FEBRUARY 26, 2009

Word on the street for February 25, 2009

So kids this weekend seems bit slow and I feel like I am missing some things....... So I am looking for suggestions... what do you do on a day (like Sunday) where nothing catches your eye? I'm looking for favorite restaurants, hangouts or events that offer up a dash of entertainment, let me know 'cause I want to check them out. I hope you catch what ever I have missed..... Anyhow... here are some of the things I HAVE heard about....

I think that we sometimes hear all that we know about other countries only through the news....and then sometimes we are lucky enough to know somebody who visits or has lived in a country and they fill us in on some of the realities, cultural differences that we don't catch on NPR, CNN or PBS. Catherine is one of those people and on Thursday night she will be offering up an eyewitness report from Israel and Palestine, where she recently participated in the annual olive harvest. Time! 7pm Cost! FREE! All ages. Location IGE 1118 Wealthy SE Grand Rapid MI

Thursday night you can catch some live music if you start early at the Mixed Tape. They are hosting Lights out Dancing, Analog sisters, Nicholas Scott Band, 3 Cent Short & Jonathan Hape. The show starts at 6:30 and is only 5$ Location 133 South Division. All Ages all the time!

Friday is ART DAY!
The Sparrows opens a new show by the talented Todd Freeman. His Prints and Drawing show "Life & Limb" opens tonight. If you haven't ever seen Todd's work he describes it as "Accounts of the Natural World, with attention to Taxonomy, Folklore and Subjects of Anomaly." I would add that aesthetically it as intensely detailed and idiosyncratic with references to 1600's species catalogues. Location 1035 Wealthy Street Cost Free All Ages.

There is a professor from GVSU who shows a series of free movies on the occasional Friday night. This Friday at 6pm you can see Water an Indian drama about an 8 year old child widow who must decide to throw herself on her husbands funeral pyre or marry his brother. It sounds pretty interesting. 109D of the Devos Center Cost FREE!

Also on the 27th check out some all ages music at the Division Avenue Arts Collective including Three Eyed Fish, Fourty-2 and Rusticus and the Invaders. Start time is 800pm.

On Friday the HopCat is opening their new Brewery they are going to brew their own stuff so you can taste it along side a whole bevy of other state brewed beers. They are boosting a pretty beer drinkers beer list including a light bodied dry English Bitter, an Ipa, An American Porter and a Belgian. They will be celebrating beginning at 7pm on Friday so stop down for a fresh pour. Location 25 Ionia 21 and up.

The Grand Rapids Folk Arts Society is really active... this weekend they bring you a performance by local folk, musicians Hawks and Owls. Show takes place at the Koning Micro Cinema (inside the wealthy theater) located at 1130. the doors open 30 minutes before Curtin For a little preview check them out online at www.hawksandowls.com Cost $12 All ages! Show begins at 8

Saturday you can taste beer from all around the state at the Fifth Annual Winter Beer Festival ... beginning at 12pm and running until 5pm you can taste beer from 43 statewide breweries...this event is hosted by the Michigan Brewers Guild and tickets are 35$ but I hear you have to get them in advance on their website, michiganbrewersguild.org/ the price includes 12 drink tokens... be sure to get a DD! 21 and up Location Fifth Third Ball Park.

Saturday night rock out at the DAAC with ILLymack, James and the Rainbros and Horace Pickett. Shows at 8pm All ages all the time Cost 6$ Location 115 South Division.

Well who knows what you are going to do on Sunday. Why don't you tell me? I totally want to know... what is your favorite Sunday hang out? What ARE YOU going to do?

I love taking surveys.....The Grand Rapids Public Museum is trying to find ways to be more user friendly and they want to know if you would be interested in checking out some late night museum action. If you have 5 minutes blast onto their survey and tell them what you think. If you answer all of the questions you will be entered to win a free Ipod Nano... which is pretty damn cool...

The DAAC is looking for a CPA. Please if you know ANYONE interested in getting involved in a collective voluntary organization who would donate some of their time and is a Certified Public Accountant let me know.... Wordonthestreetgr@gmail.com

Planning is underway for the 2009-2010 US census and Heartside's survey return rate is drastically lower then average and is considered "a hard to count area". In preparation for the upcoming census the government is seeking individuals who are familiar with Heartside who may want to help collect census information. Although your services would not be required for about one year they need to identify qualified applicants now.
Applicants who pass the standardized test will be eligible for a paid part-time 4-6 week term. All interested applicants should attend a meeting at Dwelling Place 101 Sheldon Blvd. Suite 2 on Friday March 6th at 3pm. If you have further questions please contact Pat at 510 7297. Cost is Free!

If you've got events for next weekend then send them on in! email me at wordonthestreetgr@gmail.com . If you want to check out the Blog got to http://www.g-rad.org/projects/wordonthestreet/

Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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