MAY 27, 2007 10:32 PM

today was a good day. brunch at wolfgangs, NEST meetings, dress form stitchy!, mountain biking, dinner with jose and jose jr. early sleep, late rise...

i feel refreshed, accomplished, proud, awesome, and tired. best way to spend the evening: mountain biking with chad. i feel fortunate to have access to a mountain bike (even though it clicked the whole way, and by the end, the seat was at a 45 degree angle...) and to have a friend that loves mountain biking.

I also made a new me out of duct tape. here's a picture:
duct tape

i can not make clothes that fit me without the inconvenience of pinning my ribcage...
thanks for everyone who came out! (more pictures on my flickr)

i'm so excited to use the NEST for community-based creative activity. it's so good.

♥ stephanie
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MAY 21, 2007 11:34 PM


join me, won't you!
We might also show Wallace & Gromit: A Close Shave!

peace and love in the middle east,

♥ stephanie
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MAY 14, 2007 11:17 PM

geo's post
this is my version:
I am pleasant, trivial, and action-oriented,
also reasonably friendly.
and if i want, you can be my friend.
you might want to because i am well connected.
my favorite food is avocado
But out of avocado & icecream, i choose
or because avocados are better for me,
must be why there's more icecream than avocados in this world...
there is much more I could say about myself

currently listening to old Bunkbed nights...

♥ stephanie
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MAY 11, 2007 10:01 PM

greg gets me the best earings. he just called to tell me that he got me another pair-- humming birds made by katie. now i'll have little birds whispering in my ear. just what i need.
i took the pile of this-doesn't-belong-to-me things as well as the going-to-goodwill pile out to my new car. so, my room is less cluttered. now maybe i'll do some yoga.
my room gets really clean around finals time, because i'd rather clean than write papers.
cooking has been good lately. it's amazing what you can do with food that no one else wanted (from second harvest gleaners). i made the prettiest birthday cake for judi. complete with edible orchids, violets, dandelions, kale blossoms, lingonberries, and creamcheese frosting. today i made chickpea masala, edamame, and lemon poppyseed almond scones for denielle and ester.
i think i want to do saturday breakfasts here at Well House. i can make wholewheat pancakes. people could bring some things. we could do them picnic style on our playground or in the house of doors. and then i could see you all.
ben scott-brandt cut my hair this week. best graduation present to myself ever. i've got his card if you're interested.
hey, when you see me, ask me where my bicycle is, ok?

♥ stephanie
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MAY 5, 2007 6:21 PM

ohhh man. so you all know that the cycle of menstruation is an ordeal. well, let me just tell you, it messes up my life for a good few days. when everything makes me cry, and i just want to sleep so that i don't call anyone and tell them things that these strong emotions make me feel. and it's menstruation that makes me understand mental illness just a little bit. these emotions are very very real, but in a few days i won't remember how strong they were. i exclusively cry when i'm pms-ing. and i'll cry about anything. the dog yelping down the street, the thought of my dog being put to sleep, a wallet i lost 6 months ago, a car purchase, (matt, remember when i cried about the dishes?)

which brings me to another topic. f-ing change.
i'm graduating.
i'm buying a car.
kellie starts a full time job.
my friends are going back to canada.
my daizy (dog) is dying.
my sister is moving away.
my little brother is taller than me.
i just finished my year long internship.

and i can't keep up with it all. i could deal with the fact that "the only thing certain about life is that nothing stays the same" so much better when it wasn't changing so fast.

ok here's the positive (what's staying the same for a while at least)
i'm still going to walk and bike all the time, almost everywhere
greg is still here
kellie still wants to study
spring is coming
i have two other dogs back home
i'm almost completely done with school
i don't have to feel like a second rate citizen for not owning a personal vehicle.
(except i wish that i hadn't felt this way even when i didn't own a car)

♥ stephanie
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