DECEMBER 18, 2008 1:16 PM

oops, i didn't realize saving meant publishing...

I promise Madison, WI is colder than Grand Rapids, MI. I'm not used to feeling so cold that it hurts.

Anyway besides, being cold Madison is green and great. I miss the community in Grand Rapids a lot. In GR, I couldn't go 2 blocks without seeing a familiar face. Here, I trip over armies of hundreds of faceless students.

I've enjoyed actually having time for myself and to do the creative things that I didn't have enough time for in GR. I miss knowing lots of creative people who lived around the corner... but i've been finding other inspiration on a few websites:
open source sewing
sewing newsletter
we also have a fabulous fabric store a few blocks away

Here a few Madison and Me links:
my fav restaurant
Where i work
where i buy groceries and here
where i swim and tried "running"

♥ stephanie
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