SEPTEMBER 25, 2009
Blue Bridge

Hey Kiddies,
Well it is here. Artprize, Artpeers and isn't Destination 1111 this weekend as well? Grand Rapids is a total art mash-up and you know what? That is A-OK with me.

Since there is just NO WAY I could EVER fill you in on all of the event details I wanted to make sure you have the tools to plan a steller weekend..... then I included a TOPS (Totally Outstanding PickS) selection of spaces I am going to hit up and of course I wanted to plug all of the great Avenue for the Arts spaces so I have included a listing of all of their total radness.

.....if that doesn't get you going then you must be glued to the couch with indecision because frankly it is just TOO great of a weekend to even THINK about being at home!

Here is Word on the Street (the abbreviated version) for September 24th, 2009!

The Tools:
1. Have you seen the Rapidian yet? Have you started WRITING for the Rapidian yet? Have you replaced your morning news with the RAPIDIAN yet? Well if you haven't checked it out I won't tell anyone ( But I would suggest checking out some of their Artprize/Artpeers coverage, they even have a map!

2. has some interesting commentary coming in from around the city. People are checking out art and posting on the site. You can RSS this badboy and see what people are saying.

3. Of course there is the official Artprize website which includes all of the openings, stats on who is placing where in the "competition" and some sweet photos from around town. Can't you just smell the glow of happy people looking at art?

4. Artpeers has paired around 60 local artists with businesses in the Uptown area, they are hosting great live music all weekend (free) and having exhibitions at 29 local businesses. If you haven't heard much about them the website is great and the map is convenient and easy to

5. The annual Destination 1111 is also going on this weekend and their blog spot is totally blowing up with a schedule of events that feels hyper local and some new artists on the docket. Bands, fashion, sculpture and frankly we don't have enough sweet warehouse shows SO get in while the getting is good!

These are my top selections across the board. There are at least 20 other spaces I want to check out BUT these are the DO or DIE events and places I am checking out this weekend.

1. Doing a bit of a walk about and checking out the outdoor art downtown. Hot spots include along the river, the Gillette Bridge with Civic Studio on it, the Blue Bridge, The Beerhorst wonder wagon, Project Propagate (corner of South Division and Fulton) Bill Taylor's piece on Goodrich and South Division and the intense catastrophic mess that is the BOB parking lot!

2. Checking out openings at outlying locations. Venues that are a bit further out are really laying on the love to get people to check out their shows. On Friday I would suggest the Grand Rapids Area Arts Council on Ottawa, The hot bands at Destination 1111 including, The Northern Lights Singers, Chinese People, Head, CS Seeyes and Paucity. On Saturday check out Artpeers from 1pm until 6pm including the bands outside at Coat of Many Colors and then head over to Tanglefoot to get local with a great tribe of artists.

3. The mega hot spots. The Federal Building, the UICA, The GRAM, 45 Ottawa... etc.
These are spaces I don't even think you have to attend an event to check out, just get in and check out some ART.

4. And of course the Avenue for the Arts is densely populated with a ton of great spaces. The nearest Artpize stop is Oakes and South Division. Because I am going to unabashedly choose favorites this week I am going to list each space and hopefully all of the artists. (My apologies to anyone who is left out!)

Alten Place 17 Division Hosted Artists: Kyle Wentland, Katsiddha Katrina Peters, Carol Papaleo, Lane Cooper, Robyn Bomhof, Jess (Annarino) Keeney, Eric Nugent, Brad Davis, Jasna Gopic, Sarah Mann, John Altyn, Joanna Papaleo, Alonzo Edwards, Ladislav Hanka, Jana Hanka, Ervin ( David ) Mulligan, John Mollitor, Judith Wieneke, Chad Seeber, Michelle Pittman, Christina Mrozik, Lenora Gouvea, Rosilene Matui, Lester White, Christopher Smith
Patricia Beaver

Pub 43 43 S Division Ave Hosted Artists: Dale Fisher, Brandon Dellario, Amy Chenier, Ralph Groff, David Ninham, Sally Milo, Karen Mitchell, Rachel Snyder, Nicholas Lazette, Erin Overmeyer, Timothy Fisher, Rebecca Sitterly, Stephanie Visser, Brent Futrell, Anna Campbell, Troy Stouten

Creo Productions 40 S. Division Ave Hosted Artists: Kelsey Carriere

Goodwood Design 42 Division Ave S Hosted Artists: Tanya Aguiniga

Emily's Big Picture Project/Dykehouse Photography 44 S. Division Ave. Hosted Artists: Jody Williams, Jeff Dykehouse

The "L" loft/gallery @ 106 Division #215 106 S. Division # 215 Hosted Artists: Derrick Hollowell and US

Lightbox 106 S. Division #311 Hosted Artists: Sean Fletcher and Isabel Reichert, Leslie Raymond, David McGowan

Stache Gallery 120 South Division Ave Hosted Artists: Cory VanderZwaag, Andrea Kowch

Music and Movement 120 S. Division Hosted Artists: Corey Ruffin, Rachel Finan, Erick Pichardo

Imagination Creations 120 s Division Ave. Hosted Artists: Jamie Miller Paula Johnson

Sanctuary Folk Art 140 S. Division Ave. Hosted Artists: Reb Roberts

Degage Ministries 144 S. Division Ave. Hosted Artists: Glenna Tegner, Linda Bassford William Lagrone Jr., Jesus Solis

Open source studio and gallery 235 South Division #112 Hosted Artists: Patrick Millard, Joe Sherry, Chris Vasell, John Vasell

South Division and Weston 40 S. Division (outdoor mural) Hosted Artists: Alexander Paschka

South Division and Goodrich 333 South Division (outdoor Mural) Hosted Artists: Bill Taylor

WOW! SO if that doesn't get you up and moving this weekend I don't know what will. This week we are going to shut it down with an invitation for printmakers to exhibit at RedHyrant. They are hosting a Day of the Dead Show in October and printmakers are asked to submit 3x3 prints by October 18th, for details email Alynn at!

Join up on facebook, or sign up for our email service....... Currently we are sending word out as an "event" and a message on facebook so feel free to share..... you can post feedback there or of course send me an email at... . If you want to check out the Blog got to

Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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