OCTOBER 29, 2007 4:02 PM

I will be leaving Well House sometime this month. An opportunity came up for me to live in a collaborative community with my friends who just purchased a home, so I will be moving a few blocks away from Well House.

My position at Well House will be opening this month. I will post more about it later, but for now, here is a description:

Live-in House manager:
Some duties include-- managing household tasks such as meal planning, partnering with residents to complete daily chores, planning workshops/household meetings, meeting regularly with staff and volunteers, helping with grounds work (gardens, etc).

Room and board (meals, wireless internet/phone/computer/phone (long distance) access, use of pottery/art barn, etc) are included with the work.

I was in school for a semester while i lived at Well House. When i finished the term, I continued to work part-time and stay connected to the larger community (my work in Heartside). I would recommend this position if you work part-time or are going to school part or full (maybe not 18 credits full).

This is a great opportunity to learn about living sustainably (Well House composts/recycles and teaches residents how to conserve energy and resources).

Well House is currently an emergency shelter for women and families. We are in the process of transitioning into a permanent supportive community for people experiencing homelessness or who would otherwise be homeless. For more information about Well House in general:

for more information about the position, email me stephanie (at) wellhousegr (dot) org.

♥ stephanie
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OCTOBER 17, 2007 7:07 PM

The best part of my vacation was celebrating my feminine spirit (people say that sounds new age, but i don't really know what new age even means, i'm just trying to be authentic in my search for spirituality that is true to me). So Carolyn, Jen, and I performed a series of rituals to celebrate feminine divinity. (there are a few that we don't have photos of, but be assured we celebrated fully.)

We began by crowning ourselves sea goddesses with seaweed we found on the ocean shore:
goddesses of the sea

We picked up Gloria because we thought she would be safer with us than with some creepy dude. She encouraged us in our exploration:
our hitchhiker

we claimed the mountains for our own:

we reached the top of the bottom of the tree:

the tree loves us:
we fit

we leaned to the right, filling up with all the goodness of ourselves and the universe:
leaning and filling

we crowned ourselves with fern feathery goodness:
crowning with feathery ferns

and our rental car:
crowning our rental

I kissed my bear in klamouth:
go bear

we stood in the whispering circle, whispering, "she's already in me"
the wispering circle
we danced gracefully like the statue:
dancing statue

we extirpated our "minotaurs" (things that bring us down and prevent us from being our ultimate selves):
cigarettes and other addiction

then we leaned to the left to empty out all those minotuars:
the weight has been lifted

we danced with Sheila, our faithful attendant:
oh shirley!
(oh sheila!)

and then the ultimate feminine of all femininity, Jessie gave birth to a beautiful baby Ruby:
9 mo. and still out with the girls
(ok she's still super preggers in this picture, but Ruby came very soon after this picture was taken)

♥ stephanie
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OCTOBER 12, 2007 1:50 AM

i thought i would write a real long blog about this amazing vacation i just took, but decided i will blog it in pieces. here's the first piece:

Ok so if you haven't tried these on, you probably should. The world looks magical, older, and better.
blue blockers
on the way to Seattle to catch the Empire Builder (our train ride home) BlueBlockers made the HWY 5 look delicious.
blue blocked- color change
a tree through the blueblocker lens. the colors changing even brightly.

blueblocked feathery goodness
blueblocked feathery goodness. blueblockers make performing feminine rituals celebratory.
leaning and filling
filling up with all the goodness in the universe. blueblockers help you lean right.

real awkward manican
blueblockers make moving manicans just that much more awkward.

mountains and blueblockers go together very well.

trucker (ex)
leaving Berkeley with one pair of blueblockers to share until the next stop where we found two more pairs.
(find your own source, I'm not telling).

ok more about this amazing vacation to come later.

♥ stephanie
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