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AUGUST 15, 2010 11:20 PM

I'm 25 and all grown up. I even shine my own boots. And I now know my limits. Maybe.

The List

Other recent and maybe relevant experiences: 
  • I tried my hand at face painting for Bell's 25th anniversary tent at the Great Taste. I was reasonably successful at hearts, stars, and bells. My masterpieces were a trapeze and a crane. 
  • I've been visited quite a bit this summer. Appearances include: Sarah Jo, Gregory, Katie and Matty, and my poppa. Good times were had by all. Highlights include, respectively: Farkel and countless other activities, fireworks in all kinds of ways, the Ball and a rickshaw ride, dinner at Harvest and a major cognitive paradigm shift. 
  • I'm enjoying Madison more and more and find it a challenge to take advantage of all that it offers. There is simple too much. 
    • The Union terrace has been frequented.
    • I think the wear that my tracks have caused on the bike paths is balanced with my tax dollars. 
    • I've swam, picnicked, frisbee-ed, frolicked, and wrestled in numerous green spaces around town. 
    • I've danced salsa, cha cha cha, samba, swing, pole, funk and soul, and whatever else I've stumbled upon.
Upcoming events: 
  • I won't miss Orton Park Festival (#65) and am especially excited to see the aerial dance troop, Cycropia, perform. Cycropia is the group I'm learning from and I feel especially fortunate to be in a city where I can try just about anything I could ever think of.
  • I start school in a couple weeks. I think I will attempt to be on time for everything that week (#28). 8:30am is going to kick what my momma gave me.
  • I've stepped up #45 (Prepare an only local meal) because this turns out to be a several times a week occurrence. I've joined the Eat Local Challenge from August 15th - September 15th. The plan is to blog more frequently about this challenge and to share with you some of the meals that come out of my kitchen. It should be fun and I'm well prepared with a hearty CSA from Vermont Valley and a sweet Co-op that labels all the items in the store with local or locally prepared making shopping easy. I also have plenty of eating-out options when I just can't handle kitchen heat.


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