JUNE 18, 2007 7:47 AM

just got home from Oswego, New York. i tried to teach greg how to drive my car and ihe successfully drove while i semi-successfully napped. I swam in Lake Ontario (after i slipped on all the rocks on the shore), skipped a rock 7 times, watched some top ten sunsets, put finishing touches on Rachel's wedding dress, took pictures of the ceremony on the lake, enjoyed time away from the everyday, saw Niagara Falls without stopping ($10 to park your car...), drove 12 hours straight home. i did all these things with greg (who makes very good mixed-cds to keep me awake and happy).
it's not so good to be home. but vacations always make home-comings difficult.
i had some crazy dreams, so i'm sorting out reality/dream.
this was real.

♥ stephanie
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