FEBRUARY 10, 2010

It is almost the weekend and things are bumping. Flowers and sweets are flying off the shelves everywhere and reservations are being made for nibbling and nookie. I fully embrace a consumerist holiday where the main premise is showing one's immeasurable feelings of LOVE with measurable gifts... because I really enjoy getting and GIVING presents... I have already picked up the totally awesome gift for Mr. Man and can't wait till Sunday to give it to him! Never-the-less, there is some time to kill between now and then... and I have a few suggestions on how you might be interested in spending your time!

So....Here is Word on the Street for February 11, 2010

A few weeks ago I wrote about a movie produced by Local GVSU Alum Tulsi Bhandari. Tulsi's movie, Beneath Everest Nepal Reborn, is going to be shown at the downtown GVSU Campus from 7-9pm. They will be presenting in the Loosemore Auditorium (bottom floor right side as you face the building)
Location: GVSU's Downtown Campus DeVos Center (NOT DeVos Place!)
Cost: Free!

Grand Rapids Arts Council reception, Thursday night for Erick Picahrdo and Melissa R. Selmon. Woot! Stop in on the way home (6-7:30pm!) meet some art folk, see some art, chill, find out more about the Arts Council's new website, whats your art.....
Cost: FREE!
Location: 532 Ottawa Ave NW

Also... have to mention that Jo-Ann Van Reeuwyk (weaver) has a show opening from 6-7:30 at the Forest Hills Fine Arts Center. If you dig fibers you will dig her work..... she likes to incorporate some funky stuff into her vessels...
Location: 600 Forest Hills
Cost: Free!

END OF TIMES ORCHESTRA CD RELEASE.....you know, the house band for Super Happy Funtime, Yes, long time coming. Yes, totally talented band. Should you check it out? if you like music, then, YES. Hook up at 9pm. Discs are $10.00, so bring some LOOT!
Cost: FREE!
Location: Where the beer flows like... well.... Beer, 235 Grandville (Founders!)

Whoa. I feel like there is music in the air..... last weekend I got to see the Symphony perform and it was Blissful, energizing, one of the BEST symphony performances I have ever seen.... Gush-worthy in fact! This weekend at the UICA "in search of Beethoven" opens. The documentary sounds really interesting and features a ton of performances while sort of breaking down "the Beethoven Mythos" (remember that freaky movie where he goes insane and deaf and there is some weird stuff under the table...or the piano or something? humm) Anyhow Whole-NEW-Take-On Genius....
Times: check them on the website www.uica.org
Cost: 5 and 7
Location: 41 Sheldon BLVD.

On Friday night at the GRAM they are going to be presenting "The Art Plays" small site specific pieces performed in the galleries. The plays are written and acted by local playwrights and actors. The artworks highlighted in the plays were selected by GRAM guests (pretty cool audience participation) performances start at 7pm. GRAM is open till 9pm
Location: 101 Monroe.
Cost: $5 !

LA! La la la la la lala! Pagliacci! The Opera opens this weekend with performances on Friday and Saturday. A little itallian. A crazy clown. Nothing says love like a crazy clown. And have you SEEN their promotions for this year... ? who ever does the Opera promotions deserves a huge award for fresh beautiful promotions...they are SO HOT! (ps.I also really like the Civic's promotional materials)
Performances at 7:30
Location: 303 Monroe (deVos PERFORMANCE Hall)
Cost: Splurge... it's the Opera!

Pop Scholars, some dudes, some long-form improve, a small theater, an intense performance. Show starts at 9:30pm. Check it! Dog Story Theater!
Cost: $5.00
Location: 1115 Taylor Street

The Grand Rapids Bicycle Film Festival is rolling up to the Wealthy Theater on Saturday. THIRD ANNUAL and I have mentioned it ALL THREE YEARS.... Which means if you remember reading about it last year and thought... "huh I should go to that" it's like a sign... you missed it last year and you can set the world right by going this year. Movies, about bikes, people who like bikes, riding bikes and building bikes. There are two different sets of flicks, a matinee and an evening spot...
For a total run down... http://grbff.blogspot.com/ shows at 3 and 7pm
Cost: $5 in advance, $7 day of! Ps. I think you have to pay for each time independently...
Location:1130 Wealthy

Want to donate to a good cause and have fun? The DAAC is hosting a Benefit for Gods Kitchen on Satuday night with a silent auction that kicks off at 6pm and a few bands that take the stage at 8pm. Bands Include The backstrokes, Stu Carpenter & the new Role Models.
Once the music starts there is a cover but before then it is free!
Location: 115 S. Division!

2:30 UICA Free Flick! Title: I served the King of England" Czech film. Details:www.uica.org
Cost: Free
Location: 41 Sheldon

If you really want to get IN to the Opera this weekend on Sunday you can attend a talk with Maestro Robert Lyall about Pagliacci at the 28th Street Schuler's. he is going to be doing an in-depth look at the opera and the composer, Ruggero Leoncavallo....(Side note: I, personally, think to truly enjoy the opera to its fullest knowing the context and story can be immensely helpful....if anyone would like to debate this I think it would be a fascinating conversation...) So get learned! Sunday! 4pm!
Location: 2660 28th Street
Cost: Free!

Love it up kiddies... Love. It. Up!

Shoot... well I was going to tell you about an event that happened LAST WEEKEND at the Gardens... but I am about 5 days too late.... (I don't catch them all folks) SO... I also wanted to mention that they are currently hosting a show with work by Michele Oka Doner, the artist that created the amazing floor at the gardens... if you have been there you know what I mean... all of those beautiful organic shapes pressed into the beautiful green surface... it is really striking... anyhow... you can see more of her work at the Gardens this weekend (and there are butterflies!) I always suggest Sunday cause it is so damn relaxing...BUT this week I am suggesting TUESDAY cause they are open until 9pm on Tuesdays....
Location: 1000 East Beltline
Cost: $12 bones for the Adults, $9 for the kiddies...

I am taking a Bollywood dance class though Parks and Rec and each week we learn a new song... a few weeks ago we learned a dance to this song... and I think the video is great... funny and catchy... so I thought I would pass it on... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFnnsdPXcr8

I wanted to say.. Last weekend was a BLAST, Grand Rapids people, YOU ARE ROCKSTARS! Thanks for being so damn awesome... the talk at the DAAC, Opening at the UICA, the symphony, the Litribune events, the downtown shops, the LOVE, it was BLOWING MY MIND!
Enough of that lovey dovey stuff... got to save it for Mr. Man.

Someone asked me yesterday for names of some of the Video production companies filming in west Michigan.. I had a few names but I was wondering who else is out there. If you are a Film and Video production company or know of one, send me a link!

If you are on facebook you can join the group. Currently we are sending word out as an "event" and a message on facebook so feel free to share..... you can post feedback there or of course send me an email at... wordonthestreetgr@gmail.com . OR if you want to check out the Blog got to http://www.g-rad.org/projects/wordonthestreet/

Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom.

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