interesting opportunity to get to know them, their techniques and or just to try out a new media.... Classes will include Drawing, pastel, pastel proturature and Intro to Oil. Classes will take place in the Blackport (center of the universe on Lake) building and it sounds like the space is really cool. If you take a class and make some stuff be sure to let us all know! The classes begin on February 23rd. to find out more call 336-0209

Yoga Yoga Yoga! YYEAAHHH..
Everyone is saying that Audrey Chapman is a great yoga instructor. And I can totally see why. She is extraordinarily pleasant, yet firm and just a little quirky. Her Hatha Yoga Classes Start up next week. Most of them are held in her studio on Williams Street but one niht a week they are going to be at 120 S. Division. For $45 you can take one class a week for 6 weeks which is an awesome rate... to find out more check out her blog www.abeautifulyoga.blogspot.com or call her at 915 7061 ( im going to the Thursday class!)

Try it NOW!
Taquitos Mexican Grill just opened on South Division at 327. Granted they are getting over their first day jitters (only accepting cash right now.... Limited menu) BUT I had a black bean and corn burrito and the results include a terrific tortilla, good size for the price BUT if you are vegetarian (and I am) watch out for those refrieds... authentic= pork. I would totally put it on your calendar as a place to eat lunch next week. (2 burritos, a diet coke, water, chips, salsa, pico de gillo, and 2 sour creams about 13$)

If you've got events for next weekend then send them on in! email me at wordonthestreetgr@gmail.com . If you want to check out the Blog got to http://www.g-rad.org/projects/wordonthestreet/

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