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MAY 27, 2007 10:32 PM

today was a good day. brunch at wolfgangs, NEST meetings, dress form stitchy!, mountain biking, dinner with jose and jose jr. early sleep, late rise...

i feel refreshed, accomplished, proud, awesome, and tired. best way to spend the evening: mountain biking with chad. i feel fortunate to have access to a mountain bike (even though it clicked the whole way, and by the end, the seat was at a 45 degree angle...) and to have a friend that loves mountain biking.

I also made a new me out of duct tape. here's a picture:
duct tape

i can not make clothes that fit me without the inconvenience of pinning my ribcage...
thanks for everyone who came out! (more pictures on my flickr)

i'm so excited to use the NEST for community-based creative activity. it's so good.


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