Word on the Street, September 3, 2009, Short List, Long weekend!

Hey Folks.....
You know.... I didn't think I was going to get Word done this week... but lo and behold, it is here. Enjoy your extra-long-super special- close-to-the-end-of-the- summer weekend... I know I will be!

Last night for the Answer Man at the UICA. Show times at 6 and 8. A bunch (and by that I mean ALL) of my family members went to see it at the Traverse Film festival and the consensus was... good, light entertainment... cute.
Location: 41 Sheldon
Cost: I always get this wrong.... Um $7 ish?

Friday at the Intersection you can catch the Paucity music release party.... You can get their tunes on CD, Vinyl or get them hot off of itunes. Bands include Night Toucher and Victor Fix the Sun. Get there at 9
Location:133 Grandville
Cost: $5 gets you in

Friday at the Mixtape café check out A kidnap in color, Hush Hush Commotion, Alco, Hopeless Heroes, Jayco and Tegner. the show is all ages. The venue is downtown on the Avenue. And starts at 6:30pm.
Location:133 S. Division.
Cost: $8 day of!

Leonardo da Vinci was a genius. Straight up. and beginning this weekend you can experience his genius first hand at the Grand Rapids Public museum. The show is called Machines in Motion and it features 40 life sized operational machines based on da Vinci's drawings. If you like kinetics, marvel at the wonders of the human mind or want to know more about how things work this is the exhibit for you!
Location: 272 Pearl Street
Cost: admission to the museum + $4

Jukes! Free Show! Friday! Featuring Fainting Generals (shout out to their great article in MLIVE this week) Circus Pig and My Car, Your Car. Show starts around 10. Jukes is small and gets jam packed so it is a fun place to see a show.... Also they have some decently priced beers but get there early if you want a seat!
Location: Leonard Street, over by Branns....
Cost FREE!

The DAAC has a cool, pretty, simple, new website. But they are also hosting a weekend of bands including Saturday's performances by "the Meadowlarks" and Photographers.
Location: 115 S. Division
Cost It is $6 to get in the door and the show starts at 9pm.

So I am digging the DR. Sketchy's Anti-Art School because for $7 you get 3 hours with a live model, a hot vampy vixen type. So if you are interested head to the Meanwhile round 6pm, meet some folks, draw some ladies, make some art and maybe have a beer of two.
Location: 1005 Wealthy Street at Eastern.
Cost $7

At the DAAC, Mountain Asleep, Xeres, Woodburner, Good Teeth/ Gold Teeth.
The show is promoted by Victoria which means it will be a little hard but not so hard it is going to blast your socks off.
Location: 115 S. Division
Cost $6

An extra day off! Sweet!
If you are looking to get raucous head to the DAAC late night for Mucca Pizza and Circus Pig um show is at 2am...
Location: 115 S. Division
Cost $6

Red Hydrant press is hosting the Dead End Mini Print exhibit on October 30th 2009! They are looking for prints that are 9 square inches... submissions are due the 16th of October. You can email for details

So you think you're a model? Step up for the Live Mannequin event in Holland taking place on Friday September 18th They are looking for a variety of ages, the event is a competition and if you are interested email Cynthia at

Lafantsee galleries is looking for 6 large iconic pieces of artwork for the lobby of the Helen DeVos Children's hospital. You can check out their website at

It's a short list for a long weekend which means you can chill with the fam, check out the lakeshore, bbq and still pack in a great weekend. Check us out on facebook and join the group. Currently we are sending word out as an "event" and a message on facebook so feel free to share..... you can post feedback there or of course send me an email at... . If you want to check out the Blog got to

Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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