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Word on the Street July 29th 2009!

What you sayn' Grand Rapids!????
The weekend is almost here! I am keeping my fingers crossed for weather that is HOT.... This weekend is truly musically motivated... you are going to find awesome shows all over the city but especially in the downtown........ Also to note: there is an interesting low rent option for artists and academics at the bottom and if you have a few minutes the Heartside business association is asking that you express yourself...by taking one of their 4 surveys! ....

Stop by Founders on the way home for a brew and meet up with the GRYP! Do a little networking, meet some new young progessional peeps and grab a delish sandwich from the counter! Meet up at 5:30 go until 8:30
Cost: Free!
Location:235 Grandville Ave SW (in Heartside baby!)

The App Gallery is going to be hosting some toes tapping on Thursday night with a beginner's tango seminar...get dramatic with some intense dance moves....time 8-9pm. If you want to get the nitty gritty call 784 2591
Cost... couldn't find one so I would bring 10 bucks just to be on the safe side.
Location 910 Cherry Street

Mixtape Café music is hosting a whole bevvy of bands this weekend. Thursday's hardcore punk show includes Hostage Calm, Tiger, Greater Visions, Losing Sight and make a change show starts at 6:30. All ages all the time!
Cost $6
Location 133 S. Division.(Heartside happening!)

Thursday and Friday you can catch the music of Billy Joel at the Picnic Pops... can I just tell you that when "Uptown Girl" comes on and I am driving in my car I can't even help but caterwaul along! The show starts at 7:30 and you best bring a blanket, some bug spray and a picnic dinner...
Cost: $14ish
Location 6800 Cannonsburg RD

Friday night there are 3 events all within walking distance from eachother....
Start at the GRAM on the GREEN show featuring Nobody's Darlin' starts at 5 and goes until 6:45
Cost: FREE!
Location: Monroe Center and Monroe Ave.

Then just a block up you can catch Music at Schuler's books Downtown on Friday night at 6:30. A great way to unwind from the week the Final Friday performance feature Chris Smit & the New Midwest.
Cost: Free
Location: Monroe Center/ Ottawa

And finally....I love cooking especially when I get to try out a new recipe or spice and I have found the perfect event to pick up new ideas... the International Food Cook Off sponsored by the African Community center on Friday night is inviting local cooks to show off their stuff... If you are internationally savvy then enter your dish at info@hfainc.org or just stop in for taste testing, art, prizes and music! For more info check out the site www.hfainc.org, get in at 7pm!
Cost: Free if you register and bring a dish, $10 to taste and chill.
Location: St Cecilia's 24 Ransom NE

Satur-Day catch Grab your BIKE and head to the river for "Bikestock" There will be music, food and lots of BIKES so bring the cool one with the long handle bars.....
Bands include Invisible mansion (catch them later that night at Mulligans) Scatterdome, Simien the Whale, Absinthe and Shadez.
Cost: FREE!
Location: Pearl and the River

Saturday night Downtown starting at 7pm get ready to MOVE! The Electronic Music Festival is going to be shaking Rosa Parks Circle. With DJS spinning from 7 until 12 it is going to be WILD. Time to party it up. So get this line up Steve Swift, SONNRIZE, DJ Sylock, Get Physical and Brandon Hill!
Cost: FREE!
Location: 134 Monroe Center

After moving and grooving downtown head over to Ionia, each of the bars is hosting aDJ or two and Bar Divani is packing 5djs into one night! The party starts at 9pm with a whole slew of DJS including Krooked Leg Kraig, Mosiac, Shane Bugai, Jon Pape, and one of my faves, Spydre Murphy this party is 21 and up!
Cost: Free at the door but bring some loot because there are a few drink specials including $1 off absinthe and $2 coors light drafts.
Location 15 Ionia Ave SW .(Heartside!)

Not everybody likes the DJ... some people like it live...some people like to ROCK.... So here are some LIVE ROCK options for Saturday night....

