AUGUST 13, 2009

Word on the street August 13, 2009

There is so much going on I think my head is spinning! This weekend is going to be a blast so I know you are going to get out and about and love up the sun and the shine!
Here is a little list to get you going!

All weekend long!
Check out the one woman stage show One Pretty, Funny Girl Reloaded. Staring Sarah Jean Anderson there are performances at 8pm and 10pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. There is an opening act by Philip Anderson, music by Chinese People and a few new videos directed by Daniel Falicki will be opening.
Cost 5 for students 7 for everyone else!
Location: Dog Story Theater on Taylor over South on Plainfield off of Leonard.

The DAAC! Is hosting the Reddettes, Burger Time, and a little solo performance by one mr. Chance Jones. Sounds rare.
Cost $6 at the door
Location: 115 South Division.

Thursday night at Mixtape
Local bands including Spit for Athena, Drawing down the moon, Mosquito Fleet, Neverng, Marco and STRUG. $6 get you in
All ages all the time.
Location: 133 S. Division.

This weekend is full of intrigue...beginning on Thursday night. There is going to be a street party on Thursday night between Ionia and the VanAndel.... The party is beign promoted by great yellow and black flyers inviting people to "the Backroom" there will be cheap brews, and the party doesn't even get started until 11:30pm. So sneak around alley side and anti up for a little party showdown.
Cost: Free????
Location: Ionia Alley to the west.

Friday night is Art and MOVIE night
Friday at the Gram start with live music at 5 with Pangea, at 7 there is a lecture about the art of cinema about the film incentives in the state of Michigan, then at 7:45 shake your tail feathers with some swing dancing finally at 10:30ish check out Buster Keaton's The General! PHEW!

Schulers is doing a little community reach out from noon until 2pm on Saturday. You can join friends form the Heart so West Michigan's United way to find out more about their programs and how they benefit the community!
Cost FREE!
Location Monroe and Ottawa

I was so super excited to see this event! On Saturday night the Ellohay Geek-A-Thon is going to be preparing 100 computers to be given away to at risk kids from the GR area. Join up as a guest and check out some games, robotics demos and enjoy food and drinks.
Check out the website for more details
Cost: A can of food gets you through the door (donated to Second Harvest)
Location: Brassworks Buildings 648 Monroe NW

It has been a while since there was a great show at a hall! This weekend over at the Latvian hall you can check out Deadalives, Jake Stilson, the Mi,Mi,MIs and Grropolis
Join up at 7:30, Saturday, be there!
Cost: Its only $5 to get!
Location 504 Grand NE

John Ball Zoo is a great place to.... Eat dinner and listen to music???
Saturday night they are hosting two stages for live music, food from local restaurants and behind the scenes tours of the zoo you need to pre register but it sounds like it is going to be awesome! call 336-4301 to register Starts at 6:30 and goes until 11, I have no idea how much it costs but that behind the scenes tour is going to be great!

Sunday is Prime time for hanging out! Teamwork bags is hosting Sunday Prime a bike race, bbq and water balloon fight t from 12pm to 10pm. The race starts at 2, food at 6pm awesome local sponsors. Um, I think there is Karaoke? More info at
Cost: 5 to race 10 to eat and race 7 just to eat.
Location: leaving from 314 Straight Street

Sunday night catch the word. Negative space Poetry Open Mic has been doing it up for over a year each Sunday at 7pm. to be involved you need your voice and some written word (your or someone else's)
Cost: FREE!
Location: 106 S. Division unit 311 (across from Scavenger Hunt)

Jukes rolling Sunday night with Three Bad jacks and Dangerville
Cost $8 cover but you are going to save some loot drinking $1 pbrs
Location Leonard over off of Alpine!

DAAC, 8pm.
Brofest 2009!
Featuring Couger Den, Cloud Mouth The Reptilian, Victor Fix the Sun, Good teeth gold Teeth!
Cost $6 gets you in!
Location 115 South Division

The YNPN is hosting a Conversation Starter breakfast coffee get together at San Chez Café from 8:30 until 9:30. Wake up with YNPN and ease into your day by discussing Living online, Personal and professional Boundaries! Find out more by emailing Rickey at!
Cost: Free (but we do suggest you grab a beverage)
Location Fulton and Commerce

Give a little love, give some shoes!
In the Image raises funds, goes out and buys shoes for kids in the community so they can have some new duds for school. Most of the shoes they buy run $11 a pair and they have operating costs and they make kids happy. Simple right? But to do this In the Image needs to raise some LOOT. You can make a donation (consider it a smile on a kids's face) by visiting their website at and then pay pal away!
Call them for more details at 456 6150
Located at 1823 S. Division

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