APRIL 10, 2009

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It is a whirl wind week! Before we get into it I wanted to clue everyone into what I think maybe the best food blog in GR. "Scary Dinner" isn't just a review. The author Lydia routinely puts into words fantastic observations about the quality, taste, texture and price of food. Her writing covers food from her own kitchen and she has recently traveled to Russia and back to some of the new restaurants in town. I love this blog so much that sometimes I am awed when I see her in person and have to resist the urge to blurt out.... I-LOVE-YOUR-BLOG-A-TON - AND-I-THINK-YOU-SHOULD-COME-OVER-FOR-DINNER-BUT-IM-ALSO-SORTA-SCARED-OF-WHAT YOU WOULD-WRITE! Check it out...

Here is the Word on the Street for April 9th 2009!

The DAAC has been hopping lately and this weekend is no exception. There is a show every night of the weekend. Thursday night check out Ribbons of Song, Small Sur, Hezekiah Jones, Chris Kaspar with special guest DJ HoneyNutt. Details: doors at 8pm. cost $6. all ages all the time. location 115 S. Division.

Friday is always art day. On this Friday you can check out the new receptions at the UICA including new work by Anne Beck, Doug Russell, Loren Schwerd, Meghan Hidenach and a collective, Material Afterlife! Totally Free, Totally Art. Totally needs to be on the calendar. Location 41 Sheldon.

So this is pretty cool The CMC is hosting the World Premiere of "let's make a movie" a Live Interactive Theater Show. So it sounds like there is audience participation and something about the creation of a cheesey horror movie, and a behind the scenes look at Hollywood and there will e a finished movie trailer of scenes created during the show that will be shown at the end of the evening. Which is totally interesting, the immediacy of media is awesome! Ticket via phone at 459-4788 ext 131 Location 1130 Wealthy ST SE. Friday the 10th at 8pm and Saturday the 11th at 8pm.

Last month I check out the Majic series and heard some guitar playing by Gideon Whitehead that took my breath away (a 19 year old student!) So I would expect great things from his professor Andrew Bergeron. Friday night at Bethlehem Lutheran church the Majic Concert series is premiering a new piece by local composer and professor Andrew Bergeron. The work "St. John's Passion" is being performed at 7pm. After the 7pm performance there will be an artist reception featuring the work of Julie Quinn. All proceeds benefit the Coalition to End homelessness. Location 250 Commerce Suggested Donation $10 Web address: http://www.grmajic.blogspot.com

The posters for this show are great. Totally awesome. this weekend the Stache Bash is raising awareness of Mustache machismo while " utilizing the power of the stache in order to raise funds and awareness for a need within the community" this year they are fundraising for Mixed Greens. Shows at both the DAAC and Mixtape. Tickets are 10$ and bands include White Hot Skeleton, The Reptilian, Jes Kramer, Lights At Sea, A Children's Crusade, Selectronics, Fire Jumper, Empire! Empire, Paul Tefft and the Matt Alberts band. Show at 7pm. All ages round up! Location(s) 115 S. Division (the DAAC) 133 S. DIvison (Mixtape)

So I love it when local universities are recognized nationally but when they are recognized internationally that is even better. The GVSU Shakespeare's festival's "Bard to go: Kissing and Courting" has been chosen to attend the Sapperlot Festival of Youth Theater IN ITALY this summer. And so this weekend they will be performing two benefit performances at Dog Story Theater, Cost you choose! It is a donation to get these kids to Italy! Location 1115 Taylor NW (right off of Plainfield south of Leonard) Performances at 8pm. to find out more check out dogstorytheater.com

Saturday at the DAAC two bands are taking the stage and starting a little later in the evening then the norm. Charles the Osprey and Ephus are rocking out. Because this is a benefit show the cost is a $3 donation t the door. All Ages all the time. location 115 S. Division (between Cherry and Oakes)

Also on Saturday there is a metal show at Mixtape bands include Dead Against, Emmasis, Fail of Failsafe, Night of a 1,000 Knives and Martyr machine. Doors at 6:30 cost $7 All ages all the time location just up from vertigo on South Division.

I am offering a standing ovation for the Muskegon Museum for this show theme and a sideways scolding to the GRAM for not thinking of it sooner. This month you can check out "American Made: The Art of Manufacturing" The show is photographic and there are historic photographs accompanied by a series of commissioned photographs and the show series is accompanied by a series of concerts held at the Freuenthal Theater. It is SO refreshing to see cultural institutions truly working in a partnership to provide an EXPEREINCE, not to mention the COMMISSION of ART. However the theme could totally be blown out of the water in Grand Rapids especially if some of the cultural institutions took note and partnered up. Hint Hint Hint. Lets all go and take notes. Location, 296 W. Webster Ave Muskegon Michigan, 49440.

DAAC baby, DAAC. Drunken Barn Dance, Greg McIntosh, Nick Alexander. Cost 6$ time 7pm. Location 115 S. Division. Other info to know www.thedaac.org.

Ooops. I missed this last week so I wanted to be sure to squeeze it in. Artist Sheryl Budnick opened a landscape show at the Keeler Gallery located in Fountain Street Church. If you have seen Sheryl's other works which usually include dolls, wax, sausage casing and lots of plastic trinkets landscapes seen out of the ordinary. The show "There's No Place Like Home" is on display until May 17th and the gallery is open M-F 9-4 and Sunday 10-1 Location 459 8386

Dude. Sunday is Easter. Chill with the fam, whether you celebrate the season or not it is a great time to get together with the rents, siblings, extendeds and eat a meal while chilling out.

So I mentioned this last week but I wanted to mention it one more time before I drop it. Yoga. Good for you. If you want to try it or you are looking for an affordable class in Heartside or you just want to hang out in workout pants this is the class for you. Abeautifulyoga.wordpress.com or abeautifulyoga@gmail.com

This weekend I have been sequestered to help volunteer for Dwelling Place at a charity poker event. Which means I am totally unable to attend any events going on in Grand Rapids (sigh)....So I have a huge favor to ask everyone.... Let me know how they are so I can live vicariously through you... Now that we have a little facebook group page you can post feedback there or of course send me an email at... wordonthestreetgr@gmail.com . If you want to check out the Blog got to http://www.g-rad.org/projects/wordonthestreet/

Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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