JULY 10, 2009

Hola Grand Rapids (that is Spanish for hello)
It is nice to be home. After taking 3 weeks to wander through the rugged outback of Paris, Cannes and northern Spain I am back in the saddle again and happy to report that GR is just as lovely as I remember it. This weekend is the perfect time to be back in town, sweet events, great weather and I can't wait for the Avenue for the Arts Market on Saturday!

So here we go! Word on the Street for July 8, 2009

So Ben and Bruno moved to Auckland... but you can still see them play! On Thursday night at the DAAC they will be performing live via Skpe along with Casiotone for the Painfully Alone (live) and Cryptacize (live) Time 8pm location 115 S. Division. This is a total Geo production so I can't wait to see how he pulls it off!

This show looks HOT! The Muskegon Museum is hosting Zoophilious Terraquarium, the work of Chris Garofalo, the work looks totally awesome and it is supposedly ceramic creatures/plant like forms suspended in the center of the gallery space. The pieces look like animal/plant things swimming on air. I am very excited to see it. Open hours are from 10am to 4:30 pm and the address is 296 W. Webster Avenue Muskegon! Show is up until September but there is no use in waiting all summer to see it so head on over to the LAKESHORE to check it out!

The GRAM is booking some Friday night live outdoor entertainment so you can wind down from your week with music, eats and dancing! At 5pm head to Rosa parks for Organizzimo at 5 and then a lecture about salads at 7 and then dancing at rosa parks circle at 7:45. The print show that is up right now will blow your mind so check it out and enjoy downtown on a Friday night! Cost $5 of non members (gotta remember to renew that membership!) Location 101 Monroe Center NW!

Looking for a live music bar scene on Friday night? Might I suggest Mulligan's Pub in Eastown? Nathan Kalish and the Wildfire are playing with The Howlers beginning at 10pm. Location 1518 Wealthy St.

Ready to rock and roller girl? Seriously on Friday you can chill with the infamous roller girls at Rocky's Tavern there is live music, Gragon, Bram N. Dexous, Ten Second March and then a DJ pumping the beats. All night long you can lay the smack down by arm wrestling while watching game footage and winning prizes. OR get your photo taken in their photo booth. Starts at 6pm! location 633 Ottawa Ave NW get rowdy!

Mixtape Friday: 6 bands blowing up the stage. SunGun, Sergeant Ave, Brother Abraham, Remedy blue, The Party's Over. beginning at 6:30 $7 gets you in all ages all the time...

On Saturday morning at 11:30 you can head over to BrickRoad Pizza (I ate there last night and it was delicious!) they are hosting a lecture by Will Tuttle. Will is a peace activist and author of The world Peace Diet. Location 1017 Wealthy. Afterwards you can load up on the Vegan buffet which starts at 12:30 and is $10 for the A-dults and $5 for kiddies.

There are some things a kid must lean at an early age and one of those things is how Honeybees operate..... because without bees we die.... Sort of like water.... So respect the bees this weekend at Meijer Gardens but do it kid style at the observation hive or taste some honey and dance like a bee..... Time is 1pm to 4pm at the Location 1000 E. Beltline NE at the Farm Garden Cost 4-12$

Saturday evening head down to the Avenue for the Arts S. Division between Weston and Williams for the July Avenue for the Arts Market! For a little sneak peak at some of the vendors check out the pics on the website www.avenueforthearts.com/streetmarket (we expect somewhere between 30 and 50 vendors!) In addition we have a great line up of entertainers including: Fish Fry & Biscuit, Badenya Drum Ensemble, High Five:, Folk/Jazz Ensemble, Ben Kempkers, Neil Jacobs, Mea Leech and Thundermoon Drum Show. And sure to come hungry! Brickroad Pizza will be returning to sell pizza by the slice or you can bop up the street to one of our great bar/restaurants, Pub 43, Taquitos, Rockwells, Republic or Rumors! 4-9pm! If you want to hook up online with the Avenue check out http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=24059436973

Also while you are on the Avenue check out the two music shows!
At the DAAC there is Playground Fistfight, Rational Anthem and the Side Project, Doors at 8pm $6 gets you in and just down the street at Mixtape catch Birds on a wire at their CD release party with The Skies Revolt, Strug and more! $6 at the door all ages welcome! Show starts at 6:30pm!

Super Happy Funtime is 4! And making a KILLing, especially this weekend at the Wealthy Theater..... help them celebrate with an all new Murder Mystery Burlesque. Sure to be raunchy vivacious good humor! CMC members get in free but it is only $10 for non members... show starts at 8pm and the Wealthy Theater now has BEER so count your pocket change!

Get on your bike and ride this Sunday with the Meanwhile crew! They are leaving at 4:30 and the ride takes the scenic route past bars and watering holes.... And lovely GR neighborhoods. There are only a few Meanwhile rides left so gear up and head over... Wealthy by Eastern!

Fancy yourself a bit of a wordsmith? Like to hear other people express themselves? Sunday night at the Negative Space Poetry Open Mic you can enjoy reading or just listening to poets pour it out! Location 106 S. Division top floor unit 331 time 7pm to 8pm. if you have questions contact Katherine at goestoshowpress@gmail.com

Sunday early evening show at the DAAC with Coke Bust, Sick Fix, Positve Noices, and IAccuse is playing their last show. There will also be a print media show of old and new hardcore punk zines from all around the world. Starts at 6!

Monday night at the DAAC check out Black Kites, Dire Wold Sawchuk, Make a Change all for just one low $7 entry fee. Location Next to Scavenger Hunt on South Division.

Monday the 13th catch live music at Mixtape with Chase pagan, Dear Noel, Big Surrender, Mitchell Rehner $8 cause it is a bigger show all ages are welcome!

Special Birthday Art Present!
If you have met Josh D most likely it was when he was volunteering at a local community event or pounding out a massive drum beat. Josh D is ALL over the place helping out different community events, making steller cups of java and spreading his drumming expertise. This weekend in honor of Josh's B-day his friends are holding a mural competition in his honor the chosen design will be posted on the side of the garage and they are looking for something with the theme of Community or grand rapids (is that a cool birthday present or what!) there is a $50 prize for the winning mural designs go to Amanda.narvaes@gmail.com by Thursday the 16th. Painting takes place on the 18th at 5pm BYOB potluck style! If you are interested in finding out details about the mural space, b-day celebration or contest check out the facebook event at http://www.facebook.com/events.php#/event.php?eid=211645470250
Happy Birthday JoshD., all of your hard work, dedication and support has totally rocked this community!

OK So that is all I have! It is nice to be back! Check us out on facebook and join the group.... You can invite your buddies to become friends.... Currently we are sending word out as an "event" and a message on facebook so feel free to share..... you can post feedback there or of course send me an email at... wordonthestreetgr@gmail.com . If you want to check out the Blog got to http://www.g-rad.org/projects/wordonthestreet/

Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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