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SEPTEMBER 7, 2007 11:18 PM

2 blogs in 1:

f suburbia
this guy wrote a book called the "geography of nowhere".
"we [america] don't give a fuck"

i was introduced to Jame Howard Kunstler in my Urban Sociology course. he's about sustainable urbanism and how america has done it all wrong since wwii.

we live in ugly cartoon habitats. gross.

things i like lately:
new cds: marissa nadler, nedelle, the dirty projectors, and june madrona
80's night
rocky's open mic
the riley family
sleeping in my attic
delivering the SPOON newsletter on my bike
getting little jose ready for school

magical g-rad
friends, we live in a magical city sometimes.
this was a good night:
pjb played.
that guy

we ate bananas and pizza

pizza picnic
June Madrona, from Olympia, WA, played lovely music on the banks of our Grand River.
June Madrona
They played as the sun was setting.
June Madrona on the River

George screened Rushmore in Canal park and we drank cups of arbor mist.
rushmore on the river

Carolyn was there in spirit.

that was a very fun night.
june madrona was excellent!

sam | September 7, 2007 11:25 PM


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