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MAY 14, 2007 11:17 PM

geo's post
this is my version:
I am pleasant, trivial, and action-oriented,
also reasonably friendly.
and if i want, you can be my friend.
you might want to because i am well connected.
my favorite food is avocado
But out of avocado & icecream, i choose
or because avocados are better for me,
must be why there's more icecream than avocados in this world...
there is much more I could say about myself

currently listening to old Bunkbed nights...

I am nice, funny, and careing, with medium to good follow through.
also friendly, but bad with email.
and if i want, you can be my friend.
my favorite food is quinoa. but out of quinoa and those rice dream cookie things i choose those rice dream cookie things because i have strong gluttonous tendancies.
must be why i am so out of shape. too many rice dream cookie things!
this is all i can say about myself.

george | May 15, 2007 12:30 PM


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