NOVEMBER 25, 2006 11:17 PM

these are my first homemade boxers. maybe i'll take orders... you know for christmas
p.s. don't forget about the Stitchy! party.

♥ stephanie
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NOVEMBER 14, 2006 7:28 PM

a new blog look! i don't know who did it but i like it. it's a whole new me and i didn't do a thing. awesome
well life is good. i got to share a favorite story with a food pantry client today. his name is bradly which is the name of my favorite bee. bradly the bee fell in love with belinda bluebird and lost his buzz. belinda would only marry a bird that could swim in the birdbath with her. so bradly dove in. when he jumped out and tried to fly away to tell his parents that he was in love and was going to marry belinda bluebird he couldn't fly. his wings were sopping, soaking wet. and worst of all his buzz had drowned...*
to be continued...
so i shared this story with bradly and it made my day. he laughed and at the end of our time together said he wouldn't lose his buzz unless he really did meet belinda in her burgundy bikini.

*the real story is not my story but Julius Lester's from his book Ackamaracus: Sumptuously Silly Fantastically Funny Fables.

♥ stephanie
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NOVEMBER 3, 2006 4:24 PM

greggy and i will be hosting an ink blot party on November 10th in our live/work space. You're all invited to come over, make an ink blot, and interpret everyone else's. the blots will be shown in our hallway on the night of the urban lights event (december 8th). come join in the fun!

♥ stephanie
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