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SEPTEMBER 15, 2009 3:08 PM

Speaking in a foreign language leads to beaucoup de misunderstandings. and it doesn't help if I've formulated opinions too early... i'm grateful for people who ask for clarification before deducing that i'm naive and wrong.

Parisians are... well, they're a lot of things, but I guess they are just exceptionally french-- beautiful, fashionable, not slow necessarily--they just know how to enjoy life. Les parisians savent profiter de la vie!

I'm made for this kind of life--the kind where you can have espresso, good bread with cheese and jam, and fresh fruit juice for breakfast, sitting at a sidewalk cafe on the bank of the canal, watching beautiful people cruise around on rollerblades, bicycles, and smart cars.

Ways of living which I intend to bring home, well... if I come home (see below):

No worries! Ne vous inquiétez pas! I have a dentist appointment on October 13th, so I have to come home. I'm grateful to be here and grateful that I have things to return home to. I watched these videos of our center director speaking about the work we do and feel pretty passionate about it. Though Kellie says passions are transferable...

Some thoughts.

street, metro, and cafe musicians/performers
if you look or listen too long or take a picture, you're expected to hand over some coins. I want to give these people more than money. i want to give them my heart.

the no smiling thing
i kind of get and i kind of don't. greg's parisienne mother who has lived in the states for the last 25 years, and I discussed this and how smiles in the morning are an especially good way to start the say. here, smiles mean more than a casual friendly greeting, but this means they aren't given out for free. it's kind of like the warm fuzzy, cold prickly story except without cold pricklies. the french are nice and hospitable, you just have to make an attempt.

the best way to see the city
river boat tours are alight, but i've got that beat. i've had the pleasure of riding double on a bicycle through the streets of paris at night, and on the quai along the seine by day. Although this isn't the most comfortable way to cruise, it is a fabulous way to see the city.

Here are some pictures (for all the photos from my trip, go here)

View from the top of the Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower View

my roommate, Jorden and I at the top of the Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower View- Jorden and I

View from the top

View of the Sacre-Coeur

another beautiful place to spend a Sunday afternoon- Le Jardin des Plantes
Jardin du Plantes

le petite fer a cheval (horseshoe)- Thanks to Nick and Sally for the recommendation! This plat du jour (plate of the day) was fabulous- the fennel side was super tasty!
Fer a cheval Plat du Jour

Greg and I overindulged on magnificent pastries
over indulgence

goofing off at the Louvre

best friends in Paris
Jardin du Luxembourg


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