APRIL 30, 2009

Word on the Street for April 30, 2009!

Today is a little rainy BUT Saturday and Sunday are looking pretty nice! I hope you don't let the wet weather get YOU down! This weekend looked a little slow until I started digging around but I have to say there are some freaking SWEET events this weekend and I know you are going to love it.... (my faves? Sanctuary's 10year, Mugs for Moms, Paleface, and Farmers Market!)

Here is Word on the Street for April 30, 2009!

Hum what do you say when Joaquin Phoenix, Gwyneth Paltrow, in a Movie at the UICA? I would think you would say YES. Yes to beautiful people, Yes to inexpensive popcorn and Yes to a pleasant theater experience. But since I missed this one last week you only get ONE chance because it ends on Thursday night with only one showing left... 6pm. Tickets are $5/7 and I think Thursday night is student night so take your ID with you for a discount.

All weekend long you can stop by the Beerhorst family (8 peeps in that family) show. You get to visit their home, purchase work, and this time a portion of the proceeds go to support Neighborhood Ventures. Every day 1st-3rd from 10am to 8pm..... Located at 106 Fuller Avenue Cost FREE!

Looking for some light independent cinema?( I know that sounds like an oxymoron) This weekend, all weekend, the movie " the Great Buck Howard" is on at the UICA, there are showings 2,4,6 and 8pm on Friday and Saturday and Sunday at 2 4 and 6pm! Tickets are 7$ish Location: 41 Sheldon Blvd.

Celebrate a decade! Sanctuary Folk Art is celebrating 10 years in their location at 140 S. Division. If you have never been into the gallery then you have never had a better reason... and if you HAVE been in before now is a great time to go back and show your support. Friday May 1st from 6 until 11pm. Cost FREE! Location 140 S. Division

Art Show at the DAAC! Kendall Students Brandon Satterlee and Steven Scharrer Starts at 8pm goes till later. Location 115 S, Division. Cost FREE! Congrats guys!

Friday night is Art Around Town the UICA fundraiser for Artworks. The event takes place at Eastern Floral over on Butterworth (totally crazy building). In case you don't know anything about Artworks let me fill you in. The program serves kids by placing them in artist mentor relationships, creative industry internships or creating summer internships where they group problem solve by creating large public artwork. The event features work by Artworks students that is up for sale. Last year the food was great and of course there is a cash bar. Tickets are $40/45 at the DOOR or you can get a $10 discount by buying them ahead of time... for details call 454-7000x 20.

So OH MY GOSH! Last night I went to see Faust at the DeVos Center and it was pretty interesting. The themes of course include love and tragedy but then you throw some Faith themes on top and get an intense struggle for the soul. I won't lie. It seemed a little long, but at about 3 hours that is average for an opera... Still eat dinner BEFORE you go... NOT after. Show at 7:30 you can get tickets at the door or order them at 742 6500.

This weekend marks the beginning of something absolutely fabulous. An event that says... yes. Spring is on the WAY! and Summer is JUST AROUND THE CORNER! This weekend the FARMERS MARKET opens. So can I tell you, I buy my soap at the farmers market and I have just one last bar so this could not have come at a more perfect time!

Ever dream of things you would like to say to your congressmen? Saturday from 9am to 10am at the Gerald R Ford Museum you can ask Verne Ehlers what ever questions you would like in a "Public Town Hall Meeting" Location 303 Pearl Street!

I am really excited about this! On Saturday from 12 until 4 at Tanglefoot you can make a Mug for Mom! You get a mug, decorate it onsite between 12 and 4 and then they fire it and you get to pick it up in a week. For $10 a MUG! I am taking my mom AND my sister and we are going to do it together! I am stoked! Anyhow if you want in on the action call 307-5377 or email Michael at Michael@pheghaar.com. Location: Tanglefoot Studio, 314 Straight Avenue dock #8.

Time to get your garden shoes on! Saturday morning you can meet up and help to plant the Southgate Community Garden! They are looking for roto-tillers, people who want to bring rakes, shovels, hoes or just able hands. From 10am to 2pm get out and get dirty!

The Bloom Collective is hosting a conversation about community and anarchist organizing in Buenos Aires on Saturday from 3 until 5pm that sounds pretty interesting. If you are interested in bringing a Vegan dish to pass that is encouraged and get prepared to learn something. FREE! Location 1134 Wealthy Street!

Saturday at 6pm the Roller girls take on D-Town. Wow a few weeks ago I was a little worried about the lumberjacks from Minnesota,,, now they are up against The Motor City Dis-assembly line!! And it is going to be a double header! That is going to be a west side east side smack down! Location! Rivertown sports 2605 Sanford Ave. Grandville MI!

Sunday at the DAAC, Chain and the Gang, Hive Dwellers and City center take the stage. For a little preview sample check out the DAAC website www.thedaac.org and then click on shows... there are song samples, blog links and an interview. Show starts at 8pm $6 gets you in the door. All ages all the time!

Sunday night at Dog Story Theater! LSDUDES! These guys retired and then decided to keep playing these totally random great shows... this one starts at 8pm is BYOB and tickets are only $5 presale! SWEET!

Paleface at One Trick Pony, This performance is for fans of the Avett Brothers and it is a part of the WYCE Hat trick series in support of the DAAC! I hope you come out to support the DAAC, or to check out Paleface, or to enjoy dinner at the OneTrick! Free Admission, passing the hat for donations 7:30 until 11pm. 136 Fulton.

Tuesday night at Founders... grrRoPoLis is having a CD release party WSG Chance Jones and the Fainting Generals! I don't think there is a cover but there might be.... If you want some details check out www. foundersbrewing.com I haven't seen the Chance Jones band in a while and it seems like the perfect way to break up the week! Oh and the Founders Cherry Ale is totally a great replacement for Rubeaus. I've been waiting for a good replacement!

Artworks needs some volunteers on Friday night from 4:30 until 8:30 for Art Around Town! If you are interested call 454 7000 x 20 or contact rschaub@uica.org.

The Heartside Business Association is looking for a few new board members.... We are loosing 3 of our stellar long time volunteer board members so we are looking for some fresh replacements. If you own or work at a business located in the Heartside boundaries we would love to have you consider being a board member. For more information contact David Dee at deed@cooley.edu.

The next few weeks are moving season. Everyone is moving round getting a fresh place, throwing open the windows and cleaning out the cobwebs.... The Avenue for the Arts has a few open Artists Live/Work spaces (apartments) open and if you are looking to move to be with the creative entrepreneurs there has never been a better time. Download an application at www.dwellingplacegr.org

Goodwood design, 42 S. Division, is hosting a Mobiles show. (You know suspended kinetic sculpture, invented by Calder?) Details: there is a $5 charge per entry there isn't really a size limit but be realistic, the space isn't huge... there will be a selection process with 15 pieces selected. The reception will be the Friday before festival. Entries dropped off by Sat. may 23, 2009 but you are going to want to make an appointment to drop off... call 356-1341

You know when someone gets totally tense with you about something that is nothing and then how it can start to downpour so you start thinking.... Hum maybe I WON'T walk home for lunch... and then your day can sort of go to shit. That is how my day is going. I hope yours is better. Now that we have a little facebook group page you can post feedback there or of course send me an email at... wordonthestreetgr@gmail.com . If you want to check out the Blog got to http://www.g-rad.org/projects/wordonthestreet/

Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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