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OCTOBER 12, 2007 1:50 AM

i thought i would write a real long blog about this amazing vacation i just took, but decided i will blog it in pieces. here's the first piece:

Ok so if you haven't tried these on, you probably should. The world looks magical, older, and better.
blue blockers
on the way to Seattle to catch the Empire Builder (our train ride home) BlueBlockers made the HWY 5 look delicious.
blue blocked- color change
a tree through the blueblocker lens. the colors changing even brightly.

blueblocked feathery goodness
blueblocked feathery goodness. blueblockers make performing feminine rituals celebratory.
leaning and filling
filling up with all the goodness in the universe. blueblockers help you lean right.

real awkward manican
blueblockers make moving manicans just that much more awkward.

mountains and blueblockers go together very well.

trucker (ex)
leaving Berkeley with one pair of blueblockers to share until the next stop where we found two more pairs.
(find your own source, I'm not telling).

ok more about this amazing vacation to come later.


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