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Word on the Street for June 10, 2009
How goes it?
We are almost there.... To the weekend that is.... And the weather looks great, events are popping up all over town and there is NO way you aren't just a little excited about it! Enjoy Grand Rapids because this weekend it is going to be at it's RAD summer best.

Here is Word on the Street for June 10, 2009

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All Weekend Long!
The Lakeshore is seeing some pretty big action this weekend. All weekend long at Saugatuck you can visit the Waterfront Film Festival there will be some famous people there along with some who are relatively famous but more importantly Saugatuck is beautiful this time of year and it is always fun to go get ice cream, visit the Red Dock, check out the art and walk around.... For movie times and details check out www.waterfrontfilm.org.

Friday is Art Day!
Last weekend during Festival I finally went to see the new print exhibit at the GRAM and let me tell you what... I was freaking blown away.... Tucked into the upper corner of the permanent exhibits this show reads like a who's who of printmaking...
Baskin, Gauguin, Manet, Cassette, Munch and an amazing self portrait by Kollowitz one of my favorite all time artists. And those are just the artists I remember! Location 101 Monroe Admission is $5.00 on Friday nights!

If you want to see the work of 3 fabulous fantastic females head to Sparrows. Alynn Guerra, Rebecca Rodriguez and Sarah Scott will be showing off their work from 6 until 9pm. The threesome make up the Pinafore print collective and they always have great pieces.... While at Sparrows try the crepes OR some of their fantastic tea! More details online at pinaforeprintcollective.com Location: 1035 Wealthy St.

Friday at the DAAC there is an uber early show, like 2:30 in the afternoon with Arkansas, Radical Nonsense, Bykes and Bridges, Scabburger the cost to get in is only $4! Location 115 S. Division

A little further up the street at Mixtape they are hosting Brimstone radio's metal show featuring A Beautiful Demise, Emmasis, Stockton and Bullpig Mixtape is $7 at the door. Show at 6:30 Location 133 South Division

There is literally stuff all over town on Saturday so here we go by section... and time of day!

Early morning risers... 9am in Eastown Biz Baz is all day on Saturday featuring a whole bunch of artists and performers... there are over 50 artists signed up and I am guessing there will be a whole bunch of other booths (greyhounds anyone!?) there are always great performers on the street. (9am to 5pm). Location Wealthy at the Lake/Norwood intersection. More details at www.eastown.org FREE!

Then over to the Westside from 9 until 3pm at Lincoln Park SWAN is hosting a flea market type sale. I have never been so if you check it out I want a full report! Vendors spaces are still available 774-8566 Location: Bridge and Garfield Free to the PUBLIC!

Then at 1pm head to the North End of town for the Native American Homecoming this weekend. The 3 Fires Pow Wow is taking place at Riverside Park on Monroe on Saturday and Sunday! The event is hosted by the Grand River band of Ottawa Indians and according to Rebecca Williams the event will include arts, crafts, a huge emphasis on dancing (public participation encouraged) as well as Authentic Native American food! Starts at 1pm on Sat. and 12pm on Sunday! Cost: Free! Free! Free!

Finally in the evening head Downtown because the 6th annual Local First Street Party is kicking it into high gear on Saturday outside of Bistro Bella Vita. Beer from founders, good from Bistro, Grandville at Weston party it up! Starts at 4pm goes until midnight! Bands include: Simien the Whale, Southpaw players and Karissa Wilson, Lynne Thompson band, Hard Lessons and Mustard Plug! For details check out www.localfirst.com FREE!

If you do decide to head to the Lakeshore the Ole' Grand Haven Art Festival is on Saturday and while the art is rarely challenging the quality is pretty high and a few years ago I picked up a great necklace. There are up to 200 booths and the Kirby is always a great place to grab dinner... and of course the singing fountains kick up around sunset! Location: Right Downtown! Washington Avenue FREE!

Saturday night catch some tunes on South Division first with The Sevens, Support and Kryonite at the DAAC at 8pm ($6 at the door) and then over to the Mixtape check out lorien& Fariwell Flight, Coronete, Cult of Reason and Mutt like Me. Show at 8 Tickets $9 at the door! Both shows are all ages both venues are south division between Weston and Oakes.

The Fulton Street Artists Market is hosting ETSY day on Sunday from 11am until 3pm and I hear they have SOLD OUT the booth spaces... they have over 80 vendors displaying art....all of whom sell on Etsy.com a virtual clearing house for rad handmade goods! To check out the sale head to the Farmers market on Fulton! Location 1147 E. Fulton

Monday night at the DAAC check out Totally Michael with Prizzy Prizzy Please show starts at 8pm $6 in the door, totally all ages all the time!

The Meanwhile Film Series rages on with the June 16th showing of Planet of the Apes... not the NEW version but the 1960's version in all of its Ape man Glory. For tickets and details stop into the Meanwile, Wealthy and Eastern!

Biz Baz is looking for volunteers there are 4 shifts starting at 9am until 6:30 pm if you want to sign up contact Amber Kilpatrick at 451 3025 or email her at amber.eastown@gmail.com

Jobby Job.
Blanford Nature Center is in a bit of a rough patch but with the right leadership it could be glorious! The park is in dire need of some strong leadership by someone who is willing to take the reins, buckle down and fundraise like CRAZY! If you want to find out more about Blandford check out www.blandfordnaturecenter.org. you can send resumes letters and at least 3 references to 1715 Hillburn Ave. NW Grand Rapids MI 49503 and the email is blandfordexecdir@gmail.com. Send'em by July 10th!

Totally tons happening so get out, find some local FLAVOR and ENJOY!
Find us on facebook by searching for the Word on the Street and join the group I encourage you to post feedback there or of course send me an email at... wordonthestreetgr@gmail.com . If you want to check out the Blog got to http://www.g-rad.org/projects/wordonthestreet/

Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

Posted by jenn at 4:17 PM.

whew!! This is a most amazing list that is a testament to how this area has grown. Anyone who complains there's nothing to do in Grand Rapids is just not looking. WOW! Thanks for posting this. I love word on the street.

- Francesca Amari | June 13, 2009 6:54 AM

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