SEPTEMBER 23, 2006 2:01 PM

well folks, I am diving right into my last (hopefully) year at Calvin. It's fun to be at that point in my education where connections are made between textbooks and life. (my major is social work) My practicum (field practice) is at ACCESS (all county churches emergency support system) and am learning more than i thought. I have been doing some casemanagement, food pantry work, and preparing for the holiday season events (totys for tots and holiday food baskets). bla bla

things i'm enjoying lately:
well house
heartside peace garden
good beer
daisy may
riding my bike
popcorn and nutrirtional yeast
blueberry muffins

things i'm looking forward to:
bell hooks
CCDA coference in Philly
LAMB #2 release party
crocheting more than knitting
Scuba wedding
hosting another Stitchy party

♥ stephanie
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