JANUARY 27, 2010

On the Cheap! WOTS 1-27-10

How are you all?
I know this time of year can be tight SO this weekend there are a bunch of SUPER cheap options (mostly 6$ and under!) and a whole bunch of freebies! If you are going to splurge I suggest the Ballet, normally maybe not for everyone, but their Chaplin performance, Flickers, is gonna be good for all ages and tastes... So time to zip the lip and get down to business!

Here is Word on the Street for January 27, 2010

Volunteer Fest at the DAAC: Otherwise known as the day you stopped thinking about it and started getting involved! We are going to talk about some DAAC details, get trained on how to use some sound equipment, install brand new vynal on the windows and it is a potluck! Also since Geo got the DAACUMENT, the DAAC's new ZINE finished on time there will be PIZZA! WHOA! Meet up at 7pm
Cost: Free
Location: 115 S. Division

YNPN-GGR (The Young Nonprofit Professionals Network) is hosting an community conversation about West Michigan and the Global Economy during Happy Hour (amazing specials!) at Gardella's from 5 until 7pm.
Cost: Free
Location: 11 Ionia.

Splurge! I love the ballet because there are moments when you can hardly believe that a person can DO THAT with their BODY, jump that high, move that fast or be that graceful! This weekend the Grand Rapids Ballet is performing Flickers a piece embodying Charlie Chaplin's escapades interpreted through dance. The performance on Friday begins at 7:30 but there are also performances on Saturday and Sunday!
Location: 341 Ellsworth
Cost: Tickets for A-dults start at $30

Mexicains Sand Frontieres is hosting a experimental noise, art, no wave show this weekend with Astro Bats, Warp 51, and DAST. Artists include the wildly talented Melissa Aprin Duimstra, Tom d, Cherie Hilliker and Pascle Suxe. And while you are there don't forget to wish Hugo a HAAAAPPPPPPYYYYY BBBBIIIIRRRRTTHHHDAAAY, because a birthday is always a happy day indeed! Show starts at 8pm
Location 120 S. Division
Cost $5

Also on Friday is the opening of the Calder Jewelry show at the GRAM. I have head good things about the work and it sounds pretty interesting. Because it is a Friday night at the GRAM it is reduced fee for the public to get in. There is also live music and you can grab a bite in the Café.
Location: just off of the Mya Lyn elliptic
Cost $5

If you missed the premier of Coyote (which was AWESOME) you can catch it this weekend at the "Mr. Spookity Horrorfest Film Festival" over at the wealthy theater on Friday the 29th beginning at 6:30 pm. There are going to be 7-ish pieces created by local film makers, a performance by Dangerville and you can gorge yourself on popcorn!
Location: 1130 Wealthy St. SE
Cost: $5

Looking for a great laid back house show this weekend? The Beerhorsts are hosting Soil the Sun, experimental folk music from 7 until 9pm.
Location: 106 Fuller Ave SE
Cost $6

Saturday at the DAAC check out PK fire along with Lake Minuscule. The show starts at 7, the music is folk acoustic there may be a special guest and its pretty freaking cheap.
Location: 115 S. Division.
Cost : 6$

Sunday the Saz is getting rowdy. There is an afternoon Mr. Sketchy's Art School and then starting at 10pm the Shimmy Shack Burlesque is talking the floor. They will feature four performers form Chicago along with the local ladies! Favorite performer names: Wham Bam Pam, La La Vulvaria and Velveeta the Cheetah!
Location 1418 Plainfield Ave NE

DiscFunktional Sunday at Founders! Sweet beats mixed by a Brewer at the Brewery! You are bound to want to get up and MOVE! The Music starts at 9 and goes till close.
Cost: Free
Location: 235 Grandville

UICA is home to the Chiaroscuro Movie festival and on Sunday you can watch the movies "Archilles and the Tortoise" and "Invisiblites" for FREE!
Invisiblities is created by local film maker Jennifer Proctor... Starts at 2:30 goes till 4:20
Cost: Free
Location: 41 Sheldon Blvd.

Every Sunday night Katherine is gracious enough to host Negative Space Poetry Open Mic, original work is encouraged but a few people have been known to read the work of someone else...Meet up starts at 7pm. If you need in buzz up to unit 311 and if you want to contact Katherine, goestoshowpress@gmail.com
Location: 106 S. Division Apt 311
Cost: Free!

Check out the new DAACTRAXX the podcast of the DAAC Radio hour from WYCE
Find it on their website http://www.g-rad.org/daac/

Want to find out more about the Crime in your neighborhood? I wrote a Rapidian piece about how easy it is to use the new GRPD crime mapping software. Check it out!

I am looking to get out and snowshoe this weekend. Any suggestions on locations? I don't want to drive further the 20 minutes and I want to trek around for about an hour. Also I have my own snow shoes! Let me know if there is a park you dig!

Here is hoping you have a great weekend. If you are on facebook you can join the group. Currently we are sending word out as an "event" and a message on facebook so feel free to share..... you can post feedback there or of course send me an email at... wordonthestreetgr@gmail.com . OR if you want to check out the Blog got to http://www.g-rad.org/projects/wordonthestreet/

Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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