OCTOBER 1, 2009

civic studio, Grand Rapids

It is just so good! The absolute delight and joy from another great sunny day.... As we approach the last precious days of warm weather I personally am trying to make versatile weekend plans that can incorporate time outside as well as in.......If you haven't got a plan tagged down maybe we can slide a few events into your weekend to get YOU out and about!

Burrrt burt-burrah! Here is Word on the Street for September 31st, 2009.

Its time to get polish. If you aren't feeling the vibe then maybe you haven't wandered over to the west side because there is nothing so "intoxicating" as Pulaski Days. Friday, Saturday and Sunday you can drink, polka and sauerkraut to your hearts content! And don't miss the parade at 11am on Saturday! Here is a quick run down of participating halls! Diamond hall, Little Hall, Northeast Post, Sons & daughters, Vytautus, St George's Hall, K of C Hall, Sixth Street Hall, Fifth Street Hall, Jackson Street hall, Lexicon Club, Polish Falcons, Laddies Hall and Koscusiszko Hall. Phew. Each hall has its own entertainment and food specials so I suggest you pick your favorite and get up on it!

OHMYGOSH I LOVE THIS! Art of the Table is hosting different themed events and on Friday from 10 until 8pm you can stop in for their Cheese day... OOOOHHHH I LOVE CHEESE. They are going to let you nibble a little and educate about what is happening in the world of cheese! Does it get any better?
Location: Wealthy Next to the bakery,
Cost Free if you can get out without buying anything (which I highly doubt!)

Friday at high noon you can catch the artist lunch with Shelly Klein at ACTIVESITE par of their Artist Lunch. Shelly is going to be talking about her piece at the UICA, hopefully her thoughts on Artprize and a little bit about her business K Studios. Shelly is de-lite-ful SO if you need a breath of fresh air on Friday I highly recommend taking your lunch break with Shelly.
Location: 40 Monroe
Cost: Free!

Friday night stop in to check out Dutch Lake's sweet ceramic space! There will be work for sale (like the most perfect fall wedding presents. ever.) and there will be food and drink. With 6 potters on hand you are bound to find something you dig. If you have an Artprize wrist band the studio is a half block from the stop on Monroe, by the sixth street bridge. If you need more details or to find out more about the space call jeff at 485 3967 Open from 6-9pm!
Location 820 Monroe
Cost: Free!

Then over at Artspace/ACTIVESITE check out Gold Flamingo a reprise of last weeks Local Threads. The show begins at 6pm as coordinators Lynn and Claudia bring you fashion fabulousness.
Location: 40 Monroe
Cost: Free!

Friday night over at Dog Story Theater there is a one night opportunity to catch "shoot Faster, Dear Brother, I'm Dying. A civil war play about brothers looking west and settling in but both moving forward, and it is suppose to be funny SO show starts at 8pm
Location: Taylor over by Plainfield and Leonard.
Cost: tickets are 10$

I have to admit, I haven't gotten a chance to visit the Kissing Booth yet at San Chez. With such a prime excuse to cuddle up I can't believe I haven't checked it out yet BUT without a doubt I am going to go this weekend. It is a total Artprize hotspot this weekend So I can't help but give it a bit of a special hype! Friday night from 6 until 10pm!
Location: Corner of Commence and Fulton
Cost: Free!

Friday night at Sanctuary Folk Art there is going to be 3 bands and a good old gallery opening. Bands include WARP 51, Astro Bats and Don Magione. Starts at 7 goes until 9ish. The show... Art Church, the Sacred and the Screligious, needless to say you can just look for the big blue Jesus. OH and be sure to check out the rad paint job they did on the van! It is great!
Location 140 S. Division
Cost: Free!

Saturday night at the Mixed Tape there are 5 bands including Fear Before, The Color Of Violence, Baptized in Blood, Doctor! Doctor! And Learning is Educational.
Location: 133 S. Division.
Cost:$12 gets you in the door.

Another great Artprize spot that I haven't visited yet is the Beerhorst Wonder Wagon. On Saturday night join up with the troupe for performances by Karisa Wilson, Seth Thompson and the Rick Beerhorst Band! From 7-9pm
Location: next to the River over by Kinkos!
Cost: Free!

Sunday from 1pm until 5pm head out to Blanford Nature Center for the Fall Harvest Festival! Family festivities up the wa-zoo with a horse drawn wagon, scarecrow making, candle dipping, pumpkin painting live music, old fashion games and toys! There will also be a blacksmith demo and a glimpse at pioneer life! How freaking great is that!
Location: 1715 Hillburn NW
Cost is 5 for the a-dults and 3 for the kiddies.

Well if you haven't done it yet, this is your absolute last chance. The Fulton Street Artisans market is wrapping it up this Sunday, Form 11 until 3pm you can get scramble to get your goods before they get tucked away for the winter season!
Location: 1147 E. Fulton
Cost: Free!

This sounds lovely. On Sunday midday you can hook up with the Brunch and Banter Crew from 1 until 3pm at the Old Federal Building. Anna Campbell is going to be chatting discussion oriented salon, there will be mimosas, bloody marys, a brunch catered by San Chez
Location: Division and Pearl
Cost: sounds like it is free access with a write band and 10 without.

Tuesday night the Meanwhile Film Series is playing Labyrinth. Creepy Bowie in outrageous gear (what else is new right!?) the flick starts around 8pm!
Location 1130 Wealthy Theater.
Cost: 5$ gets you in!

Creative? Interested in Community? Live in the midst of a creative frenzy. The live/work spaces on South Division have several openings with several split level units and openings in each of the downtown locations. With rent starting at 577$ they are absolutely fantastic apartments in the heart of everything happening. Call Amber at 458 1471 for more details!

A great photographer is a fantastic thing... so I have been totally digging www.grandrapidssocialdiary.com. The photos are great, the people are so happy, and everyonce in a while I spot someone I know.. if you have been out and about lately you might want to see if you have made it into one of their photo i-spy series!

Have you had a chance to check out the Grand Rapids Ballet's fall season. It looks AMAZING. I am looking forward to the performances of Jack the Ripper at the end of October!

So that is about all she wrote! Check us out on facebook and join the group. Currently we are sending word out as an "event" and a message on facebook so feel free to share..... you can post feedback there or of course send me an email at... wordonthestreetgr@gmail.com . If you want to check out the Blog got to http://www.g-rad.org/projects/wordonthestreet/

Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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