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OCTOBER 17, 2007 7:07 PM

The best part of my vacation was celebrating my feminine spirit (people say that sounds new age, but i don't really know what new age even means, i'm just trying to be authentic in my search for spirituality that is true to me). So Carolyn, Jen, and I performed a series of rituals to celebrate feminine divinity. (there are a few that we don't have photos of, but be assured we celebrated fully.)

We began by crowning ourselves sea goddesses with seaweed we found on the ocean shore:
goddesses of the sea

We picked up Gloria because we thought she would be safer with us than with some creepy dude. She encouraged us in our exploration:
our hitchhiker

we claimed the mountains for our own:

we reached the top of the bottom of the tree:

the tree loves us:
we fit

we leaned to the right, filling up with all the goodness of ourselves and the universe:
leaning and filling

we crowned ourselves with fern feathery goodness:
crowning with feathery ferns

and our rental car:
crowning our rental

I kissed my bear in klamouth:
go bear

we stood in the whispering circle, whispering, "she's already in me"
the wispering circle
we danced gracefully like the statue:
dancing statue

we extirpated our "minotaurs" (things that bring us down and prevent us from being our ultimate selves):
cigarettes and other addiction

then we leaned to the left to empty out all those minotuars:
the weight has been lifted

we danced with Sheila, our faithful attendant:
oh shirley!
(oh sheila!)

and then the ultimate feminine of all femininity, Jessie gave birth to a beautiful baby Ruby:
9 mo. and still out with the girls
(ok she's still super preggers in this picture, but Ruby came very soon after this picture was taken)

I bestow all of my feminine approval upon this post

Kellie | October 18, 2007 3:58 PM


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