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APRIL 11, 2010 2:29 PM

I guess it's kind of a bucket list, but life is short, so I'm narrowing the time frame.
Here's the start of my list. I plan to blog about the journey.

1. Go wind surfing
2. learn how to sail
3. Kayak on lake mendota
4. take a trip to the Boundary waters
5. go sky diving
6. take a Bachata class (April)
7. take a Meringue class
8. take private ballroom lessons with john or other instructor
9. Take a swing dancing class with Mal
10. Take a ballet class
11. Take a tango lesson
12. Trapeze dancing or other circus class with Sarah (summer '10)
13. Paris underwear show (fall 2010?)
14. Europe trip (fall 2010?)
15. Latin trip (Costa Rica with Chandon?)
16. Make new swimsuit (summer 2010)
17. Fix my vintage bike (trade with Merrick)
18. Take a textile course
19. Reprodonkadonk underwear line (winter 2010)
20. Finish all my unfinished sewing projects (progress)
21. Bike tour of vineyards in France (2011?)
22. Visit WI dells (with Mallory)
23. Learn how to make Marie's chocolate pudding
24. Finish Dostoyevsky's Brothers Karamazov
25. Learn about a new (to me) religion
26. Get dance shoes (immediately)
27. Dance in a performance or competition
28. Be on time for everything for a week
29. Make a new outfit/dress
30. Fill in the photo book that Katelyn made me for Christmas
31. Babysit once a month for jen and George so they can have a date (paying for a sitter counts)
32. Summer camping trip with ladies
33. Stay out dancing all night at least 6 times a year (progress)
34. Dance every day (even if just for a moment)
35. Go to a flea market (with Mal)
36. Go to a climbing gym (with Mal)
37. Ice skate at tenney park
38. Have a girl's day in Chicago (Mal)
39. Go parasailing
40. Take pole dancing lessons (Mal)
41. Wine tasting at a vineyard
42. Purchase a new serger
43. Go to a waterpark
44. Cleanse or fast for 2-3 days
45. Prepare an only local meal
46. Make a loaf of gluten-free bread
47. Make something with ruffles
48. Drive through the upper peninsula
49. Set up my record player
50. New music purchases must be only digital or vinyl if it they are available (progress)
51. Finish my fabric frames project (progress)
52. Trade underwear for art (Sarah Scott)
53. Bike around lake Monona
54. Learn how to make quiche and tarts
55. Make Mousse au chocolat
56. get a frisbee
57. morel hunting
---- (added more)
58. play tennis during my lunch break

59. fix/repurpose grandma's costume jewelry

60. Make dinner for the Timmers every other week for a while
61. Add a personal fun time on all my work trips (Albany, DC, Worchester, Boston, Cincy)

62. Share the best bite

63. Take Myles to the botany building for a field trip

64. Bicycle picnic trip

65. Don't miss Orton Park festival
----- (added more)
66. Make baklava

67. Go to Turkey

68. Learn how to do a cartwheel
69. Bicycle tour Europe 

70. Compete in a mud race

71. Be a part of a secret performance
--- (added 6/16/10)
72. Watch Dirty Dancing
73. Finish reading The Art of Loving by Erich Fromm
74. Watch La Bamba
75. Mail Jorden's package
76. Visit Alaska
77. Visit Rome
Added more (Jan 3, 2011)
78. figure 8 bike ride (lake mendota and monona)
79. Go to Mickey's Dairy Bar
80. Acquire cross-country skis and do a moonlit trail (progress)
81. Make sushi
82. Get my master's degree (progress)
83. Make a sale on etsy
84. Bike the trail from Madison to Illinois with Mom and Lucie (Summer '11)


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