1. Lilliputian Rothbury ROCK! Corey Ruffin is one talented organizing phenomenon and this show takes the cake on Saturday night at the click you can check out an awesome rock show and all of the bands are made up of 7-14 year old rockstars! 4 bands playing everything from Blue Oyster Cult to Buddy Holly. This show is ALL AGES so grab the mini van strap in the neighborhood and head on down! Bowling and bands!
Cost: there might be a charge but I would guess it was pocket change
Location: 533 Stocking Ave NW

2. Experimental ROCK on Saturday at the DAAC beginning at 8pm check out Jesse Stephanopolos, see yes, narc out the reds and Clive.
Cost: $6 All Ages
Location 115 S. Division (Heartside!)

3. Saturday night the ROCK continues at Mixtape with Kill Paradise, Bradley Hathaway, Swimming with Dolphins, The Robbery, Crowd of Voices, Jess Strantz and Erin Holly.
Cost: 10 bones.
Location: 133 S. Division. .(Heartside!)

3. ROCK for ROCK sake! So on the other side of town at Mulligan's on Saturday those who ROCK will be listening to Invisible Mansion, Lazy Genius, Night Toucher Show doesn't even start until 10pm
Cost: Free to get in
Location 1437 Wealthy!

Great event! A whole mess of local musicians are getting out their gear to support a fellow musician. From 1until 9pm you can catch 35 bands and help to fundraise money to support Ralston Bowles while he goes through chemo. The Summer Heat Street Party includes two stages...a smattering of my favorite picks include: School of rock, Glean Infusion, Fainting Generals, La Familgia, Delilah and the Lost Boys, Concussions, Karisa Wilson, Tom D. and Chance Jones...... and that is just the tip of the berg.... ..... to find a total list of bands at www.summerstreetparty.com/wordpress
Cost: $15 donation to help pay for hospital costs
Location Corner of Lagrave and Fulton (Heartside!)

There are a few local group rides and one of them is Pedal GR. The Pedal Group leaves each Wednesday from Founders Brewery at 6:30 pm. The rides are 12-20 miles and they focus on routes with cool stops along the way. On the 5th of August they will be riding the Millennium Park Trail to Versluis Orchards to eat peaches (yummy) and explore. To Find out more check out http://www.pedalgr.com! Don't forget your helmet!
Cost: Free
Location: meet up at Funders 235 Grandville! (Heartside)

If you are looking for later ride check out the Wednesday evening ride that leaves from 106 S. Division. Organized by Dan Koert of Commute Bike Shop the ride usually has around 100 youngers riding the streets led by Dan. In reverse of Pedal this group ENDS at Founders.
Cost: Free
Location: Meet up at 106 S. Division. (Heartside)

There is a new artist "show" happening in Holland called Something takes Place. Boiled down to the essentials it is a open forum for display and discussion. Organizers are looking for arists and performers to participate in the August 13th show in Holland and the Check out their Site http://somethingtakesplace.com to find out more.

So this is pretty cool. Local writer David Campbell and his lovely lady Lisa are moving to Bangkok on Sept 24th. And since they are going to be gone for at least a year they have decided to make their house available to an artist or academic (Lisa's field) with super cheap rent (Only $375! plus utilities) The ideas is that maybe someone will be able to make more time to MAKE stuff if they have less overhead to pay! The house is located in Hastings I checked out the pics and they are pretty cool...and if you are interested contact David at david@griffinandhat.com or call him at 269-945 3679

The HBA wants to hear from visitors, business owners, volunteers, employees and residents of Heartside SO if you are connected to Heartside or visit EVER please take 5 and let the HBA know what you think... (Heartside, you know the downtown neighborhood that stretches from the river to Layette, and then from Fulton to Wealthy???) Maybe you have attended one of our events.... Like the Avenue for the Arts Market (coming up again on August 8th!)

If you are a visitor to Hearside

If you are a volunteer or employee in Heartside http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=LBiUm7FeZsLMUBOZ3mTDGA_3d_3d

If you are a business owner or manager or a business in Heartside

If you are a resident in Heartside

Also mark those calendars! August 8th is creeping up on us with the next Avenue for the Arts Market! Look us up on Facebook and join the group.... You can invite your buddies to become friends.... Currently we are sending word out as an "event" and a message on facebook so feel free to share..... you can post feedback there or of course send me an email at... wordonthestreetgr@gmail.com . If you want to check out the Blog got to http://www.g-rad.org/projects/wordonthestreet/

Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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