JULY 21, 2009

Word on the Street July 21st 2009

Hello all!
No chit, no chat... just events....

Thursday and Friday catch the Picnic Pops! This weekend's theme is classical Fireworks get there early to avoid the traffic.... This show starts a little later... 8pm to 10pm Cannonsburgs Ski Area.... The music is fun and the works are great...
Location: 6800 Cannonsburg Rd
Cost: tickets start around $14

Thursday at the Mixtape: Lights At Sea, Lanterns, Ambassador, A Children's Crusade and Macro. Show at 6:30 All ages all the time...
Cost $7
Location: 133 S. Division

Friday the GRAM on the Green event features the bad Side Pocket at 5, swing and ballroom and some line dancing at 7:45 a lecture at 7pm and of course they have food and oh yeah ART!
Location:101 Monroe Center
Cost: Free outside, $5 inside

There are two local artists who have been hustlin' this summer. Erick Picahrdo and Melissa Selmon are EVERYWHERE.. So it was only a matter of time before they decided to show together. Their show opens on Friday from 6 until 9pm at Accents Gallery.
Location: 1040 West Fulton
Cost: FREE!

Friday at the DAAC catch Evelyn, Glowfriends, Henry Gale at 8pm
Cost $6
Locaiton:115 S. Division

Pigeon Creek is hitting hard this summer... this weekend you can catch their version of Comedy of Errors. This performance is actor directed... taking it back to the roots of theater.... For details and performance times check out www.dogstorytheater.com
Location: 1115 Taylor
Cost: tickets around $12 Cheaper if you are a student or senior!

The weekend is a great time to volunteer! Here are two great Saturday options!
1. Blend is helping to paint two community parks, from 8am to 1pm North Park Elementary and Roberto Clemente. Participants need to RSVP to info@grblend.org or call Celeste at 633 7530 check out their website for details www.grblend.org
2. OR join the GRYP at Second harvest Gleaners from 8am to 10am be ready to get dirty....For more info email Christie at Christie.finkhouse@huntington.com Location 864 W. River Center DR NE.

On Saturday 9:30 until 5pm you can learn to "Fire your Boss" as a part of an organizer training hosted by the IWW. The training will focus on labor laws and direct action techniques to assert your rights at work with or without union recognition. You can preregister at griww@iww.org call 881 52 63 for more information.
Location: 918 Benjamin Ave NE
Cost 5-10$

Mixtape's Goin Nowhere Festival starts on Sunday with a ton of bands starts at 12:00 am and goes all day (Sunday as well)... I counted over 35 bands... but for a complete listing you are oing to have to check out their website...www.mixtapecafe.com All Ages!
Location: 133 S. Division
Cost: so tickets are 20 for one day and $35 for two days (about a dollar a band!)

Miss Audacious's Anti-Art school takes place at the Meanwhile Bar... pretty babes, beers and group drawing time........ the model is Velveeta Cheetahbring your penicil and a pad...... if you want to find out more drsketchygr@gmail.com
Location: 1005 Wealthy
Cost $7

Grand Rapids Compilation Volume 4 is going to be released this weekend and the record label is going to be celebrating at the Wealthy Theater... Check out the totally local bands and catch a new disc while they are hot beginning at 5pm!
Location: 1130 Wealthy St SE.

Saturday and Sunday the BOB is trying out a new event... Downtown Wake Wars...
A downtown pool! Too bad it is temporary... The "pool" will feature obstacles for wakeboarders, 200 gallons of water a pulley that acts like a boat...yeah... and there is going to be cabanas.. cocktails and beach volley ball. WHAT!? Does anyone realize how ridiculous and hilariously amazing this event could be!? Saturday begins at 5pm and goes until 2am!
Location: the BOB, 20 Monroe Ave NW
Cost: I am sure there is an entry fee.....

Saturday the DAAC is hosting Dustin and the Furiture, Arkansas, scabburger and Fox and the Hound Show starts at 7
Cost $6
Location 115 S. Division

Stay local and buy art! Sunday the farmers market transforms and becomes the Fulton Street Artisan's Market. From 11-3pm check out vendors If you are interested in vending get on it and email Sarah at fsartmarket@gmail.com!
Location 1147 E. Fulton
Cost FREE!

Grand Haven is rocking this weekend with the Coast Guard festival. The best weekend cruising along the coast! There will be activities all weekend long so head to the water, pier and enjoy the scene...

DAAC music Sunday features Claire Corriveau, Cookie Bumstead, Devon Kay and the Solutions doors at 7pm.
Cost: $6
Location:115 S. Division

Get Smart with the UICA's free short films discussion... Material Afterlife (the show at the UICA) has included a variety of activities over the course of the display... this week it features three short films and a presentation from the sierra club... the movies include Pam Longobardi's Drifters (marine Debris), William Wylies Friction (stone Grinding) and Alex Schlegels One hour in Phoenix (pace of life) Starts at 6 goes until 7pm.
Location: 40 S. Division
Cost: FREE!

Wanna get crazy on Monday? The DAAC is hosting La Dispute, Victor Fix the Sun, the Reptilian, Cloud Mouth Sohns and the Bears! Show starts at 7pm
Cost: $6
Location: 115 S. Division

You have heard me rave before....so here is your next chance... small classes, awesome instructor...downtown location... Yoga with Audrey Chapman! The late summer session starts on August 4th there are 4 classes Tuesday: Level II 9-10:15pm, Level I 6-7:15pm, Thursday: Level II 5:30-6:45pm *Level I 7-8:15pm (This class will be held depending on interest and attendance.) I can't even express how great and approachable these classes are.... Check it out http://abeautifulyoga.wordpress.com/

Look us up on Facebook and join the group.... You can invite your buddies to become friends.... Currently we are sending word out as an "event" and a message on facebook so feel free to share..... you can post feedback there or of course send me an email at... wordonthestreetgr@gmail.com . If you want to check out the Blog got to http://www.g-rad.org/projects/wordonthestreet/

Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.


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