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APRIL 27, 2010 12:33 AM

In April, I took a Bachata class (#6) through Los Sabrosos, a group dedicated to building the salsa community in Madison. I also took a private lesson with Jose from Dando Mambo, another dance company, to prepare for a little performance (#27) Chandon and I did for her benefit party. I got new dance shoes (#26) so that my feet will be happy when I dance all night a few more times this year (#33). I paired my shoes with coordinating leotards with ruffles (#47) which doubles as a step toward finishing all my unfinished sewing projects (#20). Dancing is on my mind and in my feet all the time (#34).


Looking forward to May and a summer of living it up!

Here are a few additions to the list:
58. play tennis during my lunch break
59. fix/repurpose grandma's costume jewelry
60. Make dinner for the Timmers every other week for a while
61. Add a personal fun time on all my work trips (Albany, DC, Worchester, Boston, Cincy)
62. Share the best bite
63. Take Myles to the botany building for a field trip
64. Bicycle picnic trip
65. Don't miss Orton Park festival


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