JULY 24, 2007 11:13 PM

i've been terribly angry lately. i think having a car again is not so good for me. people are too impatient and boring.

Denielle got me an art journal for my birthday, so i am beginning to tackle my fear of colors.

i may be taking on too much at work (my research job). but it's good money and then i can more easily justify my trips:

I'm going to montreal for an extended weekend. We (chad, eddy, maybe pjb, and i) will be making a short film.

I'm going to get carolyn! everytime i think about it i giggle with dee-light.

rather regularly i'm hosting Stitchy nights @ NEST, my shared studio (613 lyon, next to martha's vineyard) Wednesdays 7:30-?. I'm working on wedding presents for half the world it seems. you're all getting a slightly personalized something. i hope you like them.

oh and i graduated. here's a picture from our picnic:

♥ stephanie
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