JANUARY 15, 2007 10:03 PM

some words i've learned since i started reading Miroslav Volf's Exclusion and Embrace:
pyres- combustables to burn a corpse
tacit- unvoiced or unspoken, understood without being openly expressed
misanthropy- hatred of women
syllogism- deductive reasoning...
aphorism- general truth
misogynous-hatred of women
androcentric- centered on, emphasizing male or masculine interests
terse-abrubtly concise
ontology- nature of existence
vacuity-emptiness, void
tautology-needless repetition
coalesce- to grow together into one body

and i don't care if you think i'm dumb for not knowing half of these words to begin with... i don't read very much and didn't learn enough vocab in middle school (dang public schools). But i have bookmarked Dictionary.com and life is getting better.

♥ stephanie
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JANUARY 1, 2007 9:58 PM

i don't remember a day when i've had the hiccups more than once. today i've had them three times. i'm not sure what the I.V. is in this situation. any hypotheses?

I moved into Well House (an emergency homeless shelter) about two weeks ago to do a trial run as a live in staff person. I have been loving it although adjusting is a process. I now live in SECA neighborhood and am closer neighbors with GEO and old friend Kenny (and the always visiting cousin Tyler). I have a tiny room and an attic cubby, complete with mice friends. I am feeding them peanut butter until i figure out how to set these dang traps better.
Well House is community oriented and is working on a vision changing from shelter to permanent housing. It's an interesting process. I'm learning so much from being in this place and am able to apply much of what I have/am learned/ing as a social work student at Calvin. I am getting a chance to see up close how systems of social and public services affect the vulnerable, how parenting skills and styles vary so severely, and how desperate situations affect families. Most of the time it is heartbreaking, but it is forcing me to make changes in my life with less hesitation.

Carolyn and I are aspiring to take over the fashion/clothing making scene within the year. Maybe my sewing cafe dream will come true. We'll be calling all designers and clothing makers soon.

School starts again for nearly the last time in my undergrad career.
I've been going to quaker friends meetings. thus my new year's resolutions. I haven't been able to meditate very well because my head is spinning and i've never really meditated before... so i like guided meditations even if its just a slip of paper that says something like, breathe.

peace and shalom in our lifetime, please.

♥ stephanie
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