APRIL 2, 2009

Word on the Street for April 1st 2009!
OHMYGOSH-ITSALMOSTTHEWEEKEND and frankly even though I knew it was coming it sort of snuck up on me and now I can see it looming out of the corner of my eye. It is like all of a sudden the weekend is like TOMORROW. Wow. Time flies when you are busy!
So with no more chit chatting....

Here is the Word on the Street for April 1st 2009!

From 1 until 6pm on Thursday and Friday check out the work of the advanced photography students from Calvin including Sarah Buhr, Andrea Everhart, Josh Fox, Doh Young Kim, Bret Klein-Horsman, Aj Meyers, Kat Stahl and Sarah States. Along with a video projection by Jennifer Steensma Hoag. Location 106 S. Division.

Art! Art! Art! This week is SMART Festival. On Thursday at Open Concept gallery from 7 until 9pm the "Digital Ritual Opening" is taking place featuring artists from around the country and curated in part by a GVSU curatorial studies class. Cost: FREE! Location: 50 Louis NW.

At the DAAC Matt Kurz One, Rick Johnson Rock and Roll Machine
All ages, 6$ at the door, 8pm Location 115 S. Division, www.thedaac.org for links.

Friday is Art day at the DAAC. The one, and only night, to see what happens when you mash up audio- visual sculptural instillation into one piece: Ruby Miller's "what one has, she must share with the other" will be on display from 6 until 8pm at the DAAC. The show is free and all ages. Location 115 South Division.

Friday night at the GRAM check out the printer painter, padnos endowed chair from GVSU Steven Sorman it begins at 7pm and goes until 7:45 and will accompany a display of his work in the Porter gallery. Cost 5$ location, the huge building on the edge of the Mia Lyn piece downtown.

This year the Kendall College of Art and Design's fashion club is creating the "2009 bodies of art fashion show" and this one should truly be a show stopper. This years carnivale theme includes some of the burlesque performers and the entire event takes place at the wealthy theater on Friday night Tickets are $15. Show starts at 8pm.

The Grand Rapids Symphony's Classical Series will include several different pieces that feature the Harp. You can catch performances at 8pm on both Friday and Saturday at the DeVos Performance Hall. Tickets range in price for more info call 742 6500 Location 303 Monroe. All Ages!

Mixed tape is rocking this weekend. Check out Friday's "Blackberry Winter", "Evan Brown", "Deercave", "The Rooster Crow" according to their website the show is at noon but I would double check on that. $5 or 6$ on the day of the show. All ages, all the time pay at the door. http://mixtapecafe.com/

Tanglefoot Studio postcard event. From 12 until 4pm create your own original postcards to send to friends and family. For a 5$ donation they supply supplies and there is a troupe of 3 lovely and talented artists on hand to help out. Space is limited so you are going to want to RSVP by calling 307 5377 Location 314 Straight Ave. NW Loading Dock 8 (ring the bell) All Ages!

It is time to plant those gardens... well it is time to at least get started with plants in the house and the African Community Center ( tucked behind Brick road Pizza) is getting together a group of people who might be interested in starting an organic community garden. IF you are want to roll up your sleeves, get involved or join up check out their informational meeting at 2pm on Saturday or for more info please contact 248 3552 Location at1019 Wealthy. All Ages!

On Saturday catch an EARLY SHOW at Mixed tape featuring Kate Pilsbury and Anthony Hansen at 4:30 pm. Tickets are $6 in advance or $7 for day of all ages welcome

NKOTB. Need I say more ladies? Saturday night Van Andel Arena at 7:30. Wear your best wall bangs. Tickets start at 35$ and are on sale though Ticketmaster. (Totally worth checking out www.nkotb.com) Location 130 West Fulton.

Then there is a later show at Mixedtape at 6:30pm $10 the day of with Comasoft, The Glide, Dolface Devine JT Lloyd and Deadly indecision. Show at 6:30. 133 S. Division.

Saturday at the DAAC, April 3rd State, The Real bitters, Attention Span, Shattered Badge, Violence, Chronic Seizure, Death in Custody, time 6pm..... Location 115 S. Division. At the DAAC.

So La Famiglia is busting open the intersection this weekend. With an incredibly cheap door ($5) and an 18+ atmosphere you know the show is going to be off the hook. Start time at 10pm so you get out and get your groove working before you even hit the door. Location 133 Grandville Ave.

Recently I got to be a part of a book exchange and a clothing exchange and both were great opportunities to make new friends and pick up some new clothes, shoes and books. The really really free market has also been totally happening and trading or giving is much more satisfying then shopping and for those of us on a tight budget the cost is just right (free!) On Sunday, you can grab a kid and some of their used toys books and games introduce them to the concept of "swapping" with other kids. The toy swap begins at 1 and runs until 3pm. The event is free and located at Creative Learning 1200 E. Paris SE.

On Sunday night enjoy the "indoor drive-in" at Jukes. There will be short film trailers and more by local filmmakers. Totally free! Location Leonard over by neon Americana. Ages 21 and up!

This will come as no surprise for people who know me. I am NOT a health nut. BUT lately I have been doing some cardio exercise through parks and rec and taking an absolutely amazing yoga class with Audrey Chapman. I NEVER thought I would like yoga, because zen isn't really for me.... but Audrey is an GREAT instructor and I LOVE finding out all of this totally funky stuff that you can do to stretch out your muscles and feel the burn. SO she is expanding her class size and new classes start next week. For a complete schedule and costs (SO CHEAP! 65$ for 8 weeks) check out her blog http://abeautifulyoga.wordpress.com/ I can't wait to see you in class!

Carmen Maret is staring up a new Saturday morning child development class called Heartside Music Together. The classes focus on children birth to 5 and focus on teaching families how to integrate music and family oriented learning into the home. Classes take place at Bethlehem Lutheran Church. For more information call Carmen at 406-9655 the whole series $150.

Shop local shop smart!
Tightening your belt yet still want to look pretty (and by that I mean Pretty Cool?) don't forget that an awesome way to spunk up your wardrobe is to buy a hot looking snazzy vintage piece from Scavenger Hunt. Recently I found some great costume jewelry for a friend as a present and I have been keeping my eyes pealed for a new pair of shoes.... Location 117 S. Division.

If you are on facebook and you want to try the new Mexican place on south Division there is a buy coupon on the Heartside Business Association Facebook page.....Download it, print it, get a discount on lunch for you and a buddy. (scroll down to photos and then print the coupon) http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=46138916423

I know there is more then that going on this weekend but frankly I have 101 things to get done so that I can enjoy some of this stuff this weekend. If you've got events for next weekend then send them on in! email me at wordonthestreetgr@gmail.com . If you want to check out the Blog got to http://www.g-rad.org/projects/wordonthestreet/

Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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