SEPTEMBER 18, 2009

Hi Folks
Seriously this weekend is one of my favorite fall weekends, with the Eastown Street Fair, the farmers market is oh, SO delicious, and the Mexican Heritage Festival! Its like my launch into fall and I always run into friends out and about over the course of the weekend so I feel like it is a big ole' reunion.

So here is it is a brief version of Word on The Street....because why spend the time talking and writing about events when we could be out enjoying them!

Founders has a crazy line up this weekend! Thursday check out Deholtz, End of times Orchestra and the Chinese People, two local bands, one visiting from Chicago. Go check them out $5 gets you in the door. Beers on tap, porch is still great for hanging out, good times to be had. Music starts between 9 and 10.

Friday night head out to FUSSION's kick off event at St. Cecilia's. I have seen Fussion perform bits and pieces at the Street market but this is suppose to be their grand entry in to GR performance. They describe it as a mix of traditional and modern song, dance and drumming. It is sure to get you jazzed up, in fact I guarantee the chant of "hey nah nah nah" will be presently echoing in your head a day or two later!
Location 24 Ransom Ave. NE
Cost:$10 at the door!

Friday night kicks off the annual Fiesta Mexicana which I thought I missed but thankfully did not! There will be live performances food booths, a beer tent and souvenirs. There are bands every day of the weekend from Friday to Sunday so check out their website for the complete line up.! YYYEEAAHHH!!!!!

Saturday the Arts Council and Dwelling Place are hosting a marketing class about how to market on a restricted budget! The class goes from 9am until 3pm there is a pizza lunch included and we will be meeting at the Dwelling Place, 101 Sheldon Blvd. If you are interested you need to RSVP to Angela at 459-2787 extension 12 by 4pm on Friday!

Eastown Street Fair is looking like it is going to have some great weather this Saturday perfect fall is on the horizon! Get up early to get the goods from local artist and get a jump start on all of those great bands! (Note: this year there are no dogs... and unfortunate side effect from some misfortunate events at Biz Baz in June, total bummer!) Bands include SE Side Jazz Quintet, Deadwood, Delilah DeWylde, Black Rose and the Disciples of Funk, Ab and Coconut Brown, Eallace Collective, Spencer Mulder, Nachez Trace, Deep Couch Rock, G13, The Fainting Generals, Rocket King and Poor Boys! For times check out the Eastown website, www. !!!
Location Corner of Wealthy and Lake
Cost FREE!

DAAC TO SCHOOL: Get academic with sweet music, and a whole ton of great fun and be supportive because this DAAC to SCHOOL is a FUNDRAISER. The DAAC just installed an awesome new sound system which cost $500! So the DAAC needs to raise some loot to pay off the debit! The Definition of great fun includes: a DAAFLE, (What is a DAAFLE? if you guessed DAAC Raffle you could be eligible to win a prize!) There is going to be a Vegan Bake Sale, Haircutz, to your liking, and glamour shots along with monster caricatures. And you can buy stuff! Then from 3 until 6pm check out the following Tokyo Morose, Cookie Bumstead and the Lonesome Space Cadets, Chad Go and Chad Golda. Then from 6-7 they're gonna have a potluck featuring some short films from local sources Phew! And if that isn't enough there is a sweet evening line up with Jes Kramer, Crab Claw, Jesse Stephanopolus and Positive Noise! Get out and get supportive!
Location 115 S. Division
Cost: Donations of $6 to $16!

The Cottage Bar is hosting a fall classic this weekend with their Chili Cookoff. There are 40 teams signed up (yes that is 40 types of chili to taste!) There are going to be outdoor performers including Jimmy Stagger and Mark Arshak and of course there is beer! Location: Corner of LaGrave and Fulton!
Cost: Donations go to Gilda's Club tastes and tickets are $1!

If you want to keep the beats and beer flowing head to Founders bands include Deals Gone Bad, Th US Beat and Punk Stalwarts Matt Wixson. The show is a mix of ska, reggae and us beat so love it up!
Location: 235 Grandville
Cost $5

There are only a few weekends left of the Fulton Street Artisans Market so get out and get while the getting is good! From 11 until 3 you can visit vendors and check out their handmades. If you have been waiting all summer to pick something up from a local artist then DO IT NOW cause you are running out of t-i-m-e market season is almost over!
Location: Corner-ish of Fuller and Fulton
Cost FREE!

Local Threads is taking over founders! There area a ton of cool fashionistas participating in the show with 7 different designers and all of the proceeds going towards Kids Food Basket! (such a great program!) I know Lynn has been buzzing about this event for a while now and I expect a quality presentation. Not only that but it has been a while since we have had some high style hitting the runway. Show starts at 8pm! See you there!
Locaiton 235 Grandville
Cost: Donation of $10!

If you have meet Elizabeth Vedrine you will remember her as one of the rare Parisians amongst a see of Midwesterners. She has been a part of the art scene in GR and has kicked it for a while her pieces have graced both gallery and eatery walls and her sense of color is great! BUT ALAS she is leaving town and headed out to the Emerald City of the west... Seattle. If you want to say goodbye head over the Meanwhile on Sunday at 8 and bid her Au Revoir!
Location: Eastern and Wealthy
Cost: Free!

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have fun at street fair, jenn! i'll have a little empty feeling saturday...

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