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fortteen aka welcome to the slop (its all a story in my mind) version 1.0

got this new thing available for purchase or trade (as in music or old old childrens books or slides or cash or neat zines or whatever you feel its worth) or gives its fun and its the debut recorded kitchen versions of jesse stephanopoulos in the form of a 30 minute cassette with all the classics and it will for sure be available tomorrow (monday december 17) at the daac (with jenny is a boy and tinyfolk and kolka-karmadon) and other times with performed music or if you cant ever see me again for some reason and you want a copy you can email me with a trade or money offer or beg or something but pretty much any offer made will be accepted i suppose and my email is
snedekersam at gmail dot com
and this is what it all looks like + handwrittenautocopied mega insert of a wowing few pages put together vegan guide style or thanks for the inspiration!

jesse stephanopoulos - fortteen aka welcome to the slop (its all a story in my mind) version 1.0 c30

brought to you by the rainbowheart

yeah more cardboard.... more fishing line... more paint.... more construction paper....
fuck.. i mean... just making lemons into cassette cases....got to work with what youve got


Can I reserve a copy?

of course!

these will be available until i get tired of making them or until i start to hate the music...

fuck limits

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