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toledo oh(bye)o

again whilst reminesting i do sometimes recall something about when you and others be hohey friend hey thats yum but again nopers i guess all zeros looking alike under a falling blanket a grade school parchutes suffocating colors run across the all encompassing idea that this sometimes end too sonner than and or later wrigglings donts feel the blessings of time lost inder lightning bolt relations and chats undone by nothing more than rest but times that zero all looking alike and the sum of wait... my final production comes out to one? maybe i hope more but lacked character equals that of cowardice but not so lacked lets things go on and on and on unexperienced until outside initiatives drill bunkbed silences into an intercource that quit being a comfort and smile laughable i dont laugh at the funny less just that the eye to eye hard longed is warming all to unknown niceties feel good at moments too



i love your words

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