OCTOBER 21, 2009

Hi folks.
I know it is October but the weather is so gorgeous that my brain refuses to believe it! Things are lookin' a little chilly for the weekend but luckily we have lots and lots to do indoors!

With little to no ado here we go! Word on the Street October 21, 2009

Thursday night Schuler's downtown location is hosting their Poetry night. This month you can hear from poets Julie Stotz-Ghosh, Amy Newday and Kathleen McGookey. Reading starts at 5:30 so hit it on your way home!
Location 86 Monroe Center
Cost: Free!

Mixtape presents "Lights" a 22 year old female pop star who's claim to fame is that she IS what she does and says "I am Lights" she is joined by Stars of Track and Field. Sounds like a pretty interesting show and a bit out of the norm for Mixtape.
Location 133 S. Division
Cost $10

Ohh! Friday afternoon Peppino's is celebrating their new Downtown Sports Lounge opening with an "official" ribbon cutting ceremony. So save your lunch munchies for 2pm and head on down and order a pie in celebration of a totally legit pizza pub! Location 130 Ionia Ave
Cost: whatever your gonna order.

Super happy and the Meanwhile Bar are teaming up to show the Forbidden Zone. Director Richard Elfman will be there to talk about the movie and "then welcome the End of Times Orchestra into the Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo" We should all aspire to the rank of Oingo Boingo Mystic Knight! The whole thing starts up around 8pm
Location 1005 Wealthy
Cost $10

Friday's hot art event is the opening of fall shows at the UICA. The show "facing Michigan" brings together artists who are creating work that responds to the many challenges confronting the people land water and cities of Michigan. Artists include a bunch of professors including Sadashi Inuzuka from Uof M, Tom Rice and Sarah Lindley of K-College and from our very own GVSU, Paul Wittenbraker and Norwood Viviano!
Location 41 Sheldon
Cost Free!

The other totally notable show this weekend is at the GRAM. Tissot's London features work by the painter James Tissot featuring his work from London (hence the name) According to Kaylen it is a pretty good show and according to the description the paintings feature public life in the heart of London. I am planning on renewing my membership in time to be able to check it out!
Cost ranges from $5-8 but Friday nights are reduced to $5 for everyone!

Friday night at the DAAC there is a three part show with Karl Blau, LAKE and Valentiger. Both Karl and Lake are from Washington and are on K Records. The show starts at 10pm so you can check out the Forbidden Zone!
Location 115 S. Division
Cost $7

Feel Like getting out and voting?!!? Saturday is your day. DAACtober Fest is the DAAC's annual board election. Join potential board members for a potluck brunch at 12pm (if you would like to bring something to chip in that would be sweet) then at 1pm there will be board elections (everyone is invited to vote) and then at 2pm we are going to watch a movie.
Location 115 S. Division
Cost FREE!

Super Happy Funtime is the perfect way to kick off your Halloween Festivities. Their all new show at the Wealthy Theater open's with an Artprize musical number and then will climax with several acts inspired by David Lynch movies... Doors at 8 but the show doesn't start until 9pm.
Location: 1130 Wealthy Street
Cost: $15 at the door, 12 presale

Saturday night the Rick Beerhorst Band is playing at Rocky's you might recognize Rick from his frequent musical jams at the Fulton Street Farmers Market. Or from the Beerhorst wonder wagon.. or from his frequent house shows. Nevertheless we can safely say his reputation proceeds him and I am sure his band will be quality.
Location 633 North Ottawa
Cost: Um there is probably a small door fee but damn if I know what it is!?

Give to a cause and have fun at the same time.. and celebrate Thomas Caprara's Birthday.. UM WHO is Tom? He is a 6 year old who has turned his birthday celebration into a benefit for the Kids Food Basket! So from 3 until 5pm you can join him carving a pumpkin hanging out and having a good old time. The $10 donation goes to KFB but the good feeling lasts all day. You have to RSVP by October 22nd, call the gallery for details 458 4226.
Location Rich App Gallery 910 Cherry Street.
Cost $10

The Fredrick Meijer F. Gardens is accepting apps for the Ray and Nancy Loeschner Art Competition. The competition is geared towards 2-d artists. To apply you need to submit your resume digital image and the app (on the garden's website) by November 2nd. There is a $1,000 top prize and the piece will be come a part of the permanent collection at the gardens.

I'm out of here!
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