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birthdays ARE special

december 1 1987 was a day i was born ago in a womb tight like a hose little balloon heads pop out and open big bright blue eyes unto AN EW WORLD. THE new world as john smith romantically fictionally caressed to pocahontas bringing a child up in this nW world is no task indeed something like 10% come through out in my own minds eye? flashback forward into a snowy memory or winters unto now memories true or maybe? true but you know how sometimes it feels like hey i went like we just did with you just the same as when i think? we did it last time for example put all the children in the basement of the adacroft home on holiday y for a evening get together with blanket forts in one part and nintendo in the other then blank itout to make it again in the same way a man years later its dejuvu or real mind games also in winter remembers that neighbor girl and we can just make these snowballs here and i can make those here too and maybe i can take those to me too or because naughtiness means sit in your room alone missing all the fun cant be good for your eyes. speaking of eyes in that earlier grade 2 or 3 or 1 or 2 wit h when yer eyes stopped and dr. soandso says YOU Neeed soMe glasses but ireaaaally dont want to so ok heres the deal i can promise to wear them and not wear them and say yesssir mom i weared them all day but mrs mrs teacher report says otherwise youngman grounded for a MONTH!!!!!!!!what!!! but we'll be good after that i promise.until jamestown miracles and sports-o-plex for years o and the pictures prove it to build my character in a way that maybe is good sometimes but mostly not explain this to me if i am strong and healthy and goodfuckinglooking i can be the champion of the recessall games all runlling a little to slow tho :( but thats the story of my life right? a littl e too slow or so they say back in those days when my feet hurt and my legs stretched and up i grew (thats puberty) yeah i did that in the most interesting way possible too somesay . somesay not also in an awkward next 6 years of playing the fillits till i reealized im so fuckign bored of righting this. skip to the bottom heare or just tell me how an anniversary like this is good
-morning of work
-nap and listen to tunes with the cat on my lap until 330
-dress and library
-leftover lasagna
-break cassette/work tunes
-bike ride
-3 falls best ride ever?!
average day but maybe with a tad more feeling of accomplishment? have i not survived?will i not still be survived a month from now? lengthy statements of inspirational media can be swayed at the stitch of a thread. and throughout all these years dont my lips still chap if not taken care of? with age comes a new joy ohboyohboyohboi. maybe a haircute is the best thing i can do formyself in selebration of this oh so stupendous day?in conclusion in the past ive said with no clear reasoning refuse holidays refuse calendared celebrations. celebrate for the fuck of it not cuz the calendar says you can on tomorrows day. but after now becoming a man for the first time. now as my monsterly heterosexual urges push me to marriage with children and a puppy. now as my manhood is complete. i can say the key to success i am man



on my birthday - there was a parade in my honor. balloons fell from the sky and candy everywhere. sun was shining with bright blue skies the color of my sons eyes. chocolate cake, butter pecan ice cream for dinner. a riotous, indulgent, decadent day.
i suggest on your next birthday anniversary (or whenever), ignite your candle, enjoy the light and feel the heat.

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